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Dave Gregory (former XTC) – Remoulds I and II

DG covers classic songs from the 1960s and '70s
soundboard recordings (quality: Ex-)
Dave recorded these for himself and friends.
Now, you can hear his labors of love.

ROB SEZ: Dave Gregory is best known as the long-time lead guitarist for XTC. Since his departure from that group in 1999, he’s kept himself busy doing production and session work in the UK, and playing occasional gigs. Gregory has been recording music at home since 1973. In 1997 and '98, he put together a collection of covers entitled Remoulds. As you’ll hear, they are his own re-creations of classic 1960s and 70s pop and rock songs, with some original instrumentals included in the second collection. Gregory describes the tracks on Remoulds as "home-baked forgeries", created for his own amusement.

THANK YOU Hans de Vente for sharing!
Dave plays live, 2013   
Simon Hogg photo
SAMPLE: "Wait Until Tomorrow" (Remoulds I)

01. Those Were the Days (Cream)
02. 36-24-36
(The Shadows)
03. Scarlet O'Hara
(Jet Harris)
04. The Cruel Sea
(The Dakotas)
05. Pretty Flamingo 
(Manfred Mann)
06. I Feel Free
07. Tin Soldier
(Small Faces)
08. Wait Until Tomorrow
(Jimi Hendrix)
09. Fresh Garbage
10. MacArthur Park
(Jimmy Webb)
11. Diamond Hard Blue Apples 

      of the Moon (The Nice)
12. And How Am I to Know
(Ars Nova)
13. Classical Gas
(Mason Williams)
14. All Along the Watchtower
(Jimi Hendrix)
15. Jigsaw Puzzle Blues 
(Fleetwood Mac)
16. Happy Freuds
(The Nice)
17. Sabre Dance
(Love Sculpture)
18. Our Prayer
(Beach Boys)
19. Because
(The Beatles)
20. Little Bit of Love
21. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter Group)
Dave at a 'Dukes of the S' session
22. Love Comes to Everyone (George Harrison)

01. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (The Kinks)
02. Say You Don't Mind
(Denny Laine)
03. Gypsy Eyes
(Jimi Hendrix)
04. I Am the Walrus
(The Beatles)
05. S.W.L.A.B.R.
06. Blue Orpheus
(Todd Rundgren)
07. Pictures of Lily
(The Who)
08. My White Bicycle
09. Our Love Was
(The Who)
10. Little Girl
(Syndicate of Sound)
11. I See You
(The Byrds)
12. Forget All About It
13. Love Story
(Jethro Tull)
14. Rubber Balloons*
15. Mr. Gregory Goes Uptown*
16. Morsall Mood #2*
17. Carry the Torch*
18. Call It Witchcraft*
19. Gloria Monday*

20. I Write to the Trees*
All smiles (bottom right) with XTC
21. Starfish Tango*
22. Third Stone from the Sun  
      (Jimi Hendrix)
*Dave Gregory original instrumental compositions 


SOURCES: Although they’ve never seen an official release, Gregory distributed CD-R copies to acquaintances starting in the late 1990s (some versions have 1 or 2 tracks not included here). I’m indebted to Hans de Vente for sharing his recently. If you compare these to the listing at Dave’s own web site, you’ll see there are many additional songs in the second set I’m posting — presumably because they are more recent recordings and, perhaps, because Dave just hasn’t gotten around to updating that page…

READ A REVIEW of Dave Gregory’s Remoulds I at Bill Kopp’s Musoscribe. 

Learn more about Dave Gregory
& his music at his web site


  1. Thanks so much! Big XTC fan. I had one volume of this now I can double it. Always looking for more from these guys. Great blog.

    1. Happy to oblige, Anonymous. Might have some more XTC-related posts in the future, so check back from time to time...

  2. Thanks again. Super fast download too!

  3. Rob! What a great way to start out the (and may you have a wonderful) New Year! I've been looking for Gregory's second disk for years! It's still a blast listening to the first Remoulds and I'm enjoying the second volume just as much. I was weary of all the Gregory instrumental pieces included, but they're all superb compositions that make great listening.

    Thanks again for such a stellar post and please thank "Hans de Vente" for sharing, too. I do have a question for the next time you chat. Does he also have the Sandy Nelson, Led Zepp and Jack Bruce, etc. re-creations Gregory allegedly added on to future copies of Remoulds or is that all just a rumor?

    1. Good to hear from you, Oxy. Glad to hear you're enjoying this one so much.

      I sent Hans your comment/question, and he says he does not have the re-creations you asked about.

      Sorry about that...

  4. Thanks for making these available. Loving Dave's home-baked forgeries. Pictures of Lily in particular could pass as a Who outtake any day. Chris M.


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