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The Station - Carrboro, NC, Oct. 1980

The dB's
The Station
Carrboro, NC
Oct. 29, 1980

audience recording (sound quality VG++; from copy of master tape). There’s persistent, but not annoying, crowd chatter. Occasional distortion on the vocals when they get loud, but it's not a major hairy deal...  

Highlights: The earliest-known live outing for “Spitting In the Wind” plus a coupla songs that later appeared on Repercussion. Will Rigby fans take note: the man’s on fire here, even more than usual, and his drums are prominent in the mix.
I've never been to The Station in Carrboro. 
But if this wall mural is any indicator, it must be pretty cool...
BIG HUGE THANKS to the taper and dB’s Fan for the generous share! 

SAMPLE: "If and When (The Station 1980)"

01 (I Thought) You Wanted to Know
02 Spitting In the Wind
03 Black and White
04 What I Dig
05 I Feel Good (Today)
06 Judy
07 Dynamite
08 Soul Kiss
09 pH Factor
10 Living a Lie
11 You Can't Take Her Away from Me
12 Tomorrow Never Knows
13 Bad Reputation
14 Big Brown Eyes
15 You Got It Wrong
16 Death Garage
17 The Summer Sun
18 instrumental
19 The Fight
20 My Back Pages
21 If and When
22 Tearjerkin'
23 Everlasting Love 

TT: 73:19
Alt. Link

(note: although the files say "Cat's Cradle," the show is actually
this one from The Station, Oct. 29, 1980)
It's called "The Station" because it's used to BE a train station...

The dB’s:
Chris Stamey – guitar & vocals
Peter Holsapple – guitar, organ & vocals
Gene Holder – bass
Will Rigby – drums

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  1. have never heard this one, and am surprised that I have never seen flac files for it circulating

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