Friday, January 8

Jody Stephens + BS3rd - Live 2013-14

Jody Stephens
Live Sessions - Summer 2013
Big Star Third Live 2014

FM / webstream captures (sound quality VG++ to Ex-)
SAMPLE: "February's Quiet" (J. Stephens, live 2013)

SAMPLE: "For You" (BS3rd, live 2013)

ERRATA: Correct title for Track 2 is "February's Quiet". Thank to eagle-eye Fantom for the correction!

ROB SEZ: Regular readers of this blog know we are avid fans of Big Star, Alex Chilton, and just about everything musically related. (A direct connection to The dB's is Chris Stamey, who played bass for Alex Chilton in the 1970s, and who organized the first Big Star Third live concert in 2010. Chris remains musical director of the BS3rd shows, which continued into 2015.) Jody Stephens is now the only surviving member of the original Big Star line-up, and has admirably carried Big Star's musical torch for decades. Thanks to Gary from California, herein is a delightful collection of live sessions, including a Big Star Third live set (featuring Chris and Mitch Easter, et al) — all in pristine sound quality. Artwork by Gary is included in the download.

Jody Stephens recorded new, original music in 2015 with Luther Russell (Freewheelers). They call themselves Those Pretty Wrongs.
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