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Housemartins - Hold Tight '86 + Demos

'Hold Tight' TV Special
City Lites
Farnworth, UK
(some time in late 1986)

TV audio rip (sound quality: VG+) 

01 Intro
02 The Mighty Ship
03 Think for a Minute
04 Anxious
05 Get Up Off Our Knees
06 Caravan of Love
07 Happy Hour
08 Rap Around the Clock

MEGA THANKS to Don at the late, great ASH blog, who wrote this in his original post:

'Hold Tight' was a Kids Game show, filmed by Granada TV, at Alton Towers. It ran for a couple of years until 1984 and always featured a musical guest, would you believe Iggy Pop appeared once. Then, out of nothing, came this special in 1986. Twenty-three minutes of classic LIVE Housemartins. Wonderful!

exact dates + recording locations unknown

home recordings (sound quality range: VG- to VG+)

The Housemartins at WOMAD July 1986 
photos by Martin Whitehead
Several sets of demos here, from 1984 and 1985. Most are guitar and vocals only, but a few have some additional instrumentation. Like many demo sets, the sound quality varies due to the recording quality and source tapes.  A number of the tracks sound like they can use speed correction, but I didn’t have time for that this week...

01 Taxi to Singapore
02 It’s History
03 Time Spent Thinking
04 I Cry Myself to Sleep
05 Taxi To Singapore
06 When Will I Be Released
07 The Day I Called It a Day
08 It’s History
09 Swansea
10 Taxi to Singapore (#2)
11 Taxi to Singapore (#3)
12 I’ll Be There
13 When Will I Be Released (#2)
14 It’s History (#2)
15 Skatsburg
16 Time Spent Thinking (#2)
17 I Cry Myself to Sleep (#2)
18 The Day I Called It a Day (#2)
19 I’ll Be There (#2)
20 It’s History (#3)
21 Drop Down Dead
22 Stand at Ease
23 Change the World

24 The World’s On Fire


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