Friday, February 8

Continental Drifters - Bremen 1996

Bremen, Germany
Jan. 24, 1996
DSR satellite radio

radio broadcast (sound quality Ex-)

BIG THANKS to the recorder and sharer (wish I could be more specific than that)

photo by Jutta Brandt Knust
REPERCUSSION: Peter joined the Continental Drifters in the early 1990s after The dB's were kaput, and he stayed with the group until it disbanded circa 2003. While they were active, the Drifters recorded several of Peter's songs, so if you enjoy his singing and songwriting, those discs are definitely worth seeking out. Their music is excellent! (Here’s another Drifters show I posted a while back.) 

SAMPLE: "Soul Deep (Bremen 1996)"

01 A Song for You (Gram Parsons cover)
02 Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway
03 Mezzanine
04 Desperate Love
05 Invisible Boyfriend
06 Mixed Messages
07 [zoo song]
08 The Rain Song
09 Darlin’ Darlin’
10 Some of Shelly’s Blues
11 New York
12 Soul Deep (Box Tops cover)
13 Get Over It
14 Who We Are, Where We Live
15 Highway of the Saints  
        (Pat McLaughlin cover)
16 Tighter and Tighter
17 Dedicated to the One I Love  
         (Mamas & The Papas cover)
18 Anything (bonus, live 1998)

Alt. Link

Continental Drifters:
Peter Holsapple - keyboards,accordion, mandolin, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, vocals
Susan Cowsill - acoustic & electric guitar, mandolin, shaker, vocals
Robert Maché - mandolin, acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Vicki Peterson - acoustic & electric guitar, vocals
Carlo Nuccio – drums, vocals
Mark Walton - electric bass
Russ Broussard - drums, vocals (on #18, bonus track)

Go listen to & buy music by Continental Drifters!   Here they are at AllMusic 


  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Love it! Continental Drifters are one of the few bands who might even sound better live than when recorded. Truly, an underrated, unappreciated musical crew! Thanks, Rob!

  2. Track #2 is, like #15, a 'highway' song, but the first one is 'Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway', btw

    1. Right you are; thanks, "Eagle Eye" Zach!

      Will make that change to the setlist...