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Peter Holsapple - WFMU Session 1983

East Orange, NJ
Feb. 25, 1983

FM recording (sound quality VG--; from a multi-generation tape source)
PH: has guitar, will travel (Austin, TX 1984)
Stephanie Chernikowki photo
HEAP O’ THANKS to WFMU for their undying support of The deeBs, to the original taper, and to dB’s Fan for sharing

NOTE: As received, this was not a great-sounding tape (lots of hiss & a handful of dropouts). I used Audacity to make various improvements — and now it's a pretty decent listen. Someone else edited out the interview bits, which explains the brief, truncated comments prior to some of the songs.

ROB SEZ: Here's a rare and welcome opportunity to hear Peter in busking mode: just the man and his guitar. He covers a lot of ground, playing dB's tunes, rare solo material, old covers, and a very early version of "She Got Soul." Pretty sure I'd never before heard him sing the old Big  Star chestnut that closes the set... ENJOY!
SAMPLE: "I'm In Love With a Girl (WFMU 1983)"

01 Not Cool
02 You Got to Die (Blind Willie McTell cover)
03 Since You're Gone (Ric Ocasek / Cars cover)
04 Poor Howard (Lead Belly cover)
05 Close to the Hand
06 Modern Boys and Girls
07 She's Coming To
08 On the Battlefront
09 She Got Soul (early version)
10 Nothing Is Wrong
11 I Feel Good (Today)
12 Elvis, What Happened?
13 You Don't Miss Your Water (William Bell cover)
14 Moving In Your Sleep
15 I'm In Love With a Girl (Big Star cover)

TT: 45:49 mins.

Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals



  1. Fun set. Think #5 is an original?

    1. Yes. In fact, I have two other PH solo shows, both from 1985, in which he sings it.

      One of those shows was here at the blog a while back, but got spiked by Blogger when I received a DMCA take-down notice. I challenged the notice since PH sent explicit permission for the show to appear on the blog, but Google has never replied after repeated attempts to find out if I could re-post the show. Oh well...


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