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This Is the Kit - Live, Recently (2016-2021)

This Is the Kit
Compilation of Live Tracks

soundboard recordings (quality: Ex- to VG+, all are webcast/webstream recordings)

SAMPLE VIDEO: "Moonshine Freeze" - Live at Glastonbury 2019

01 No Such Thing (live in France)

02 This Is What You Did (live in France)

03 Coming to Get You Nowhere (CBS Saturday Sessions) 

04 Off Off On (live in France)

05 All Written Out In Numbers (live at The Smokehouse)

06 Bullet Proof (live at The Smokehouse)

07 Magic Spell (Paris Sessions)

08 Hotter Colder (live at Rough Trade)

09 Was Magician (live performance video)

10 Bad Feeling (live in France - Muzz cover)

11 Lemon World (live in France - The National cover) 

12 Misunderstanding (live at Wee Studio)

13 Moonshine Freeze (live at Glastonbury)

14 Coming to Get You Nowhere (New Sounds, Kate solo)

ROB SEZ:  This is the Kit — wow! Kate Stables & company are knocking me out with their latest release Off Off On. I'd heard about the band many years ago when they were labeled "alternative folk". Good stuff for what it was, but something stunning happened in the last year or two: This Is the Kit now has a uniquely compelling sound, a great blend of rock, folk, world, psychedelic, singer-songwriter, with a judicious deployment of horns, and ... I'm not sure what else. But it's REALLY GOOD in Kate and the band's capable hands. No wonder The National, Elbow, BBC6, Sharon Van Etten (etc.) have championed the group. My enthusiasm prompted me to seek out their back catalog and more recent live performances, which illustrate the onstage magic they conjure. Originally, I was gonna share the 2018 live set below as my "main post," along with some miscellaneous live tracks. My custom-made Live, Recently compilation turned out so well, I'm reversing the usual order. MEGA THANKS to Yousef for sharing the Manchester Folk Festival recording. Check out this band & give them a generous listen.

another fab photo by Chris Sikich

Manchester Folk Festival
Manchester, UK
Oct. 18, 2018

audience recording (sound quality: VG to VG+)

01 Sometimes the Sea

02 Vitmains

03 Bullet Proof

04 Empty No Teeth

05 All Written Out in Numbers 

06 Moonshine Freeze

Glastonbury Festival - getting ready
07 Greasy Goose

08 Misunderstanding

09 Riddled With Ticks

10 Sanza Tristesse

11 Solid Grease > Happy Birthday 

12 Spinney


(live comp: lossless captures of lossy sources)



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