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Soft Boys - Live 1980 + 2002

Club Eighties
New York, NY
Sept. 5, 1980

audience recording (sound quality VG; a well-recorded, well-preserved artifact, with some imperfections — as expected from a tape of this vintage)

SAMPLE: "Queen of Eyes" (Live WFMU 2002)    

01 Kingdom of Love
02 Queen of Eyes
03 Strange
04 I Wanna Destroy You
05 Leppo and the Jooves
06 Only the Stones Remain
07 There's Nobody Like You
08 Insanely Jealous
09 Out of the Picture
10 Train Round the Bend (VU cover)   
11 Positive Vibrations
12 Zip Zip (James A. Smith tune) 
13 Gigolo Aunt (Syd Barrett cover) 
14 Dancing on Your Thumb
15 I Wanna Destroy You
16 Run Run Run (VU cover)
17 Kingdom of Love
18 Underwater Moonlight
19 Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd cover) 
TT: 71:30 mins.

ROB SEZ: Before Robyn Hitchcock (solo act); before RH & The Egyptians; before Kimberley Rew's Katrina & The Waves, there were the SOFT BOYS in the late 1970s to early 1980s. They were really good! ALL PRAISES go to the taper and sharers, especially caravelle for re-sharing the 1980 show a few years ago. Artwork for the 1980 set by Mick. Thanks also to hingyfan and chip_christian for sharing the 2002 set, recorded on the band's Nextdoorland tour. (Note about the artwork: the fan who first shared this thought the correct month for the 1980 show was August, but Hitchcock fans did some research, and turns out it took place Sept. 1980.)

Live Session
WFMU Studios
Jersey City, N.J.
Oct. 25, 2002 (broadcast Oct. 29)

FM recording (sound quality Ex-) 

Recommended for the well-dressed fan

01 I Love Lucy        
02 Pulse of My Heart        
03 Mr. Kennedy        
04 Unprotected Love        
05 My Mind Is Connected        
06 Each of Her Silver Wands        
07 Narcissus        
08 Hear My Brane 
09 talk 1      
10 The Man With the Lightbulb Head
11 Queen of Eyes        
12 When I Was a Kid        
13 If You Know Time
14 talk 2  

FLAC (1980 show only)      
The Soft Boys:
Robyn Hitchcock - vocal, guitar
Kimberley Rew - guitar, backing vocal
Matthew Seligman - bass
Morris Windsor - drums, backing vocal

Learn more about the Soft Boys' music at 
Trouser Press and AllMusic



    Soft Boys - The Greyhound, London, UK 1981-02-08 (aud)

    audience recording; sound quality: VG

    01 Kingdom of Love
    02 Only the Stones Remain
    03 Acid Bird
    04 I Watch the Cars
    05. City of Shame
    06 Brenda's Iron Sledge
    07 I Wanna Destroy You
    08 The Lizard
    09 Insanely Jealous

    BIG THANKS to bat29 at Noise Addiction II


    Soft Boys - Hope & Anchor, Islington, London, UK 1981-01-23 (aud)

    sound quality: VG- to VG (from second-generation tape source)

    01 Kingdom of Love
    02 Only the Stones Remain
    03 Acid Bird
    04 I Watch the Cars
    05 City of Shame
    06 Brenda’s Iron Sledge
    07 Old Pervert
    08 The Lizard ->
    09 Underwater Moonlight (->)
    10 Insanely Jealous
    11 I Wanna Destroy You ->
    12 Eaten By Her Own Dinner
    13 Leppo & The Jooves

    WHOLE HEAP O’ THANKS to kneesfudd & sugarmegs for sharing


    WANT MORE EARLY, LIVE SOFT BOYS ROIOs? Look here & here:

    (links for above were active at the time of this posting)

  2. What a treasure trove! Much appreciated, and thanks for all your curatorial efforts! On a related note, I really enjoyed the Nigel and the Crosses show as well.


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