Tuesday, June 28

Honeydogs - 'The Current' live sessions 2011-2016

‘The Current’ live sessions 2011-2016
Minnesota Public Radio
St. Paul, MN

The Honeydogs: definitely NOT your average pop band. Hear ye

webstream recordings (sound quality VG++ to Ex-)

01 Always a Long Time
02 Broke It, Buy It
03 Aubben
04 What Comes After

05 Devices
06 Vermillion Billows
     (Shouldn't Take It So Hard) 
07 Sandstorm
08 interview

09 I'm Looking Through You
10 Dig a Pony
11 Dear Prudence

01-04 = “The Current” live session Feb. 29, 2012
05-08 = “The Current” live session May 16, 2016
09-11 = “The Current” live session Dec. 2, 2011
(all of the above recorded at MPR Studios, St. Paul, MN)

Sound Bites Concert
McNally Smith College 
St. Paul, MN
Feb. 16, 2012

soundboard recording
     (quality Ex-) 

01 Particles or Waves
02 Aubben
03 Always a Long Time
04 Test Tube Kid
05 Rumor Has It
06 Broke It, Buy It
07 What Comes After
08 Stonewall
09 I Miss You
10 Levers, Pulleys and Pumps
11 Fighting Weight

ROB SEZ: Want to fall in love with the music of a band you've (probably) never heard of? Then I strongly urge you to check out The Honeydogs. Adam Levy & Co. make catchy-but-smart pop, with lyrics you can respect in the morning. One of my ultimate tests of a great band is whether they can pull off Beatles covers and not embarrass themselves — which is exactly what Honeydogs pull off (times 3) in one of the live sessions from "The Current". (By the way, Haper compiled some of these goodies and others a few years ago at his Popfair blog; collect 'em all). Here's a little YouTube test drive for your enjoyment:
ASH Tuesday post #44.

Learn more about the music of The Honeydogs at Wikipedia, AllMusic and the band's official site

Tuesday, June 21

20/20 – Early Demos + Live @ Madame Wong’s ’78

home demos
various dates & locations

home recordings (sound quality range GD+ to VG+; sound quality varies due to variations across six sets of recordings)

01 Giving It All Away (demo)
02 Brainwashed (demo)
03 Going Up With My Girl (demo)
04 Backyard Guys (demo)
05 I Am a Picture (demo)
06 Leaving Your World Behind 
07 I Fall Out (demo)
08 Let's Go (demo)
09 Out of This Time (demo)
10 World of Fools (demo)
11 I Need Somebody (demo)
12 Drive (demo)
13 Screaming (demo)
14 She's an Obsession (demo)
15 Don't Stop Me Now (demo)
16 That Girl Was Yesterday (demo) 
17 This Time (demo)
18 Hold My Head (demo)
19 TV Girls (demo)
20 Yellow Pills (demo)
21 Cheri (demo)
22 Remember the Lightning (demo)
23 Remember the Lightning (demo 2)
24 Jet Lag (demo)
25 Jet Lag (demo 2)
26 Action Now (demo)
27 Tonight We Fly (demo) 
28 Tell Me Why (demo)
29 Let's Go (demo 2)
30 Backyard Guys (demo 2)
31 Out of This Time (demo 2)
32 TV Girls (demo 2)

Madame Wong’s
Los Angeles, CA

audience recording (sound quality VG-; not exactly “great”, but certainly not bad for 1978; some distortion in the vocals, but overall this is very listenable)

01 I Need Somebody
02 Backyard Guys
03 Remember the Lightning 
04 This Time
05 Out of the Time
06 Going Up With My Girl
07 Brainwashed
08 Giving It All
20/20 - the original trio
09 Saturday's Child*
10 Slow Down*
11 Anytime at All*

Steve Allen - guitar, vocals
Ron Flynt - bass, vocals
Mike Gallo - drums

*Phil Seymour joins the band for encore songs 

This is 20/20's complete set. The exact date might be Nov. 5, 1978, a show at which 20/20 shared the bill with The Last. The original sharer said: “Band as three-piece before being signed to Portrait Records. This is when the band was an unfiltered, terrific unit.”

MEGA THANKS to h1w1p & PowerPopTart for sharing.

ASH Tuesday post #43.

Tuesday, June 14

Pylon - Athens, GA + Columbia, S.C. 1981

Tyrone's O.C.
Athens, GA
March 15, 1981

soundboard recording (quality VG++; sounds like a master tape source; unlike other boots, this recording responds well to treble adjustment)

HUMONGOUS THANKS to Tony P. for the tape, and to the sharer

01 Driving School (fades in)
02 Information
03 Efficiency
04 Italian Movie Theme
05 Precaution
On tour, at the Grand Canyon
06 Working Is No Problem
07 Modern Day Fashion Woman 
08 Read a Book
09 The Human body

10 Recent Title*
11 Gravity
12 Cool
13 Weather Radio 
14 Reptile
15 Danger
16 Dub
17 Volume
18 No Clocks
19 Stop It
20 Feast On My Heart
21 3X3
22 Batman/Wipeout Medley (fades out)

*set two begins with track 10

TT: 1 hr. 15 mins.

Pylon: live 1981
fab photo by Jay Thomas

Von Henmon's
Columbia, S.C.
Summer 1981

audience recording (sound quality VG+; 2ng-gen tape source; quite listenable show [this was said to be a soundboard, but it can't be b/c crowd is as loud as the band])

01 Cool (fades in)
02 Crazy
03 Weather Radio 
04 Danger
05 3X3
06 No Clocks
07 Stop It
08 Driving School 
09 Gravity
10 Read a Book 
11 Precaution 
Pylon at Little Kings, 2007.
Cool photos by Mike White via Flickr
12 Crazy (repeated) 
13 Reptile 
14 Dub 
15 Volume 
16 Feast On My Heart 
17 M-Train 
18 Cool

TT: 1 hr. 2 mins.

Randall Bewley (R.I.P.) - guitar 
Michael Lachowski - bass
Curtis Crowe - drums
Vanessa Briscoe Hay - vocals

Out 25 July 2016
Preview it, read about it, ORDER IT - here
Teaser single from the album is here