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Alejandro Escovedo - Austin, TX 2004

Texas Union Hall
Austin, TX
Oct. 1, 2004

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

Repercussion: Chris Stamey produced a couple of albums for Alejandro and, together, they co-wrote the song “One True Love” — which Alejandro sings in this show. It’s one of the only times he’s played it live. After being diagnosed with Hepatitis C and its complications, Alejandro was forced to take a break from music. The following show marks his return to public performances.

BIG THANKS to Don L for the recording and necronomekon for upping it!

Alejandro at his triumphant return after several years' absence
Disc 1
01 Paradise
02 Broken Bottle
03 (banter 1)
04 Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan cover)
05 Baby's Got New Plans
06 One True Love (co-written with Chris Stamey)
07 Wave
08 (banter 2)
09 Notes On Air
10 Everybody Loves Me
11 Crooked Fame
12 (banter 3)
13 Tugboat
14 (banter 4)
15 Follow you Down
16 By Eleven

Disc 2
01 (banter 5)
02 Five Hearts Breaking
03 (banter 6)
04 Dear Head On the Wall
05 Velvet Guitar
06 (banter 7)
07 Castanets
08 (encore break 1)
09 The Ballad of the Sun and the Moon
10 Break This Time
11 (encore break 2)
12 Rosalie

NOTE: You can just delete all the banter & encore breaks after downloading if you don't want the chitchat & extra applause to get in the way of the music...
Alejandro and some of his collaborators, Austin, TX, Oct. 1, 2004

Alt. Link (Disc 1)
Alt. Link (Disc 2)

Alejandro Escovedo, vocals, guitar
Andrew DuPlantis, bass
Jon Dee Graham, guitar
Hector Munoz, drums
Bruce Standefer, cello
Susan Voetz, violin

THANKS to rioblanco for the photos!

Chris and AE, listening to an album mix.
Alejandro Escovedo has recorded more than 12 albums.


  • Chris produced Alejandro’s Bourbonitis Blues in 1999 and A Man Under the Influence in 2001.
  • Chris and Alejandro co-wrote the song “One True Love.” Three versions are known to exist: the one released on the John Cale-produced album The Boxing Mirror. A second — said to be more raw and live-sounding (with Stamey engineering, I think) — was available briefly as a thank-you to those who contributed to Escovedo’s medical fund. It’s no longer available anywhere (but I'd really like to hear this version, if anyone can help me out).
  • Chris and Roman Candle recorded a third version of the song for the Alejandro benefit album called Por Vida. You can purchase the song or the whole album to download at the usual places. 
  • To my knowledge, Chris and Alejandro have never played together live, but I’d love to be proven wrong about this…



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