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Tee Hedz - Central Park, NYC 1980

Tawking Hedz
Wollman Rink
Central Park
New York, NY
Aug. 27, 1980
Tee Hedz live: the gang’s all pictured here, except Adrian Belew

soundboard recording (sound quality Ex-; slight hum audible between songs; original recording by Frank Galagher; transfer by HDV)


REPERCUSSION: This blog is devoted mainly to two groups active primarily in the 1980s — groups at times lumped in with the so-called “New Wave”. So, at some point, I wanted to post something by this group. Otherwise, there’s no connection between our heroes from Winston-Salem, NC and the Tee Hedz from NYC.

SAMPLE: "Take Me to the River (Central Park 1980)"

01 Warning Sign (beginning cut, fades in)*
02 Stay Hungry
03 Cities
04 band intros 
05 I Zimbra
06 Once In A Lifetime
07 Houses In Motion
08 Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
09 Crosseyed and Painless (fades in)** 
10 Take Me to the River
11 The Great Curve
     *first song in the set, Psycho Killer, is not included here
     **Life During Wartime from this show was officially released, so is omitted here (would have been the track before “Take Me to the River”)
ROB SEZ: I’ve tried to make it hard for the Internet music police to find this post. I’ve misspelled the name of the band and its original members. When Hans De V began sharing his amazing Tee Hedz tape collection a while back, the powers-that-be were all over his posts, and they disappeared quickly. I don’t want to jeopardize my humble little blog by calling attention to posts like this.

tape insert by Hans De V

BONUS: audience recording of the same show — includes band intro & the songs missing from above soundboard version.

Sound quality VG

HQ MP3 (VBR avg. 280 kbps)

David Burne - vocals, guitar
Gerry Harrison - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Tina Weymuth - bass, keyboards
Cris Franz - drums
Adrian Belew - guitar, vocals, percussion
Bernie Worrell - keyboards, vocals, percussion
Busta 'Cherry' Jones - bass 
Steve Scales - percussion, vocals
Nona Hendryx - vocals, percussion
Dollette McDonald - vocals, percussion
(core band members’ names are misspelled intentionally...)

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