Friday, November 8

Let's Active - Chicago 1986

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL
July 2, 1986
audience recording (sound quality VG++; transfer from first-generation tape source; virtually no bothersome crowd noise; this one sounds so good, I almost rated it Ex-)
This band photo was an hommage to a John Mayall album cover
ROB SEZ: At first, I didn’t consider this show for the blog because it’s one of the more common ones. Silly me. After actually listening to it, I can hear it’s one of the best shows around, combining a great performance and very good sound. Massive thanks to to the taper and to john52il for sharing.

Summer 1986 - a good time
to catch Let's  Active in concert
01 Intro
02 Waters Part
03 Leader of Men
04 Talking to Myself
05 Writing the Book of Last Pages
06 Prey
07 Flags for Everything
08 Fell
09 Won't Go Wrong
10 Reflecting Pool
11 In Little Ways
12 Every Word Means No
13 Whispered News
14 Route 67
15 Back of a Car (Big Star cover)
16 Dancing Days (Led Zep cover)
TT: 54:51 mins.

Let’s  Active:
Angie Carlson – keyboards, backing vocals
Eric Marshall – drums
Dennis Ambrose - bass
Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals


  1. this one seems to have disappeared

    too late again!

    1. try again, lucky. don't know what happened, but it was just a bad link.

      should be fine now ("lucky" again!)

  2. Thanks Rob

    And thanks for all the great work you do!

    1. You bet. Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Nice set! Curious about the hollering at the start. Did SoP really open or was someone just taunting Mitch?

    1. Dunno, but I caught that shout-out, too. Sara R. played in Snatches of Pink, so there might be a connection there...

    2. that's what i meant by taunting....

  4. Pleasantly surprised the it's still up. Happy to get a chance to listen to one of my favorite bands live. Thanks.

    1. That and (hopefully) all the other links here are still working. If you find a recording that you want but the link's broken, just leave a comment to let me know. Enjoy.


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