Friday, November 16

Matthew Sweet - Chicago 1993

Grant Park
Chicago, IL
July 4, 1993

FM (sound quality Ex-; transfer from 1st-gen. tape)

REPERCUSSION: I teased you guys last time around with a Steve Earle show — without Will Rigby's most excellent drumming. Here's Will banging the skins with extra pizzaz for this Matthew Sweet show from 1993. In the 1980s, Chris collaborated with Matthew in his Buzz of Delight days and they worked together as "The Jacks" on "Ask for Jill (3D)," a re-working of the old dB's song.

MOST SINCERE THANKS to the recordist*, transferist*, and uploadist*  
                                                             *not their actual titles...

Normal shutter speeds cannot capture Matthew's rapid right-handed riffing...
SAMPLE: "Evangeline (Chicago 1993)"

01. Dinosaur Act
02. I Wanted to Tell You
03. The Ugly Truth
04. Someone to Pull the Trigger
05. Girlfriend
06. Do it Again
07. In Too Deep
08. Day for Night
09. Evangeline
10. Reaching Out (few brief seconds dropout at the tail end)
11. Devil With the Green Eyes
12. Knowing People
13. Divine Intervention
14. Does She Talk?
15. Time Capsule
16. Crippled Inside (John Lennon cover)
17. I Want You

He's just a shade cooler than the rest of us...

Matthew Sweet - vocals, guitar
Richard Lloyd - lead guitar
Will Rigby - drums
Tony Marsico - bass

Learn more about Matthew Sweet's 
music at AllMusic and his own site


  1. I went to lots of WXRT 4th of July concerts back in the 90's. Matthew Sweet was great (and still is!). I had no idea at the time I was seeing a dB as well! I am retroactively excited about that.

    1. SO you were at this show?!? If so, I'm envious. Guy was on fire (and the drummer was pretty good, too)!