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Rapid Eye Movement - Holiday Fanclub Singles (complete)

bumped from several Christmases ago...
R.  E.  M.
Holiday Fanclub Singles (complete)

ROB SEZ: I can think of no better musical celebration of the holidays than listening to the complete set of fanclub singles issued by R.  E.  M.  After calling it quits, the guys shut down the fanclub in 2011. In early 2013, a certain Mr. Buck made noises about releasing these on a possible future boxed set for charity. 

soundboard recordings (sound quality range VG+ to Ex-; many are vinyl rips with attendant pops & a few skips)

First fanclub single, issued in 1988
THANK YOU KINDLY to the original rippers, sharers & posters.

2016 UPDATE: Over at the Dream Remaster Blog, Colin has posted all the singles in the highest-available quality, many remastered. Go get 'em...

1988a Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
1988b See No Evil (Television cover)
1989a Good King Wenceslas
1989b Academy Fight Song
1990a Ghost Reindeer In the Sky
1990b Summertime (final seconds cut)
1991a Baby Baby (Vibrators cover)
1991b Christmas Griping
1992a Where's Captain Kirk?
          (Spizzenergi cover)
1992b Toyland
1993a Silver Bells
1993b Christmas Time Is Here
1994a Sex Bomb (Flipper cover)
1994b Christmas In Tunisia
1995a Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)
1995b Java (Allen Toussaint cover)
Artwork for 1999 holiday single
1996a Only In America
           (Jay & The Americans cover)
1996b I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor cover)
1997a Live for Today
1997b Happy When I'm Crying
           (Pearl Jam cover)
1998a Lucky (M. Stipe w/Radiohead)
1998b E-Bow the Letter
           (live w/Thom Yorke)
1999a Country Feedback
           (Live w/Neil Young)
1999b Ambulance Blues
          (Live w/Neil Young)
2000a Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
2000b Hastings & Main
2000c Take Seven
2001a Let Me In (Live)
2001b Find the River (rehearsal)
2002a No Matter What (Badfinger cover)
2002b Jesus Christ (LX Chilton cover)
2002c M. Stipe reads Martin Luther King
2003a Country Feedback (Live)
2003b It's the End of the World As We 
          Know It (And I Feel Fine) (Live)
2004a I Wanted to Be Wrong (Live)
2004b She Just Wants To Be (Live)
2005a Turn You Inside-Out (Live)
2005b The Great Beyond (Live)
2006a Tongue (Live) [performed by Tin Cup Prophette]
2006b So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) (Live)
2006c These Days (Live) [performed by The Observatory]
2006d Begin the Begin (Live)
Final fanclub single, issued in 2011
2007a Merry Xmas Everybody
          (Slade cover)
2007b Magnetic North
2008a Living Well Is the
          Best Revenge (Live)
2008b Let Me In (Live)
2008c Just a Touch (Live)
2009a Santa Baby
2009b Crazy Like a Fox
      (Link Cromwell & The Zoo cover)
2010a Christmas
          (Baby Please Come Home)
2010b IHT->U->EDIYTW (Dubmix)
2011a Perfect Circle (Live)
2011b Life and How to Live It (Live)

(big fat download includes artwork for all singles)

Check out the many connections between 
R.  E.  M. and The dB's at THIS earlier post.

For complete fanclub singles discography info, look at these
two great fan sites: HERE and HERE.



  1. Rob

    Thanks for all the good stuff you have been posting


    Do you have the instrumental CD "Speed of Sound" that came as a bonus to Chris's "Travels in the South"?

    I pulled it out and listened to it the other day.....not something you would play every day, but interesting.

    1. Hello Lucky -- good to hear from you. Yes, I have "Speed of Sound" on download. Cool to hear the remixed instrumentals without the vocals, but I haven't listened to that in a while. You can find it on download at Amazon and eMusic.

  2. Hi.
    I am just finishing off a restoration & remastering of these songs.
    Tracked down a copy via Ebay which is superb quality.
    The posts are on my blog here:
    Check them out if you have time.
    All the best for a peaceful Christmas & Happy 2017.

  3. Hi Rob.
    Many thanks for your kind words, much appreciated.
    Usually the only "comments" I get are:
    This link don't work.
    These files aren't cut up properly & many more.
    I guess your experience is similar.
    There are a LOT of selfish & just bad mannered people in the world.
    Thanks for forwarding my links, much appreciated.
    I just have the last part to post later today or tomorrow as time allows.
    I forgot to say when I left my comment that I have used your artwork.
    Hope this is okay?
    I wanted to give the best experience possible for the files.
    Yours are the only ones I could find!
    Many thanks for taking the time to scan them, a lot of work!
    These just "appeared" (for me anyway) on Ebay a few weeks back.
    Got them from a seller in Spain.
    Taken me till now to get them sorted, what with the festive season in full swing,
    just made it for a Christmas posting.
    Bye for now.
    Merry Christmas,

    1. Yup. Sounds sadly familiar. Gotta do this blog to please myself, and if someone else occasionally says something positive, I'm satisfied.

      No prob using the artwork, which I found in various places on the Web and did not have to rip!

  4. Thanks for your message Rob.
    However did the scans deserve thanks.
    So do you for bringing them all together.
    Last part of these will be up late afternoon.
    Best wishes,

  5. Thanks so much for this one!

    1. Amazing how well the guys took care of their fans, even after they became such a big international act. Enjoy!

  6. Just found this in December 2020 and wanted to thank you. Can't wait to dive in. Really appreciate it.


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