Friday, February 15

Simon & Garfunkle - Manchester, UK 1967 (sbd)

Granada TV Studios 
Manchester, England 
March 17, 1967
(broadcast May 2, 1967)
soundboard recording (audio rip from DVD)
sound quality: VG++ (outstanding quality for a 1967 recording)

SAMPLE: "Benedictus" (live in 1967)

01 intro
02 He Was My Brother
03 Leaves That Are Green
04 A Most Peculiar Man
05 Homeward Bound
06 For Emily, Whenever 
     I May Find Her 
07 The Dangling Conversation
08 song intro by Paul
09 The 59th Street 
     Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
10 Richard Cory
11 7 O’Clock News / 
     Silent Night
12 A Hazy Shade of Winter
13 At the Zoo
14 Cloudy
15 Benedictus
16 Blessed
17 A Poem On the Underground Wall 
18 I Am a Rock
19 Anji
20 The Sound of Silence
TT: 56:30 mins.
ROB SEZ: Finds like this one remind me how great it is to be a music fan living in the Internet era. I have a ton of S & G boots, but this DVD just turned up online. Although some tracks from this show have circulated for many years, the fidelity was very poor. Stunned by the high quality of this new, full-length recording, I created a lossless audio rip for my own enjoyment. It turned out so well that I decided to share it here. (Yes, I do know how to spell the last name of Simon's musical partner, but I'm trying to keep the Internet cops at bay — even though this has never been officially released.) Please enjoy.

video lineage: PAL dvdr > Mpeg VW > DVDLab Pro 2.5 > DVD

audio lineage: AC3 48000Hz 224 kb/s (from DVD) > VLC (lossless audio capture) > Audacity (tracking, tagging & light hiss removal)

DVD provided by Red Dog
authored by BONG
shared by hothcanada
audio ripped & tracked by Rob-in-Brevard



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