Friday, December 7

Love Tractor – Iowa City 1989 & 1983 bonus

Polo Club
Iowa City, Iowa
KRUI-FM broadcast

FM broadcast (sound quality VG+)

Repercussion: Mitch Easter produced the 1989 Love Tractor album Themes from Venus, and members of Love Tractor were some of the pioneers of the Athens, GA indie music scene, along with B-52s, Pylon and (of course) R.E.M.
What kind of photos would you expect
 from a group named “Love Tractor”?!?

BIG THANKS to the taper, original uploader and those who posted the videos from which I ripped the audio...

SAMPLE: "Cartoon Kiddies (Iowa 1989)"

01 Nightclub Scene
02 Neon Lights
03 Themes from Venus
04 Venice
05 [?]
06 Beatle Boots
07 brief station ID
08 Sixty Degrees Below
09 Cartoon Kiddies
10 Hey Mess
11 Nova Express
12 Outside With Ma

Atlanta Arts Festival
Atlanta, GA
May 17, 1983
VHS audio rip (sound quality VG-)
13 Buy Me a Million Dollars
14 Paint
15 [?]

Athens, GA
VHS audio rip (sound quality VG-)
16 Sharp Dressed Man*
           *Track 16 with Peter Buck and Mike Mills of R.E.M.

Any help identifying tracks 5 & 15 will be appreciated…
This is Love Tractor's original lineup. The band re-grouped
some years ago and remains active today.

Love Tractor:
Mark Cline
Mike Richmond
Kit Swartz
Armistead Wellford
(Andrew Carter may have played in place of Kit S. for 1989 show)
Learn more about Love Tractor and its music at AllMusic, the band's MySpace site, or blog.


  1. Wow finally found your blog, great stuff here thanks. I also dug the band called the Upbeats from the early GA scene, they used to open for REM and had a song about Jello Shots!

    1. Glad you found us!

      I dig your blog, man. Thanks for the nice comment...

    2. Sir,
      I was one of the drummers of an earlier The Upbeats LP recording "Beat City" in 1985. Feel free to reach out for me at:
      DeanAndDrums at