Sunday, October 10

The Verlaines - A Decade of RNZ Live (2009-2019)

NZ Music Festival 
Shed 6
Wellington, New Zealand
March 9, 2016

webstream capture via Radio NZ (sound quality: Ex-)

01 Pyromaniac

02 Crisis After Crisis

03 Burlesque

04 For the Love 

     of Ash Grey 

05 Only Dream Left

06 Joed Out

07 Phil Too?

08 Take Good Care of It

09 Dippy's Last Trip

10 Bird Dog

11 C. D Jimmy Jazz & Me

12 Icarus Missed

13 You Say You

14 Death and the Maiden

15 Slow Sad Love Song

note: setlist is approximated from data on

The Verlaines:

Jane Dodd - bass

Graeme Downs - guitar, vocals 

Robbie Yeats - drums

RNZ Live

unknown location (Dunedin?)

Sept. 2009

webstream via Radio NZ (sound quality: Ex-)

01 Paratai Drive

02 They That Once Were Eager Fellas

03 Joed Out

04 Graeme Downs interview with Emma Smith

The Kings Arms

Auckland, New Zealand

Dec. 14, 2013

webstream via Radio NZ (sound quality: Ex-)

01 The Lady and the Lizard 

02 Don't Send Me Away

03 Lying In State

04 Phil Too?

05 For the Love of Ash Grey

06 The Ballad of Harry Noryb

FLAC (lossless capture of lossy source)





  1. No time for one of my "ROB SEZ" comments (I almost ran out of time to finish the post, so you'll have to take what you can get!). The "decade" bit will make more sense once you download & unzip the folder...

  2. Fantastic!!! Many thanks, I love The Verlaines.

  3. My pleasure, Anonymous & chuck. Please enjoy.


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