Friday, February 22

Rain Parade - Torino, Italy 1985 (sbd)

Big Club
Torino, Italy 
Nov. 13, 1985 

soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex-; transfer from master tape — other than a few tape dropouts and a relative lack of crowd noise, this is a totally enjoyable listening experience)

SAMPLE: "It Can't Be Today" (live in Italy)

01 intro - No Easy Way Down
02 It Can't Be Today
03 Ain't That Nothing
04 Invisible People
05 Don't Feel Bad
06 You Are My Friend 
07 Broken Horse
08 Mystic Green
09 Depending On You
10 My Secret Country
11 Blue
12 Night Shade
13 Both Eyes Closed
14 Cheap Wine
15 band intro
16 Only Business
17 One and a Half Hours Ago
TT: 62:54 mins.

ROB SEZ: By request, here's my all-time favorite boot by the mighty Rain Parade. UPDATE: Colin has upgraded and remastered this for his Dream Remaster blog. Surf over there and check it out... Want more Rain Parade? Look for some older posts here and also at Big Plans for Everybody blog, where Rushbo has posted many great recordings.
artwork by Bigozine, included here

Taper Maurizio (‘Ratpie’) comments:

A picture disc was bootlegged from this very recording (actually a copy of my tape), but the mastering work was awful and the sound quality is a lot worse than the original - also, it has 11 tracks; here we have 17. This is the whole thing, from the venue manager's introduction straight to the encores. Hope you enjoy. All the best from Italy.

LINEAGE: mixing desk > reel recorder > K7 > CD > FLAC

Rob-in-Brevard “tweak” in Audacity: it was a coupla years ago, so I cannot recall exactly what I did, but I’m guessing I applied some modest hiss reduction and a slight bit of compression




  1. Rain Parade = Excellent!!
    Many thanks for this Rob, much appreciated.

  2. Great post. This got me thinking about another Paisley Underground band, True West. Don't see many live recordings of theirs or the late '80s and '90s releases.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Crass. I have a bootleg or two by True West, but haven't given the band much thought in a long time. I might dust them off at some point & post here, but I'm afraid it won't be real soon.

  4. I was there! thanks so much for posting mate.I saw Green on Red-Rain Parade-Long Ryders here in Turin same venue between october and november 1985..Amazing times!

  5. The saddest news about David Roback,he was one of my guitar ace hero. May rest in Peace forever

  6. We talked about just a couple of days ago


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