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Milestone, Charlotte, NC 1980 + bonus

The dB's
The Milestone
Charlotte, NC
Oct. 8, 1980

audience recording (sound quality VG). The mix comes & goes in the first two songs, so I cut & faded in both; otherwise smooth sailing for the rest of the show, with a good clear mix.
NOTE: last 3 tracks are from an early 1980s show in Atlanta, GA
Highlight: great high-energy show. You get the feeling the guys knew that punk bands also performed at The Milestone, and you can hear it in their playing. 
BIG THANKS to the taper and Batchain for the share!

A band you can really look up to...  
photo by Stephanie Chernikowski
01 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know (beginning cut; fades in)
02 Judy (beginning cut; fades in)
03 Dynamite        
04 Soul Kiss
05 pH Factor
06 Death Garage
07 You Can’t Take Her Away From Me
08 My Back Pages
09 (unknown instrumental)
10 Bad Reputation
11 What’s the Matter With Me?
12 You Got It Wrong
13 I Feel Good (Today)
14 Big Brown Eyes
15 The Summer Sun

16 Tearjerkin’
17 The Fight
18 If and When
19 Let’s Live for Today
20 Everlasting Love
21 What I Dig

22 Spitting In the Wind*
23 Black and White*
24 The Summer Sun*

     *last 3 tracks are from an early 1980s show in Atlanta, GA (#s 22-24 
      have sometimes circulated with The Ritz, NYC, Feb. 1982 recording)

Disc 1 (MP3@320)
Disc 2 (MP3@320)

Alt. Link (Disc 1)
Alt. Link (Disc 2)

The dB's:
Chris Stamey
Will Rigby
Gene Holder
Peter Holsapple

The dB's ponder the future  
S. Chernikowski photo


  1. This is great and Thanks for sharing!
    The second Milestone show I attended was Chris Stamey performing around August of 1982, It was a weekday and I'm doubting that there were more than fifteen people in the audience. However, I do know that the show was taped. Should this show ever surface, I would be one very happy person!

    1. Warren - I don't know about that specific show, but you'll be glad to hear that I've just made contact with a North Carolina source of many rare, choice dB's & related shows. Some of them are Chris Stamey shows (including a complete show with band from 1982). If I discover the show you're asking about, I'll let you know...


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