Friday, December 20

Los Lobos & friends - Holiday House Party 1992 (FM)

Capitol Recording Studios 
Hollywood, CA 
Oct. 1992 (broadcast Dec. 25, 1992) 
DJ-banter-removed version
SAMPLE: "The Christmas Song" (live 1992)

* DJ introduction omitted * 
02 Peace
03 Arizona Skies>
04 Borinquen Patria Mia
05 Canto Veracruz
06 Mario from the Bario (Lalo Guerrero)
07 Pancho Claus (Lalo Guerrero)
08 Beat Angel (Rickie Lee Jones, Leo Kottke 
      & John Leftwich)
09 Running Up the Stairs (Rickie Lee Jones, Leo Kottke 
      & John Leftwich)
10 The Christmas Song
11 One Time, One Night
12 Buffalo River Home (John Hiatt)
13 Drive South (John Hiatt)
14 Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
      (John Hiatt & Los Lobos)

01 Colas
02 El Zapateado
03 La Iguana>
04 La Guacamaya
05 Instrumental Medley:
      (Leo Kottke) 
     Available Space>
     June Bug>
     Vaseline Machine Gun>
     Jack Fig
06 I'll Be Home for Christmas
      (Dave Alvin & Rick Solem)
07 Dry River (Dave Alvin & Syd Straw)
08 Golden Dream (Syd Straw 
      & Dave Alvin)
09 O Holy Night (Syd Straw 
      & Rickie Lee Jones)
10 The Christmas Twist
      (Syd Straw & Los Lobos)
11 La Pistola y El Corazon
Find more Los Lobos cheer HERE
12 Kiko & the Lavender Moon
13 What's Goin' On?
ROB SEZ: How about a musical house party for your holiday festivities? Or even if you don't HAVE any festivities to host or attend, this would be a fine substitute. For years, I've been looking for a good excuse to post some Los Lobos music, and now I've got one. Please enjoy — and have an excellent holiday!

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