Friday, March 6

B-52's - Edenhall, Amsterdam, 1980

The Netherlands
Nov. 11, 1980

The B-52's were on their first headlining tour in 1980 when this was recorded

audience recording (sound quality range: VG to VG+; quite a solid recording; sounds like Hans used raised mics because the crowd noise is more subdued than with most audies)
MUCHOS GRACIAS to Hans de Vente for recording and sharing

01 Lava
The B-52's deserve the title "ultimate party band"
02 Give Me Back 
     My Man
03 6060-842
04 Devil In My Car
05 Fifty-Two Girls
06 Quiche Lorraine
07 Dirty Back Road
08 Private Idaho
09 Strobe Light
10 Runnin’ Around
11 Rock Lobster
12 Dance This 
     Mess Around
13 Planet Claire
14 Party Out of Bounds

TT: 54:47 mins.


Quite groovy graphic by Fritz Bol

The B-52’s:
Kate Pierson
Fred Schneider
Keith Strickland
Cindy Wilson
Ricky Wilson (R.I.P.)

 Learn more about the music of The B-52's at Wikipedia or the band's official site

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