Friday, August 28

Alex Chilton - Acme Under, NYC 1998

Acme Underground
New York, NY
May 1, 1998

audience recording (sound quality VG+; transfer from DAT master; just the right amount of crowd noise so you get the ambiance)
Children by the millions scream for him. Shouldn't you?
ROB SEZ: Alex is ON here, enjoying himself, and sounding jazzed to be playing in his old stomping grounds. If you own just one LX solo boot, this is the one to have. ENJOY!
MEGA THANKS to NYLifer for taping and sharing, and to Craig62 for re-sharing.

Disc 1 (first set)
01 audience chatter
02 Maybelline
03 (false start)
04 I Don't Know Why I Love You, But I Do
05 (chat)
06 Alligator Man
07 B-A-B-Y
08 Margie
09 Got a Lot of Living to Do
10 Il Rebelle
11 Little GTO
12 Purple Haze
13 (false start)
14 When My Baby's Beside Me
15 I Will Turn Your Money Green
16 (chat)
17 (false start)
18 Witchcraft
19 What's Your Sign Girl
20 Take It Off
21 Thank You John
22 Bangkok

Disc 2 (second set)
01 Lipstick Traces
02 Don't Believe That You 
     Love Me No More (Hush Your Mouth)
03 Don't Stop
04 Hide and Seek
05 Sick and Tired
06 I've Never Found 
     a Girl
07 (chat)
08 In the Street
09 (chat)
10 Thing For You
11 (chat)
12 Soul Deep
13 My Baby Just 
     Cares For Me
14 The Oogum 
     Boogum Song
15 (audience)
16 There Will Never 
     Be Another You 
17 Single Again
18 Lies 
19 (chat)
20 Devil Girl
21 New Girl In School
22 (chat)
23 You've Got a Booger 
     Bear Under There
24 I Wish You Would
25 (band intro)
26 Goodnight My Love
27 (crowd)
28 The Hucklebuck
29 (crowd)

Alex Chilton - vocals, guitar
Ron Easley - bass
Richard Dworkin - drums

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  1. Sorry to bug but I think the zip is missing the mp3.

    1. Just checked, and the link and download work fine. 300+ MB file that contains all the MP3 files.

      Try again, my friend. Second time = charm for you, I hope...

    2. Second time was a charm! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks. New Jeffrey Dean Foster album coming soon, produced by Mitch Easter with Don Dixon playing on a few tracks!

  3. Thank you, thank you !


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