Friday, September 6

Wondermints - Live 1995 + 2000 (Rehearsal Room & Borderline)

WONDERMINTS - Nick W. (center)
Live at the Rehearsal Room 
1995 (exact date unknown)
soundboard recording (quality: VG++)
ROB SEZ: Fans of classy pop lost another hero recently with the sudden, unexpected death of Wondermints co-founder Nick Walusko, who became an important part of Beach Boy Brian Wilson's musical world in the 21st century. Here's a wonderful essay in tribute to Nick from someone who really "got" him. I've posted several other Wondermints collections here in the past, but here are two more. Like most of the others, these came originally from Angelo at Powerpop Criminals. All thanks to him!

The Borderline
London, UK
Nov. 11, 2000
audience recording (sound quality: VG+; a club show with great sound)
MP3@320 (no lossless source available for these)
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music at AllMusic or this FB page


  1. Great stuff.......still have a bunch of the 'colored' cassette tapes that got from original bassist Brian Kassan in the 90s.....only saw the 'Mints once, at either a late Poptopia festival show, i think at either the Whiskey or the Troubador in LA, or maybe an early International Pop Overthrow, circa 1998-99.....they were great live.....

    1. Hey Jim - It's so cool that you got to see them live! I think Angelo collected most of the tracks from those early cassettes, and I re-shared them here:


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