Thursday, October 25

dBs - Charlotte Reunion Show 1988 + Copenhagen 1988

The dB's
Grady Cole Center
Charlotte, NC
May 15, 1988
("Gimme Shelter" homeless benefit; first-ever dB's reunion show with Chris)

soundboard (1st-gen. copy of master tape; sound quality EX-; some sound & mix problems evident in the first song, but they disappear quickly). With this upgrade, this is now the complete show.

The dB’s playing for a French TV show in 1988
HIGHLIGHTS: Rareish “I’m In Love” plus hearing the guys’ reunion enthusiasm expressed in their playing

BIG THANKS to the taper, Scott for sharing & dB’s Fan for the upgraded Charlotte tracks

01 intro* 
02 Black and White 
03 Ups and Downs 
04 Big Brown Eyes 
05 Dynamite 
06 The Fight 
07 I Feel Good (Today) 
08 Happenstance 
09 Bad Reputation 
10 Living a Lie 
11 I'm In Love 
12 Neverland 
13 Amplifier* (power cut mid-song!)
            *intro and “Amplifier” are from an audience recording;
intro announcer = Hope Nicholls of the late, great Fetchin' Bones

The dB's
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jan. 11, 1988
(venue unknown)

audience recording (sound quality VG; slight distortion on the louder tracks)   

14 This Is Where I Belong (Kinks cover)
15 Neverland
16 Big Brown Eyes
17 Money (cut at halfway mark; fades out)

WAV lossless files (Copenhagen tracks are lossy)

Jeff Beninato, bass & backing vocals; Will on drums; 
Peter, guitar & vocals; Eric Peterson, guitar
The dB's
Will Rigby - drums
Gene Holder - bass
Peter Holsapple - guitar, keyboard, vocals
Chris Stamey - guitar, vocals
*Jeff Beninato - bass & backing vocals
*Eric Peterson – guitar

*Jeff and Eric did not play the Charlotte reunion show; Gene & Chris did not play the Copenhagen show. In the official bio for The dB's, Will Rigby writes that the four band members appeared under their own individual names for the Charlotte "reunion" show because The dB's were still touring at that point without Chris' involvement. This explains why Jeff and Eric didn't play the Charlotte show.


  1. ERRATA: Scott kindly pointed out the most probable date for the Copenhagen show. So the post now has the correct date, but the data listed in the music files is wrong (they say Nov. 1, 1988 instead of Jan. 11, 1988).

  2. And that's Hope Nicholls (of Fetchin' Bones) doing the intro

    1. Fetchin' Bones were awesome live, one of my favorites to see....

    2. Fetchin' Bones ... wow; that brings back memories (seeing them live in Charlotte way back when...).


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