Sunday, November 21

Owsley - Live & Rare (by request)

(Will) Owsley
Live & Rare archive 
various venues, dates


Owsley - Mess With Me (from debut, indie version, 1997) HQ MP3

Owsley - Newark, N.J. 1999-02-21 MP3

Owsley - Newark, N.J. 2000-02-21 HQ MP3

Owsley - Roseville, CA 2000-03-04 HQ MP3

Owsley - Live On Drive 105 (2003) HQ MP3

Owsley - Vintage Vinyl, Nashville, TN 2004-03-04 (untracked) MP3@256 

Owsley - Vintage Vinyl, Nashville, TN 2004-03-20 (RDF edit) HQ MP3

Owsley - photos + Big Takeover scanned article

ROB SEZ: I don't get many requests these days. So when a blog reader left a recent comment, "More Owsley, please!" I was inclined to oblige if I found the time — which I did just a few days ago. Years ago, I created a proper blog post featuring a 2004 FM broadcast by the late, great Will Owsley. In case the name doesn't ring a bell, Will was a master of tasty, crunchy guitar pop. Here is the rest of my ROIO archive for Owsley, featuring live recordings (mostly audience recordings in VG or better quality) plus a rarity. Still want more? Head over to Pop Fair and cross your fingers that Haper still has an active link for the collection of Owsley demos and non-album tracks he put together years ago.


(as received; I do not have these in lossless)



  1. Rob. Thank you so much for posting these great tracks by the late great Will Owsley.
    All I need now is some great rare Semantics music and I will be very happy. Thank you once again. Joe

  2. Hi Joe + binkerbo - glad to send some happiness your way. Joe: if you'd be interested in the Semantics' unreleased demos compilation I have (19 tracks), leave me another comment and I will reply here with a link, some time next week.


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