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Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm, Sweden - 1988

The dB’s
Hard Rock Café
Stockholm, Sweden
Jan. 12, 1988

Composite of the 'final' dB’s touring lineup:
Jeff Beninato, Peter Holsapple & Will Rigby in 1987, 
alongside a recent photo of Eric Peterson
audience recording (sound quality VG++ to Ex-; very clear house mix)

Highlights: You can hear Peter and the band making a heroic, last-ditch musical effort before calling it quits. Eric Peterson, who plays lead guitar — quite well! — brings an extra dose of energy to the party. Plus, a fairly rare performance of "Purple Hose"...

BIG THANKS to the taper and SUPER SIZE THANKS to dB’s Fan for the share!
SAMPLE: "Feel Alright (Stockholm 1988)"

01 intro & Today Could Be the Day
02 Never Say When
03 Change With the Changing Times
04 Working for Somebody Else
05 Feel Alright
06 Dynamite
07 I Lie
08 Think Too Hard
09 Amplifier
10 Not Cool
11 Spitting In the Wind

01 band intros
02 Bonneville (incl. B&W jam)
03 A Spy In the House of Love
04 Love Is for Lovers
05 Neverland
06 This Is Where I Belong (Kinks cover)
07 White Train
08 Any Old Thing
09 Purple Hose
10 Girlfriend
11 Money (That’s What I Want)

Disc 1 (MP3@320)
Disc 2 (MP3@320)

Disc 1 (alt. link)
Disc 2 (alt. link)
The Hard Rock Café in Stockholm
Apparently, they don’t allow any riff-raff…

The dB's:
Peter Holsapple: rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Will Rigby: drums, backing vocals
Jeff Beninato: bass, backing vocals
Eric Peterson: lead guitar

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