Friday, February 14

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Athens, GA 1988 (sbd)

Uptown Lounge
Athens, GA
March 2, 1988
soundboard recording (quality: VG+; liberated bootleg, ripped from my CD; there's occasional slight distortion, but it's not intrusive)

SAMPLE: "Flesh No. 1" (live in Athens, GA 1988)

01 I Often Dream of Trains
02 I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl
03 The Cars She Used to Drive 
04 Acid Bird
05 Bass
06 Tropical Flesh Mandala
07 Element of Light
08 I'm Only You
09 Birdshead
10 Flesh No. 1
11 Balloon Man
12 The Man with the Lightbulb Head
13 Heaven
14 Uncorrected Personality Traits
15 Listening to the Higsons
16 The Queen of Eyes
17 Globe of Frogs
18 Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands*
19 The Crystal Ship+
*Track 18 = RH live session, KCRW Santa Monica, CA
                   1989-04-24 (FM) 
+Track 19 = RH live session, KROQ Los Angeles, CA
                   1989-04-24 (FM)

Robyn Hitchcock - vocals, guitar, bass
Andy Metcalfe - bass, vocals, drums
Morris Windsor - drums, vocals, guitar

Peter Buck - additional guitar
ROB SEZ: Continuing to celebrate the musical genius of Robyn Hitchcock this month — heard here in his "...and The Egyptians" incarnation. Offered for your listening pleasure is this liberated bootleg of a lovely soundboard recording. It's from an RHE show in Athens, GA — with no venue specified, but a blog reader who remembers being there says it was at the Uptown Lounge. The helpful Asking Tree gigography tells us this show was the first American performance on the tour supporting the just-released Globe of Frogs album. Athens local / Hitchcock fan Peter Buck played supplemental guitar on many of the songs. (FYI: this one's not available via

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