Tuesday, June 30

TV Eyes - Los Angeles 2003

The Troubador
Los Angeles, CA
May 13, 2003
audience recording (pretty sure this is the only known live set by TV Eyes)

TV Eyes = post-Jellyfish collaboration with Jason Falkner and Roger Manning
01 Over the City
02 She's a Study
03 Fascinating
04 Love to Need
05 What She Said
06 Mission Submission
07 The Party's Over
08 She Gets Around
09 Fade Away
10 Time's Up

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YET MORE THANKS to the late, great ASH blog. When this was first posted there years ago, Don said: TV Eyes, the trio formed by Jason Falkner, Roger Manning and Brian Reitzell make their live debut in this great show. Very synth-driven, fans of Falkner and Jellyfish will love it, but it stands up on its own feet.

FIND TV Eyes rarities at Haper's Popfair blog.

BUY TV Eyes' debut album (remastered & expanded) at Omnivore



  1. Love to Need was a super single

    1. Yep. One of my favorite "one-off" albums ever recorded.

      Jellyfish & Jason Falkner fans could do a lot worse in seeking out "new" music to explore...


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