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Univ. of Fla., Tampa, FL 1984 + Demos 1982-'83

The dB’s
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
Sept. 28, 1984
TOURISM ON TOUR: The dB's at Niagra Falls
(opening for R. E. M.)

audience recording (sound quality VG; iffy sound from the tape source, but I did some tweaking in Audacity, and it’s now quite listenable — might even be mistaken for a lower-quality soundboard recording; try the sample)

01 Neverland (cuts in)
Halfway up the ladder: The dB's in 1984
photo by Laura Levine
02 Love Is for Lovers
03 She Got Soul
04 Bad Reputation
05 A Spy In the House of Love
06 Not Cool
07 Amplifier
08 Suspicious Minds
09 Rendezvous
10 New Gun In Town

Demos 1982-‘83
11 She Got Soul #2
12 Spitting In the Wind
13 Rendezvous
14 White Train #1
15 Molly Says
16 Repercussion
17 The Death of Rock
18 This Crazy Town
19 Martha Helen Wood*

TT: 1:06:08

*Track 19 is a demo for a song written and  sung by Gene Holder's wife, Myra. A finished version of the song appeared years later on Myra's solo album, Four Mile Road (produced by Mr. Chris Stamey + 1 track by Mitch). 

NOTE: Many of the demos in the set as I received them are not included in the above. Categories of demos not included here: 
1) Ones I already shared in the ‘Like This’ Revisited post
2) Demos the same (or nearly the same) as those on the Ride the Wild Tom-Tom official release; 
3) Demos with Chris on lead vocals (per an earlier request from him).
The dB’s (1984 live show line-up):
Rick Wagner - bass
Gene Holder - guitar
Will Rigby - drums
Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals


  1. Thanks so much for all the great commercially unreleased music, and easy downloading!

    I love The dB's and Will Rigby's writing as well as playing, and have very similar tastes!

    1. My pleasure, anonymous. Always glad to welcome another fan...


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