Friday, August 26

Quilt - Live in D.C. + Philly 2014-2016 (sbd)

Millennium Stage
Kennedy Center
Washington, D.C. 
April 8, 2015

soundboard recording (quality VG+; audio ripped from video stream)

00 intro, stage entrance
01 Secondary Swan
02 Roller
03 Mary Mountain
04 The World Is Flat
05 Arctic Shark
06 O'Connor's Barn
07 Passersby
08 Searching For
09 Penbobska Oakwalk
10 Tie Up the Tides
11 Cowboys In the Void 
12 Eye of the Pearl
13 Milo

WXPN-FM Free at Noon
Philadelphia, PA
July 29, 2016

soundboard recording (quality VG+ to VG++; webstream source)

01 Passersby
02 Hissing My Plea
03 Mary Mountain
04 The World Is Flat 
05 Eliot St.
06 Roller
07 Something There 
08 Arctic Shark
09 Eliot St.
10 Roller
11 Padova
12 Arctic Shark
13 Saturday Bride
14 Mary Mountain

9-11 = World Cafe live session, Philadelphia, PA May 2016
12-14 = World Cafe live session, Philadelphia, PA 2014 (month & day unknown)

QUILT: a band that really hangs together
ROB SEZ: Here's another young, new, talented band worth hearing. More kudos to Don & Mick for peaking my interest in the psych-pop-folk-rock band Quilt. They seem a bit intimidated by playing the storied Kennedy Center in D.C. in 2015. But by the time they played the WXPN show in Philly recently, they sound way more confident. BIG THANKS to WXPN & World Cafe as well as Nacho Caiafa for sharing.

Anna Rochinski - lead vocals, keyboard, 
                           rhythm guitar  
John Andrews - drums, vocals
Shane Butler - guitar, vocals
Keven Lareau - bass

MP3@320 (WXPN & World Cafe sets are @256)

Learn more about the music of Quilt at the band's official site and FB page



  1. Rob

    Thanks for the Quilt, I'm a big fan. I have the 2016 World Cafe set as follows

    1 passerby
    2 hissing my plea
    3 mary mountain > the world is flat
    4 elliot street
    5 roller
    6 something there
    7 artic shark
    8 penobska oakwalk

  2. whoops
    you have a different version then I do, mine has an additional tune

    1. My version is the webstream from WXPN, but someone out there did an audience recording of the entire set they played. I'm guessing you have the audience recording of the whole show and, perhaps due to time constraints, the station chose to broadcast a slightly shorter set.

  3. #9 Penbobska Oakewalk
    #12 Eye of the Pearl


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