Friday, March 22

LX Chilton - Bremen & Hamburg 1988

Bremen, Germany
March 7, 1988

Hamburg, Germany
Feb. 25, 1988
If you like to hear him when he's "on," you'll want to give this a listen...

FM broadcasts (sound quality Ex-; only a perfect soundboard recording would get a higher rating) 

BIG HONKIN’ THANKS to and his source for this great recording. 

ROB SEZ: wasn't planning to post another LX recording so soon, but this one's just too good not to share asap...

01 Bangkok
02 Make a Little Love
03 Dalai Lama
04 No Sex
05 Thing for You
06 B-A-B-Y
07 Rock Hard
08 Lost My Job
09 Volaré
10 Little GTO
11 The Letter
12 Come By Here
13 Take It Off
14 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo*

15 New Girl In School
16 Rockin' Daddy
17 Train Kept a Rollin'
18 Sick and Tired
19 With a Girl Like You [DJ voiceover at 2:32]
20 The Letter** (end cut, faded)

TT: 75:23

*Tracks 1-14 = Bremen, Feb. 7, 1988
**Tracks 15-20 = Hamburg, Feb. 2, 1988
One of the most talented & confounding musicians, ever. 
RIP, LX...

LX Chilton Trio:
LX Chilton – vocals, guitar
Ron Easley – bass, vocals
Doug Garrison - drums

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  1. You know I'm excited for this one... And there's a new anecdote from Will about Alex on Boogie Woogie Flu (in comments)....

    1. I'll have to check that out, Z.

      After you give it a listen, let me know what you think.

  2. High quality stuff! Thanks much!

  3. Only just discovered your site, downloading this, the 1977 gigs & the Big Star 1974/Rarities sets, thanks a lot, great blog.

    1. Welcome aboard, Stuart! Glad you've found some stuff to enjoy.

      I will have some more LX, Big Star stuff to post in the coming weeks, so keep checking back...