Friday, May 8

Lloyd Cole - Live 1990-1993 (FM + sbd)

unknown city/venue 
unknown month/day 
1990 "X Tour" show

TV broadcast source (sound quality: VG+)

SAMPLE: "What Do You Know About Love?" (live 1990)

01 Why Don't We Do It 
     In the Road?
02 Perfect Skin
03 No Blue Skies
04 Brand New Friend
05 Mister Malcontent
06 Don't Look Back
07 A Long Way Down
08 Mainstream
09 What Do You Know 
     About Love?
10 I Hate to See You 
     Baby Doing That Stuff 
11 Sweetheart
12 Jennifer She Said

ROB SEZ: Gotta love Lloyd Cole. (Well, you don't have to love LC, but I sure do.) He's a class act, going all the way back to the 1980s and "Lloyd Cole & The Commotions." The man offers consistently great tunes, intelligent lyrics, all compellingly played. I'm on a mission to persuade Lloyd's unaware fans from the 1980s that he kept making worthy music, up through today. Were there a few failed experiments and overly-indulgent missteps along the way? Of course. But Lloyd's artistic success-to-failure ratio should be the envy of many wealthier & more popular artists. This is a good time to revisit Mr. Cole's mighty impressive back catalogue. I don't mind suggesting this is a good use of your quarantine time. HUGE THANKS to BBGrant and all the tapers for their generosity.
Lloyd Cole's early 1990s live dream team,
including Robert Quine and Matthew Sweet
Stockholm, Sweden
Nov. 4, 1991

FM recording
(sound quality: Ex-)

01 Rattlesnakes
02 Patience
03 Butterfly
04 There For Her
05 Man Enough
06 A Long Way Down
07 She's a Girl and I'm a Man

Black Sessions #39
Studio 106 
Paris, France
Nov. 9, 1993

FM recording (sound quality: VG+)

01 So You'd Like to Save the World
02 Unhappy Song
03 A Long Way Down
04 Undressed
05 Wild Mushrooms
06 Forest Fire
07 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
08 Can't Get Arrested
09 Sold
10 No Blue Skies
11 "Same Old Song" (title uncertain)*
12 Mystic Lady

*Mr. Cole himself could not recall song no. 11 when asked about it many years later. (As far as I can tell, it's not a cover.) If anyone can positively identify it, please leave a message.

Anyone out there have LC's 1995 Black Session to share?
If so, please get in touch.



  1. Many thanks for the Lloyd Cole! What a treat!

    1. My pleasure. Come back next week - something very special for Lloyd Cole fans!

  2. Great post Rob, looking forward to this & next weeks special!
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you kindly, Col. By the way, I'm starting to listen to The Beautiful South, and posts at your blog have been a good source for me. So thank you, sir!

  3. Haper - I will delete the above comments since the '95 Black Session will become a future post. Thanks for asking about me. Things are well with me & I sincerely hope the same for you. Cheers.


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