Friday, June 19

Scene Is Now - New York City 1997

Westbeth Theatre
New York, N.Y.
Oct. 31, 1997

opening for Yo La Tengo

The Scene Is Now: avant-garde, eccentric jazz-rock-pop
audience recording (sound quality: VG+; a really nice audie; no complaints — unless you really wanted to hear the between-song announcements, which are kinda low volume)
REPERCUSSION: Will Rigby played drums on the band’s 1988 album Tonight We Ride and has sometimes played live gigs with the band, as he does here.

MUCH THANKS to the taper and to Brandon for sharing.

SAMPLE: "Anthracite" (NYC 1997)

The Scene Is Now ... now
01 Port Authority
02 Moonlight Broil
03 Anthracite
04 Pumpkin Bordello
05 Hey Skinny
06 Let's Straighten It Out
07 Apricot Harvest / 
     Shotgun Wedding
08 He'll Never Do Time
09 If Justice Hides
10 Gone For a Long, Long Time

11 Fresno*
*Bonus track: live in Brooklyn, N.Y., early 2011 (sound quality is VG-; thanks to Chain Gang for sharing)

Will Rigby (the shy drummer), far right

The Scene Is Now:
Chris Nelson
Philip Dray
Tony Maimone
Steven Levi
Will Rigby
Mark Howell
Doug Wygal
Sue Garner

BUY some music by TSIN at Bandcamp (most albums are just $7 bucks!)

READ a fab interview with Philip Dray at Perfect Sound Forever

GO TO the band's FB page

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