Friday, August 30

Autumn Defense - North Adams, MA 2010 + 2019

A.D. with strings
Solid Sound Fest
North Adams, MA 
June 30, 2019
audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

John Stirratt (left) & Pat Sansone are A.D.
01 [crowd + pre-recorded music] 
02 Estate Remains
03 Winterlight
04 Every Day
05 Spend Your Life
06 Feel You Now
07 Criminal
08 The Answer
09 The Swallows of London Town
10 You and Your Sister 
      (Chris Bell / Big Star cover)
11 The World (Will Soon Turn Our Way)
*12 Feel You Now (fades in)
*13 tuning
*14 The World (Will Soon Turn Our Way)
*15 tuning
*16 Feel You Now (partial)
   * = pre-show soundcheck
The Autumn Defense in 2011. Fab photos by Tristan Loper via Flickr

Solid Sound Fest
North Adams, MA
Aug. 15, 2010
audience recording (sound quality: VG++) 
01 The Sun In California
02 Bluebirds Fall
03 Written In the Snow
04 Every Day
05 Back of My Mind
06 Tell Me What You Want
07 Spend Your Life
08 band intros
09 Feel You Now
10 Huntington Fair
11 The Answer
12 Tuesday Morning
13 We Would Never Die
14 You Can't Have Me (Alex Chilton / Big Star cover)

ROB SEZ: As I write, there's a lovely nip in the air here in our Western N.C. mountains, which reminds me that fall is coming soon. Naturally, this means I thought of a band named Autumn Defense for this week's blog post. Although the band is not new to the blog, Autumn Defense may be unknown to some blog readers. A.D. is a side project of Wilco members Pat Sansone and John Stirratt. Musically & stylistically, their music brings to mind the classier, gentler elements of 1970s-era pop and rock. Sample the sample & see what you think. Massive thanks to J. Noel for recording & sharing the 2019 show, and to B. Murphy, C. Coyle & Owl & Bear for recording, transferring & sharing the 2010 set.


 Learn more about Autumn Defense' music 
at the band's web site and AllMusic

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  1. Autumn Defense
    Daytrotter Session
    March 14, 2014

    plus bonus tracks

    1. This Thing That I Found
    2. None of This Will Matter
    3. Calling Your Name
    4 & 5. (mystery bonus tracks)


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