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LX Chilton - Chapel Hill, NC 1987 + bonus

Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill, NC
Nov. 17, 1987
soundboard recording (quality Ex-; from first-generation tape)

OLYMPIC MEDALS to TG for recording and to dB’s Fan for sharing so generously.
To my knowledge, this blog is the only source for this recording.

01 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo (cuts in)
02 In the Street
03 Rock Hard
04 B-A-B-Y
05 Thing for You
06 Make a Little Love
07 Volaré
08 Thank You, John
09 Disco Lady
10 Lost My Job
11 Bangkok
12 Goldfinger
13 September Gurls
14 Come By Here
15 Little G.T.O.
16 No Sex
17 Take It Off
18 LX reads Dalai Lama news item
19 Dalai Lama

Most of these are covers; you’ll find the names of song composers in the comment tag for each file

Mountain Stage Radio Show
Charleston, WV
Feb. 9, 1992 
FM capture (sound quality VG++; from 2nd-generation tape)

01 Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo
02 Single Again
03 I Will Turn Your Money Green

A NOTE: The song “Guantan Amerika” was played next-to-last, but saw official release on one of the Mountain Stage live compilation CDs, so is not included here.

ANOTHER NOTE:  If you omit the (admittedly pretty funny) track 18 of LX reading the news clipping about the Dalai Lama, all the rest of the tracks will fit onto 1 CD-R.

WAV lossless files


Alex  Chilton Trio:
Alex  Chilton – vocals, guitar
Doug Garrison – drums
Ron Easley – bass, vocals

From Memphis to New Orleans
Songs from Robin Hood Lane


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  1. hi from France!
    your blog is Amazing many thanks...i have a personal request:i saw that a second Murray Attaway lp was never released...i heard a sample on your always ...amazing...please may you send me a link ...for my personal used only no worry!!be sure!! many thanks!!! Franck

    1. Hello Franck. I now see the link on that post is dead, so I will create a new one.

      Check back in a day or 2, and you will be able to download and enjoy MA's second album, Delirium.

  2. nice from you....and if you can too....The Plimsouls pasadena C.A 1995!
    cheers!! franck(from France)

    1. Hello Franck - I have Plimsouls, Ventura, CA 1995 but not Pasadena.

      Sorry about that.

  3. Rob...i wanted to say Ventura ca 1995 for Plimsouls mistake! seems corrupted as i had a Virus Alert when i began to becareful...!cheers!! Franck

    1. OK, Franck. Will check into that.

      Did you get the music (even though it has a virus)?

    2. no Rob...i didn t get the music...cheers! Franck

    3. OK, will get new links for Plimsouls, too.

  4. thank you for these recordings, i love alex chilton. may be you are interested in some of his hamburg and bremen (germany, that is) recordings from 1988 i published on my blog? please find them here:
    lx live 1988 in bremen and hamburg

    1. Thank you, RVD. That's a great show from Germany 1988!

    2. thanks mate!! and another thanks for M.A Delirium cd...Amazing...
      you make my day!!! Franck

  5. Nice set Rob! Interesting how the man kinda loses his singing on 'Goldfinger'

    1. Yeah. And in the unedited show, the man also kinda loses his @#%t because LX couldn't get the sound guy to get the monitor volume adjusted to his liking. It made several parts of the show hard to enjoy (I dunno -- stopping mid-song to yell at the sound guy just isn't something I thought everyone needed to hear), so I did some heavy editing to remove the bad karma... Any way, glad you enjoyed the show.

  6. Splendid whit all these Alex Chilton tapes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Cheers Dan.


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