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2012 Midwest 'Mini Tour' Souvenir

The Hideout
Chicago, IL
November 15 or 16, 2012 

audience recording (sound quality VG-; audio rip from YouTube videos)

SUBSTANTIAL THANKS to seijinlee for recording and posting these!

FAIR WARNING: all of the music below comes from video sources, more or less as I received them. Therefore, there are several cut-ins, end cuts, and abrupt audio transitions from one song to the next.

The dB's play The Hideout in Chicago, November 2012
photo by Max Herman / Time Out Chicago (see lots more of his photos HERE)

SAMPLE: "(I Thought) You Wanted to Know (Chicago 2012)"

01 Before We Were Born
02 Happenstance
03 Ask for Jill
04 World to Cry
05 Excitement
06 Love Is for Lovers
07 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
08 I Didn't Mean to Say That
09 Big Brown Eyes
10 Neverland
11 I Don't Want the Night to End (Nick Lowe cover)
12 The Summer Sun
13 Black and White
14 Nothing Is Wrong
15 If and When
16 pH Factor
17 Money (That's What I Want)
Blueberry Hill St. Louis, MO November 17, 2012

Highlight: I'm with Tom L, who reviewed this show for the blog, saying, "The band was loud, proud and tight from playing the previous two nights."

SINCERE THANKS to NovelNeoNomad for recording and posting these!
Found Their Thrill: The dB's Played Blueberry Hill, St. Louis, MO
November 17, 2012  (Tom Lippard photo)
01 That Time Is Gone 
02 Before We Were Born
03 Happenstance
04 Lonely Is as Lonely Does
05 Ask for Jill
06 World to Cry
07 Love is for Lovers
08 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know

The dB’s:
Gene Holder – bass
Will Rigby – drums
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar & vocals
Brett Harris – keyboards & additional guitar
Max Herman photo

Part 1 (MP3@320)
DB link 
MF link 

Part 2 (MP3@320) 
DB link 
MF link

The Embarrassment - Lawrence, KS 1981 + bonus

Off the Wall Hall
Lawrence, KS
June 27, 1981

audience recording (sound quality VG; vocals are a tad distant; I did some tweaking to balance out the sound and raise the overall volume)

REPERCUSSION: Coupla weeks ago, I posted part of a 1983 radio show and four tracks from a 1981 Embos show in Witchita. As cool as those are, I kept thinking a complete live show would be more satisfying. Fantom came up with this one and — whomp — here it is. (Go to the earlier post if you want to learn the tangential relationship between The dB’s and The Embos.)

WHOLE BUNCHA THANKS to R. Hellman for taping this one and, once again, to fantom for the share!
01 Can't Forget
02 Two Week Vacation
03 Chapter 12
04 Celebrity Art Party
05 Elizabeth Montgomery's Face
06 Sound of Wasps
07 Godfrey Harold Hardy
08 Don't Choose the Wrong Song
09 Wellsville
10 I'm a Don Juan
11 Jazz Face
12 Dino in the Congo
13 Sexy Singer Girl
14 Lewis and Clark
15 Nothing to Eat
16 Picture Women
17 Two Cars
18 D-Rings
19 Pretty Woman
20 Drive Me to the Park
21 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
22 Patio Set
23 Pushin' Too Hard


The Embarrassment:
John Nichols – guitar, vocals, keyboard
Brent “Woody” Giessmann – drums, vocals, sax
Bill Goffrier – guitar, vocals
Ron Klaus – bass

Freaky double Michael Jackson reference: the name of the venue plus MJ cover, track 21

BONUS: 3 live tracks from Big Dog Soundstage, Witchita, KS 1988-12-31 
A kind and generous Embos fan sent me these, for which I am very grateful. They're from a New Year's Eve show -- that had a magician as the warm-up act (!). 

BIG THANKS to Bo for sharing... 

soundboard (Ex- sound quality) 
01 Wellsville 
02 Two Cars 
03 Two-Week Vacation 


Learn more about The Embarrassment's music at TrouserPress, AllMusic or the band's web site

Friday, November 23

Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC - Jan. 1982

The dB’s
Cat’s Cradle
Chapel Hill, NC
Jan. 6, 1982

audience recording (sound quality VG; there's fairly persistent background crowd chatter, but it doesn’t ruin the show) 

HIGHLIGHT: It's a previously unknown dB's show from the Repercussion era; so it's ALL highlight!

VERY SIZABLE THANKS to the taper and to dB’s Fan for sharing!
SAMPLE: "Dynamite (Cat's Cradle 1982)"

SET 1:  
01 Living a Lie
02 We Were Happy There
03 Bad Reputation
04 I Feel Good (Today)
05 Storm Warning
06 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
07 Judy
08 Excitement
09 The Fight
10 Ups and Downs
11 Happenstance

SET 2:
01 Ask for Jill (cuts in)
02 Soul Kiss
03 Dynamite
04 Molly Says
05 The Summer Sun
06 Big Time
07 Neverland
08 (applause, hooting, catcalls, etc)
09 Big Brown Eyes 

Alt. Link

The dB’s:
Gene Holder – bass guitar
Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals, keyboard
Will Rigby – drums, backing vocals
Chris Stamey – guitar, vocals

Letch Actively - Raleigh, NC 1985

Friday, November 16

Peter H & Syd Straw - KCRW Session 1986 complete

Peter Holsapple & Syd Straw
KCRW-FM “Snap” Session
Santa Monica, CA
Sept. 4, 1986

FM capture (Ex- sound quality, probably from master or first-generation tape)

Includes studio banter with host Deirdre O'Donoghue (R.I.P.)
Ilene Markell also plays bass and sings on one tune during the session

HIGHLIGHT: Lots this is a really enjoyable set because everyone is relaxed & having a great time. (Deirdre, you are missed...)

BIG THANKS to the taper, original uploader & Mark45rpm for supplying the missing tracks!
Syd & Peter, lost in the music
Dennis Stein photo via Flickr
SAMPLE: "Diamond (Santa Monica, CA 1986)"

01 The Price of Love (Everly Bros. song)
02 Lonely Is as Lonely Does
03 Take Me for a Little While (Trade Martin song)
04 Next to the Last Waltz
05 Pushin’ It Back        
06 World On a String
07 Keep Up With You        
08 Kind of True (G. Palominos cover)           
09 Private Number
10 You Don’t Miss Your Water
11 Up In the Air
12 Diamond (P. Holsapple song, rec. by G. Palominos)
13 Darby Hall
14 I Want to Live (Ilene Markell composition, sung by Ilene)
15 Junkie Girl (W. Becker cover)        
16 We Were Happy There
17 Listening to Elvis*
18 (final chit chat)
         *First appeared on the Coyote Records comp Luxury Condos Coming to Your Neighborhood 

Alt. Link

Peter Holsapple - guitar, vocals
Syd Straw - vocals
Ilene Markell - bass

Bonus feature: A Most Excellent
Blog Remembrance of This Recording
December 20th, 2008

I think it was in 1986 or thereabouts that my friend Jim Lewis gave me a bootlegged cassette of a live radio appearance by Peter Holsapple and Syd Straw (with, I think, Ilene Markell, on bass and backing vocalsall of it taking place on KCRW). Jim was my close friend in college, and he went on to become a novelist and journalist. These days he lives in Austin, Texas. Chief among the many bands that Jim made me aware of, back then, were The dB’s, featuring Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey, and I became such a devotee of The dB’s and the other architects of the “Hoboken sound” that I actually moved to Hoboken (in 1985), and lived there for about seven years. I lived a couple of blocks from Yo La Tengo, and used to see Chris Stamey on the bus going into the city. I went to Maxwell’s, the club that served as the epicenter of the Hoboken sound, a lot. I got Bob Mould’s autograph there once. Anyway, the Straw/Holsapple cassette had something really luminous about it. Peter and Syd played a bunch of dB’s songs, those from LIKE THIS and THE SOUND OF MUSIC, as well, as some of Straw’s songs from the Golden Palominos album, BLAST OF SILENCE, on which she sang. And I’m pretty sure they covered their amazing duet, “Never Before and Never Again” [Rob says: apparently not — alas].
Somehow I’d missed the Straw era of the Golden Palominos. I had their first album, a much artier affair featuring Arto Lindsay, Bill Laswell, and John Zorn, et al. And I’d heard some of VISIONS OF EXCESS on the radio station, including “Omaha,” the song on which Michael Stipe sang. But it wasn’t until I heard the KCRW show that I understood what incredible singer Syd Straw was. I admired Holsapple already (and I ran into him on a plane once, when he was touring with Hootie and the Blowfish–and let me tell you there’s something strange about running into the heroes of your young adulthood when they are playing in Hootie and the Blowfish), and he shines on the bootleg, too, but Syd’s voice, which is part faux-country, part Broadway, and a fair amount Vaudeville, really struck something in me. Especially on songs like “Diamond,” Holsapple’s song from BLAST OF SILENCE, and “Listening to Elvis,” a Straw song from a Hoboken sampler called LUXURY CONDOS COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, Syd had some bittersweet (emphasis on bitter) and tragicomic (emphasis on tragic) quality that could not help but move even the casual listener. I wore out that cassette.

Read the rest of Rick’s great reflection HERE.

Matthew Sweet - Chicago 1993

Grant Park
Chicago, IL
July 4, 1993

FM (sound quality Ex-; transfer from 1st-gen. tape)

REPERCUSSION: I teased you guys last time around with a Steve Earle show — without Will Rigby's most excellent drumming. Here's Will banging the skins with extra pizzaz for this Matthew Sweet show from 1993. In the 1980s, Chris collaborated with Matthew in his Buzz of Delight days and they worked together as "The Jacks" on "Ask for Jill (3D)," a re-working of the old dB's song.

MOST SINCERE THANKS to the recordist*, transferist*, and uploadist*  
                                                             *not their actual titles...

Normal shutter speeds cannot capture Matthew's rapid right-handed riffing...
SAMPLE: "Evangeline (Chicago 1993)"

01. Dinosaur Act
02. I Wanted to Tell You
03. The Ugly Truth
04. Someone to Pull the Trigger
05. Girlfriend
06. Do it Again
07. In Too Deep
08. Day for Night
09. Evangeline
10. Reaching Out (few brief seconds dropout at the tail end)
11. Devil With the Green Eyes
12. Knowing People
13. Divine Intervention
14. Does She Talk?
15. Time Capsule
16. Crippled Inside (John Lennon cover)
17. I Want You

He's just a shade cooler than the rest of us...

Matthew Sweet - vocals, guitar
Richard Lloyd - lead guitar
Will Rigby - drums
Tony Marsico - bass

Learn more about Matthew Sweet's 
music at AllMusic and his own site

Friday, November 9

Chris & Peter - Chicago 1991

Chris Stamey & Peter Holsapple        
The Metro
Chicago, IL
July 12, 1991

audience recording (sound quality VG+)

Highlights: a strong set with full band at one of the guys’ favorite venues. Just one more thing: track 15 is the song you think it is... ENJOY!
photo by Carol Whaley
If you tilt your head a bit to the right, that dizzy feeling goes away…
BIG OL’ THANKS to scott r for the share! 

SAMPLE: "Something Came Over Me (Chicago 1991)"

01 Lord of the Manor
02 Geometry 
03 Here Without You 
04 You Haven't Got the Right 
05 Storm Warning 
06 I Know You Will 
07 Lovers' Rock 
08 She Was the One 
09 The Company of Light 
10 Taken 
11 A Part of Me 
12 The Child In You 
13 I Want to Break You Heart 
14 Angels 
15 Do You Believe In Magic? 
16 Darby Hall 
17 You Don't Miss Your Water 
18 Today Could Be the Day 
19 From a Window to a Screen 
20 Something Came Over Me        

Chris Stamey - vocals & guitar
Peter Holsapple – vocals & guitar
Alan Bezozi – drums, percussion
Ilene Markell - bass
Dave Schramm - guitar

The Embarrassment - Witchita, KS 1983 & 1981

REPERCUSSION: Two weeks ago, I posted a dB’s show from 1984 that had a cover song called “Sex Drive” by a group I’d never heard of, The Embarrassment. Demonstrating his unerringly good taste in music, Peter Holsapple has once again pointed me in the right direction: “The Embos” (as their fans know them) are quite a find — a talented combo from Kansas that had their heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They call their music “blister pop”. Check out the music they’ve released over the years; it’s all worth seeking out, methinks…

BIG THANKS to “The Embos” for sharing some of their rare live music freely on the web & special thanks to John McBride for mixing and mastering the KMUW tracks in Nashvegas.
Members of The Embarrassment, many moons ago
They were prob’ly dreaming up more great blister pop...
SAMPLE: "Woods of Love (Witchita, KS 1983)"

Witchita, KS
1983 (month & day unknown) 
soundboard (sound quality Ex-)
01 Godfrey Harold Hardy
02 Wellsville
03 Woods of Love
04 Death Travels West
05 Can't Forget
06 The Viewmaster
07 Jazzface
08 She's One of the Other Kind

The Flatiron
Witchita, KS
April 25, 1981
VHS audio rip (sound quality VG-)
09 Celebrity Art Party
10 D-Rings
11 Dino In the Congo
12 Funtime

Liberty Hall
Lawrence, KS
August 20, 2006
soundboard (sound quality Ex-)
13 Careen
Snag this if you want cover art (it's not in the download...)
From one of the band's last gigs at the Cedars
The Embarrassment:
John Nichols – guitar, vocals, keyboard
Brent “Woody” Giessmann – drums, vocals, sax
Bill Goffrier – guitar, vocals
Ron Klaus - bass

Learn more about The Embarrassment's music at TrouserPress, AllMusic or the band's web site