Friday, July 3

The dB's Release NEW STUDIO TRACK for Cat's Cradle Benefit

The dB's - "I'm On an Island" (The Kinks)

This newly-released studio recording is
available NOW as part of

Go to Cover Charge's Bandcamp page to stream the track and, more importantly, BUY the release to support this worthy cause. You'll get previously-unreleased tracks like this one immediately and others by Superchunk, Hiss Golden Messenger, Steep Canyon Rangers and Sarah Shook. 20 more unique-to-this-collection tracks will follow in the coming weeks of July.

Comments from Peter, Chris & Will regarding this release:

Peter: "We used to play this song live when I first joined The dB's in autumn of 1978."

Chris: “...and of course, we've all been stranded on our own separate islands for much of this year.”

Will: "The dB's have played at four different Cat's Cradle locations, beginning in 1979. We were going to shows there [Rosemary St.] by the mid-seventies—and still do, we hope. ¡Viva Cradle!"

MANY THANKS to Eagle-Eye Fantom for sharing this hot tip.

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