Monday, June 22


I am proud & pleased to announce 
a new weekly feature: "ASH Tuesday"
The name is in honor of the late, great ASH 
(Anything Should Happen) music blog.

Most Tuesday mornings, there will be a vintage ROIO that appeared years ago at the old ASH blog. They will be from either Don or Mick, who gave me permission to share them with you here.
(BIG THANKS to Don & Mick!)

The ASH Tuesday posts will be "minimalist", because this blog is a part-time, when-I-can-grab-a-few-hours labor of love. So the Tuesday posts will lack some of the deluxe features of the Friday posts, like sound quality ratings, groovy photos, and sound samples. Usually, you'll see only one photo or piece of artwork. If the artwork has a track listing, I'll just leave it at that. Otherwise, you'll see just the essential info about the recording and a link for the files (usually MP3@320).
First up: an FM broadcast featuring Raleigh, N.C.'s The Connells, "college rock" & jangle-pop darlings of the 1980s.

DON'T FORGET: you can always leave a comment before or after you snag the music (hint...)

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