Friday, September 19

R. E. M. - Murmuring Demos & Alts.


Murmuring Demos & Alts.
(the debut album in demos & alternate mixes)

Artwork included in the download; make yer own boot!
 (thanks to REMchout for the original image)

various sources (all lossless: the best available)

sound quality: variable (VG to Ex-)

The rare 1981 'Cassette Set'
one of the sources for this collection
(thank you, Analog Loyalist)
SAMPLE: "Shaking Through (demo 1982)"

01 Radio Free Europe (cassette set)
02 Pilgrimage (live debut, 1982)
03 Laughing (demo 1982)
04 Talk About the Passion (alt. mix)
05 Moral Kiosk (alt. mix)
06 Perfect Circle (alt. mix)
07 Catapult (the hated Hague demo!)
08 Sitting Still (cassette set)
09 9-9 (alt. mix)
10 Shaking Through (demo 1982)
11 We Walk (alt. mix)
12 West of the Fields (alt. mix)

13 Ages of You (demo 1982)
14 There She Goes Again  
      (studio run-through)
15 studio chatter
16 That Beat (studio run-through)
17 Radio Free Europe Dub (cassette set)

First 12 tracks are sequenced to match the album

TT: 58:18
WAV lossless files

Bill's out front -- for once!
ROB SEZ: Long-time coming, this one. Took lots of hunting for best-quality sources, musical puzzle work, tweaking tracks in Audacity, etc. But I'm pleased with how it turned out. Some of the "alt. mixes" don't sound radically different from the released masters, but it's fun to listen for the subtle variations. Others sound quite different. Couldn't resist using the much-reviled Stephen Hague demo for "Catapult" (not nearly as awful as the band would have you believe). Also had to use the live debut of "Pilgrimage" because the song's first studio demo (Mitch & Don Dixon's audition for I.R.S.) turned out so well, it became the master for the album. Don't miss the bonus tracks, which feature some of my favorite rarities from this era.

used this one, too
1, 8, 17 = Cassette Set tracks, rec. April 1981 by Mitch Easter (no Hibbert overdubs, no remixes). Thanks to Chris H. & Analog Loyalist for sharing.
2 = Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA (WFRG-FM broadcast) 1982-05-14, from Red Robin boot CD Radio Free Georgia
3, 10, 13 = The Essential Demos, Vol. 1 boot CD
4-7, 9, 11, 12, 14-16 = from Murmur Rough Mixes & Demos collection, thought to be early monitor/guide mixes, created in late 1982 and early 1983 prior to final mixing & mastering for the album. Thanks to JEMS and Mike Ziegler; thanks also to Analog Loyalist for his re-worked versions, shared here.

In case you missed it:
R. E. M.'s Chronic Town EP -
'Revisited' in demo form - is HERE

Wednesday, September 17

LX Chilton Tribute - NEW LINK for updated artwork


for updating the artwork

for the recent LX Chilton Tribute Show from 2010



Friday, September 12

Alex Chilton Tribute - Memphis, TN 2010 (FM)

Alex Chilton Tribute Concert
One of many tributes for LX

Various Artists

Levitt Shell

Memphis, TN

May 15, 2010


L-R: Jody Stephens, Jon Auer, Amy Speace, Ken Stringfellow at LX tribute May 15, 2010
remarkable photos by Breathless Conni 
 *cheers to Conni for permission to use these here*
satellite radio broadcast (sound quality Ex-)

BUNCH O' THANKS to the taper and sharer 

SAMPLE: "Ballad of El Goodo (2010)"

complete hi-res artwork HERE
BIG THANKS TO RHETT for the updated artwork
01 Introduction
02 Back of a Car** (Jon Auer)
03 I Am The Cosmos (Jon)
04 Way Out West (Jody Stephens)
05 Mod Lang (Van Duren)
06 Daisy Glaze (Ken Stringfellow)
07 Jesus Christ (Mike Mills)
08 For You
    (Jody w/Jimmy Stephens on bass)
09 Give Me Another Chance
    (Amy Speace, Jon & Ken)
10 Lady Sweet
    (Jon w/Rick Steff on accordion)
11 I'm In Love With A Girl (Sondre Lerche)
12 Introduction
13 The Ballad of El Goodo (Sondre)
14 Thirteen (Jon)
Mike Mills, one of many who sang
15 Feel (Ken)
16 Thank You Friends (Mike)
17 Nighttime (Susan Marshall Powell)
18 Try Again (Amy, Jon & Ken)
19 O My Soul (Brendan Benson)
20 September Gurls (Brendan)
21 Take Care (Ken & Jon)
22 A Whole New Thing ("anyone and everyone")

**NOTE: this set lacks "In the Street," "Don't Lie to Me" & "When My Baby's Beside Me", all of which were released on vinyl and digital download by Ardent Music.  (They would follow Track 2 if they appeared here.)  Go buy these tracks to assemble the complete show!
ROB SEZ: I know, I know — you've seen stuff like this here before. But this one has amazing sound from a satellite radio broadcast. Plus, many of the performances are heart-felt and intense, occurring just weeks after Alex's death on March 17.

TT: 1:23:59 

uploader's note:
Many thanks to my friend Chris up at Blissland Studios for making this recording, and its excellent edit possible.

Musicians (core band):
Jon Auer - guitar, vocals
Ken Stringfellow - bass, vocals
Jody Stephens - drums, vocals  

Chris Stamey & Co. are still staging 
Big Star Third Live performances.
Three took place in August. Next one will be
Sept. 27 in Los Angeles. More info HERE.

Friday, September 5

Don Dixon - Bottom Line, NYC 1989 (sbd)

DD & friends
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
July 18, 1989

featuring The Uptown Horns

soundboard recording (quality Ex-)

NOTE: the first track is not indicative of what the rest of the show is like; ENJOY!

Don looks like this when he sings so he can make that soulful sound...

SAMPLE: "Bad Reputation (NYC 1989)"

01 EEE
02 Cat Out of the Bag
03 Bad Reputation (dB’s cover / P. Holsapple tune)
04 The Dark End of the Street
DD & Marti Jones: still making
great music today
05 Sweet Surrender
06 Roots of Truth
07 Calling Out for Love (at Crying Time)
08 Oh Cheap Chatter
09 Girls L.T.D.
10 The Real One (Marti lead vocal)
11 Helen
12 Love Gets Strange
13 Silent Scream
14 I Can Hear the River
15 band intros
16 Gimme Little Sign
17 Praying Mantis - Louie Louie

TT: 1:11:55

More info about who wrote the songs, etc., can be found in the music file comment tags.

BIG THANKS to lilpanda for sharing this one. He’s often trying to turn people on to Don’s music, which is a cool thing to do...
Don & Marti: way back when. Making music on the porch in N.C...
photo by Harvey Wang  SEE WHAT DD & MJ are up to at their FB page

Don Dixon – vocals, bass
Jamie Hoover – guitar, vocals
Marti Jones – guitar, vocals
Jim Brock – drums, percussion
Denny Fongheiser – drums, percussion

The Uptown Horns:
Bob Funk - trombone
Paul Litterall – trumpet & flugelhorn
Arno Hecht – tenor sax
Crispin Cioe – alto & baritone sax

Learn more about the music of
Don Dixon (& Marti) at Don's web site
Don's latest musical project is BVD (Brooke Vitale Dixon), 
a power rock trio that just issued a self-titled album.

Friday, August 29

Wussy – Best Radio Sessions 2009-'14

KDHX-FM, St. Louis, MO
and KEXP-FM, Seattle, WA

pre-FM sources via Soundcloud and other web streams (sound quality VG+ to Ex-)

Wussy at KEXP in Seattle, WA, June 2014. I think Lisa likes the bike...
most excellent photos by BHarvey
ROB SEZ: I don't usually write about new or relatively unknown artists. But occasionally a band's music will catch my ear, and I feel compelled to help spread the word. Wussy is one of those groups. Check the sample to hear why Robert Christgau raves that Wussy has been "the best band in America" ever since they released their debut in 2005.

SAMPLE: "Airborne (live session)"

01 Little Paper Birds
02 Pulverized
03 Waiting Room
04 Asteroids
05 Magnolia
06 Airborne
07 Teenage Wasteland
08 Bug
09 Rainbows & 
10 Beautiful
11 Pizza King
12 Waiting Room
13 Pulverized
14 Little Miami
BUY Attica! (2014) directly from
the bandand give 'em a big tip!
15 To the Lightning (early mix)
16 Teenage Wasteland (for Cinci Mag) 

1 = KDHX Live Session Aug. 7, 2009
2 & 3 = KDHX Live Session June 7, 2012
4 – 6 = KEXP Live Session June 15, 2012
7 – 11 = KEXP Live Session June 20, 2014
12 – 14 = SxSW live set (KEXP rec.) March 14, 2012
15 = Wussy Soundcloud post (pre-Attica!)
16 = live session for Cincinnati Magazine, rec. Feb. 13, 2014

TT: 1:06:50 
photo by Jay Brown

Chuck Cleaver – guitar, vocals
Lisa Walker – guitar, vocals
Mark Messerly – bass
Joe Klug – drums

John Erhardt – pedal steel, etc.

WUSSY wants you to have this free collection of random tracks via Bandcamp. Isn't that nice?
NYC Taper has several live shows by Wussy.
Learn more about the music of Wussy

Friday, August 22

Let's Active - Reunion Show 2014

Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, N.C.
August 9, 2014

30 YEARS LATER: original L.A. members Mitch & Sara onstage together.
all these amazing photos were shot by Jonathan Drake for the Be Loud Sophie Foundation

benefit for the Be Loud Sophie Foundation
(supports youth / young adult cancer patients & their families)

soundboard-audience matrix recording (quality Ex-; Batchain did a great job on this one, as usual...)

VERY SINCERE THANKS to Batchain for recording & sharing, and to Mr. Ersatz himself for the thumbs up

SAMPLE: "Easy Does (2014)"

01 In Between
Suzi Ziegler (ex-Game Theory) played bass for the show
02 Easy Does
03 Waters Part
04 Fell
05 band intros
06 Every Word Means No
07 Badger
08 Edge of the World
09 Ornamental
10 In Little Ways
11 Leader of Men
12 Blue Line (encore)


ROB SEZ: Who would've imagined we'd see a Let's Active reunion show in 2014? For a long time, Mitch Easter himself didn't believe it would ever take place. But recently, someone asked — and original L.A. drummer Sara Romweber said yes — and it actually happened, 30 years after the original line-up last played together. Sadly, the late and much-lamented Faye Hunter could only be present in spirit. Yes, there are a few musical glitches here and there, and Mitch had a little trouble hitting some of the high notes. But for all that, this show is the best kind of "blast from the past." 
GREAT BIG THANKS to Mitch and Sara for saying "Let's do this thing"...   

Lynn Blakey sang Faye's lead vocal on "Blue Line"
Let’s Active:
Sara Romweber – drums
Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals
Suzi Ziegler – bass, b. vocals

Chris Stamey – additional guitar
Missy Thangs – keyboard, backing vocals   
Lynn Blakey – backing vocals + lead vocal on “Blue Line”
Dr. David Vandermast – acoustic guitar on “Badger”
 Want artwork for this? Here's some, via Bigozine.

Watch every single song played at the show
courtesy of Larry Tucker and his HD cam-corder  

Bonus: read a groovy blog post from Mike Allen,
 who was at the show.

Learn more about the  Be Loud Sophie Foundation  at their web site or FB page