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Daniel Romano's Outfit - Roskilde 2022 (VG aud)

Daniel Romano's Outfit
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
June 29, 2022
audience recording (sound quality: VG++ I would've given this a slightly higher rating, but the vocals are a tad distant in the first several songs. Otherwise, this would've earned a rating of Ex-)

THIS is what the fuss is all about:
Daniel Romano's Outfit live in 2022
01 stage entrance
Daniel Romano's Outfit: in Minneapolis, 2022
below: Daniel at the mic in Berlin, 2022
02 Anyone's Arms
03 Toulouse
04 Tragic Head
05 Animals Above Our Town
06 The Motions
07 Hunger Is a Dream 
     You Die In 
08 Nocturne Child
09 Strange Faces + Loving Cup
10 Lone Ranger*
11 Queen of Spades*
12 Where May I Take My Rest + A Flower That Wouldn't 
     Bloom (Ancient Shapes song)
13 Walking Around 
     Holding Hands
14 Roya
15 Blue Heron
16 When I Learned Your Name 
17 Generation (F**ked Up cover)

     *Tracks 10 & 11: Julianna Riolino, song composer & lead vocal
ROB SEZ: Is Daniel Romano a musical phenomenon or what?! Canada's multi-modal wunderkind has been recording and issuing albums at a dizzying pace for years, at various times inhabiting musical styles from country to new wave to folk to 1970s AOR to post-punk to blazing rock 'n' roll. (If your punk is not yet "post," be sure to check out Daniel in his Ancient Shapes incarnation.) For his more recent LPs and tours, he's taken inspiration from the mid-1970s Dylan (perched somewhere between Rolling Thunder Revue era Bob and Before the Flood era Bob & The Band). Does he pull it off? I say yes, but humbly suggest you should decide for yourself. Check the video sample, then hit the download button. The sound quality on this recording is great, putting you in the front of the house for a thunderous live show. All thanks & praise to spurrs for another excellent capture. If you like this ROIO, you need to go buy DR's 2020 live release Okay Wow (cover above, right) or Fully Plugged In. If you're curious about DR's latest studio LP, it's called La Luna (cover at right). Some people are calling it a masterpiece...

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