Friday, February 20

Repercussion - The Album REVISITED

The dB’s  
Live & Other Versions
soundboard & FM sources   

sound quality: VG+ to Ex-
I used the album's rare first-issue cover art, 
based on Peter's drawings and original design idea
(also used the original running order, restored in later editions)

REALLY RARE: album label for the Aussie release
01 Living a Lie
02 We Were Happy There
03 Happenstance (demo)
04 From a Window to a Screen
05 Amplifier
06 Ask for Jill
07 I Feel Good (Today)
08 Storm Warning
09 Ups and Downs
10 In Spain
11 Nothing Is Wrong
12 Neverland
13 pH Factor
14 (mystery track)
ROB SEZ: A SPECIAL POST TO CELEBRATE PASSING THE 200,000 HITS MARK. I had a ton of fun with this, totally geeking out as a deeBs fan boy. Like the other "Classic Albums Revisited" projects, I used only the best-quality sources (soundboard and FM in this case) and chose inspired performances from all the shows in my collection. This is my all-time favorite album, the one that inspired this blog...      
Live versions, unless otherwise noted

01, 05, 12 = NYC 1982-04-XX (sbd - venue, day unknown)
02, 06, 08, 13 = The Ritz, NYC 1982-02-XX (FM - master tape source)
03 Chris Stamey demo, c. 1981
04 Holsapple-Stamey studio recording, 2009
07 Reunion Show, Grady Cole Center, Charlotte, NC 1988-05-15 (sbd)
09–11 = Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC 1981-10-24 (sbd)
14 = mystery track; info contained in the file tags 
both versions include full artwork
WAV lossless files  


The dB’s:
Will Rigby – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Peter Holsapple – vocals, guitar
Chris Stamey – vocals, guitar

Read Rob Ross' recent re-appraisal 
of Repercussion in Pop Dose


  1. A MODEST (but pretty essential) BONUS:

    Chris and Peter’s track­by­track notes for the I.R.S. release of Repercussion on CD in 1989.I know this edition of Repercussion is really hard to find, so I’m thinking a lot of dB’s fans may never have seen these.They’re a ton of fun for the obsessive/trainspotter types (like me), with tasty info about the recording and song­writing process.­%20Repercussion%20liners%20CROPPED.jpg?dl=0


  2. Thanks Rob. Mind reposting the 'notes' again? Link doesn't seem to be working now....

  3. Sure thing. Not sure what happened first time around, but this link seems to work now:


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