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The Embarrassment - Lawrence, KS 1981 + bonus

Off the Wall Hall
Lawrence, KS
June 27, 1981

audience recording (sound quality VG; vocals are a tad distant; I did some tweaking to balance out the sound and raise the overall volume)

REPERCUSSION: Coupla weeks ago, I posted part of a 1983 radio show and four tracks from a 1981 Embos show in Witchita. As cool as those are, I kept thinking a complete live show would be more satisfying. Fantom came up with this one and — whomp — here it is. (Go to the earlier post if you want to learn the tangential relationship between The dB’s and The Embos.)

WHOLE BUNCHA THANKS to R. Hellman for taping this one and, once again, to fantom for the share!
01 Can't Forget
02 Two Week Vacation
03 Chapter 12
04 Celebrity Art Party
05 Elizabeth Montgomery's Face
06 Sound of Wasps
07 Godfrey Harold Hardy
08 Don't Choose the Wrong Song
09 Wellsville
10 I'm a Don Juan
11 Jazz Face
12 Dino in the Congo
13 Sexy Singer Girl
14 Lewis and Clark
15 Nothing to Eat
16 Picture Women
17 Two Cars
18 D-Rings
19 Pretty Woman
20 Drive Me to the Park
21 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
22 Patio Set
23 Pushin' Too Hard


The Embarrassment:
John Nichols – guitar, vocals, keyboard
Brent “Woody” Giessmann – drums, vocals, sax
Bill Goffrier – guitar, vocals
Ron Klaus – bass

Freaky double Michael Jackson reference: the name of the venue plus MJ cover, track 21

BONUS: 3 live tracks from Big Dog Soundstage, Witchita, KS 1988-12-31 
A kind and generous Embos fan sent me these, for which I am very grateful. They're from a New Year's Eve show -- that had a magician as the warm-up act (!). 

BIG THANKS to Bo for sharing... 

soundboard (Ex- sound quality) 
01 Wellsville 
02 Two Cars 
03 Two-Week Vacation 


Learn more about The Embarrassment's music at TrouserPress, AllMusic or the band's web site

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