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Autumn Defense - Schuba's 2004 + Best Video Rips

Chicago, IL
Nov. 24, 2004


Writing for AllMusic, Lisa M. Smith says The Autumn Defense "chase the sun westward to the California coast, gathering inspiration from classic L.A. pop and well-crafted melody in the '60s and '70s traditions. Between gentle harmonies and instrumental texturing, the associations are tempting: a trace of the Beach Boys or a Wilson brother? The Byrds, the Bee Gees, Bread, the Zombies, piano pop? [AD founder John] Stirratt himself quotes the seminal Forever Changes (Love) as one shaping influence to their sound."

soundboard recording (sound quality Ex--; mix is a bit "bright," but treble adjustment should do the trick...)

AUTUMN DEFENSE: Pat Sansone & John Stirratt.
Both are members of Wilco, and
 Stirratt was a member of Uncle Tupelo.
01 'Autumn Defense #3' (poem)
02 Some Kind of Fool
03 The Sun In California
04 Silence
05 Written In the Snow
06 The Answer
07 Why I'm Like This
08 Tuesday Morning
09 The World (Will Soon Turn Our Way)
10 Everybody's Been Burned  
     (D. Crosby/Byrds cover)
11 Circles
12 Pretty Ballerina (Left Banke cover)

This and other recordings by The Autumn Defense are available
in lossless quality at the fab Owl & Bear Wilco Archive

The Autumn Defense
Best Video Rips
various sessions, 2010-2012
video-sourced soundboard recordings

sound quality Ex- (if you like a little grit with your pretty melodies, you might prefer Autumn Defense live to their studio recordings)

01 Feel You Now (live)
02 Back of My Mind (live)
03 The Sun in California (live)
04 Allow Me (live)
05 Sentimental Lady (live)
06 Huntington Fair (live)
07 The Swallows of London Town (live)
08 Spend Your Life (live)
09 Written In the Snow (live)
10 The Answer (live)
11 Everyday (live)

1-5 = Eddie's Attic, Atlanta, GA 2010-11-17 (hi-fi sound mix by Shalom Aberle)
6 = Black Sheep Studios, Chicago, IL 2010-11-05
7 = unknown live session
8-11 = Sugar Hill Studios session, Fall 2012

Autumn Defense's latest album, Fifth 
drops Jan. 28 on Yep Roc
 Learn more about the music of The Autumn Defense at the band's web site and/or AllMusic

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