Friday, November 21

Sloan - Best Live Sessions (2007-2014)

various live sessions
pre-FM & soundboard sources via web stream
4 for one: Sloan has been together 20+ years.
sound quality: VG++ to Ex-

ROB SEZ: Scott said I should check out Sloan. So I did. They've been big in Canada, where they're from, for many years. Sloan tried to break through in the "lower 48" some years ago, but no such luck. If you like Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Posies, etc., then you should give Sloan a try. Thanks for the tip, Scott.

SAMPLE: "Carried Away" (live 2014)

01 Carried Away
Sloan is a Toronto-based rock group
photo by Lisa Mark
02 The Rest of My Life
03 Three Sisters
04 Keep Swinging (Downtown)
05 You've Got a Lot On Your Mind
06 Misty's Beside Herself
07 Cleopatra
08 Worried Now
09 She's Slowin’ Down
10 Beverly Terrace
11 Laying So Low
12 If I Could Change Your Mind
13 Traces
14 Something's Wrong
15 Ill Placed Trust
16 Interview with Terre T (of WFMU)

TT: 1:00:42

Sloan: doing their live thing, Sept. 2013
photo by Dave Smith via Flickr
1-4 = Studio 211, CBC 'First Play Live' Session, Sept. 2014
5-6 = The Current (live session), Minnesota Public Radio, Oct. 10, 2014
7 = "Q" live session, CBC Radio, Sept. 2014
8 = Chart Attack 'Noisemakers' session, Nov. 2012
9-11 = The Current (live session), Minnesota Public Radio, May 31, 2011
12-13 & 16 = WFMU-FM, Cherry Blossom Clinic live session, Oct. 15, 2011
14-15 = World Cafe Live, WXPN-FM, June 13, 2007

NOTE: CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Learn more about the music of Sloan from the band's web site. Their newest album, released just a few months ago, is Commonwealth. Get a free & legal sampler of Sloan singles at NoiseTrade.


Friday, November 14

Holsapple-Stamey - St. Louis, MO 2009 (sbd)

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey
Euclid Records
St. Louis, MO
Feb. 1, 2009

soundboard recording (quality: EX-)

Shop (& play) Local: Chris & Peter at Euclid Records in 2009

SAMPLE: "Black and White (2009)"

01 Lord of the Manor
02 Early In the Morning (take 1)
03 A Part of Me
04 The Child In You
05 Nothing Is Wrong
06 Something Came Over Me
07 Black and White
08 Broken Record
09 My Friend the Sun
10 Early In the Morning (take 2)
11 Geometry (Euclid Records version) 
12 Let It Be Me (partial, from soundcheck) 

TT: 1:00:11


SINCERE THANKS to glenn s for recording and sharing.

Peter Holsapple - guitar, vocals
Chris Stamey - guitar, vocals 

Collectors' Alert:

You might just want to own a copy of this limited-edition
vinyl single with "Begin Again" on the A side and
"Geometry (Euclid Records version)" on the flip.
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Friday, November 7

Lake Street Dive - Live Sessions 2011-2014

Live Sessions
2011 - 2014

miscellaneous live appearances
web streams (various sources)

Lake Street Dive: a young band to watch — and listen to, right now.

ROB SEZ: Lake Street Dive caught my wife's ear when she heard the band recently on the radio. "Honey, listen to this song. Ever heard of 'em?" No, I hadn't. But after one brief exposure, I had to hear more. A relatively young, Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boston band, they combine soul, pop & rock with a sometimes-jazzy flourish. Lead vocalist Rachael Price has some seriously compelling chops, and the rest of the band is every bit a match for her talent. So check the sample and please leave a comment...

SAMPLE: "Clear a Space" (Nashville, 2011)

snazzy drawing by Brett Affrunti
01 Clear a Space
02 Got Me Fooled
03 Hello, Goodbye!
04 Bobby Tanqueray
05 Be Cool
06 Seventeen
07 Better Than
08 Just Ask
09 You Go Down Smooth
10 Look at What Mistake
11 Bad Self Portraits
12 Stop Your Crying
13 Miss Disregard
14 Wedding Band
15 Second Hand News
16 Dedicated to the One I Love
17 Afternoon Delight

1-3 = Music Fog session, Americana Fest, Nashville, TN April 2011
4-6 = Oregon Public Broadcasting, Live Session 2013-10-31
7-9 = KEXP-FM, Seattle, WA 2013-11-02
10 = Garden Session, Radio Woodstock (N.Y.) 2014-06-21
11, 12 = Old Settler's Music Fest, Driftwood, TX Spring 2014
13 = SXSW 2012 'Showcasing Artist' teaser
14 = SXSW 2013 'Showcasing Artist' teaser
15-17 = audio from LSD Halloween Videos, 2011, 2012, 2013 (respectively)

Lake Street Dive:
Rachael Price – lead vocals
Mike Olson – guitar, trumpet
Mike Calabrese – drums, vocals
Bridget Kearney – bass, vocals

The band's latest is called Bad Self-Portraits. Learn more about the music of Lake Street Dive at the band's web site and/or AllMusic

Friday, October 31

Lloyd Cole - Madrid, Spain 1990 (FM) + bonus

Madrid, Spain
March 21, 1990
plus bonus radio session
FM capture (sound quality VG to VG+; it’s a radio broadcast from Spain, so there were issues with chatty DJs talking too much. This explains all the fade-ins and fade-outs. After some editing work, only a few brief DJ voiceovers remain.)

Portrait of the artist as a 1990s hipster: Lloyd Cole.
In the 21st century, he's still making music worth hearing.
SAMPLE: "Jennifer She Said (Madrid 1990)"

01 Big Snake
Too cool for (your) school: Lloyd Cole
photo by Francine Winham
02 No Blue Skies
03 What Do You Know About Love?
04 Downtown
05 Mr. Malcontent
06 Don't Look Back
07 Mainstream
08 Why I Love Country Music
09 Brand New Friend
10 I Hate to See You Baby 
     Doing That Stuff*
11 Sweetheart
12 Little Sister (Elvis cover)
13 A Gift (Lou Reed cover)
14 band intros
15 Jennifer She Said
16 She Belongs to Me (Dylan cover)
17 Four Flights Up
18 Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?

19 Honest I Do (Jimmy Reed)
20 She Belongs to Me
21 A Gift

*In track 10, there's a jump cut at 0:14

19-21 = Radio Clyde live session with Billy Sloan, Glasgow, Scotland in 1990 (LC with Robert Quine).

TT: 1:07:07

BIG-TIME THANKS to the tapers and to himself for sharing these.

Lloyd Cole – acoustic guitar, vocals
Robert Quine – lead guitar
Matthew Sweet – rhythm guitar, vocals
Blair Cowan - keyboards
Dan McCarroll – drums
David Ball - bass
Heard LC's latest? Standards fully deserves its audacious title...
  Learn more about the music of Lloyd Cole at the artist's official site and/or AllMusic

Thursday, October 30

Chris Stamey Group Show - Sat., Nov. 1, 2014

The Chris Stamey Group 
in concert
Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014
9:00 p.m.
The Garage
Winston-Salem, N.C.

An alert blog friend reports "Chris is offering a sneak preview of his new electric band--featuring FJ Ventre (bass), Tony Stiglitz (drums), and Doug Davis (keys, guitar)" 
50% of proceeds will benefit Movember
(a non-profit promoting men's health)

Friday, October 24

Let's Active - Hoboken, NJ Feb. 1985

Hoboken, NJ
Feb. 4, 1985
Let’s Active: last hurrah for the 'wee three'.
Inner sleeve from Cypress, the final recording made by the original lineup.

audience recording (sound quality VG+, with a nice mix and minimal audience noise)

Highlights: An anarchic take on Big Star's "Kizza Me" and the all-around good vibes emanating from Mr. Don Dixon, who co-produced Cypress and fills in here for an ailing Faye Hunter.

SAMPLE: "Edge of the World (1985)"

01 Waters Part
02 Shakin' Street (MC5 cover)
03 Ornamental
04 Crows On a Phone Line
05 Every Word Means No
06 In Between
07 Flags for Everything
08 Leader of Men
09 Prey
10 Edge of the World
11 Kizza Me (Big Star cover)
12 instrumental
13 Blue Line (instrum.)
14 Tush (ZZ Top cover)
15 I Won't Let It ‘appen Agen  
      (Slade cover)


THANKS to HJ for taping and EXUBERANT THANKS to dB’s Fan (who else?) for the share.
Let's Active:
Mitch Easter - guitar, vocals
Don Dixon - bass*
Jay Peck – drums
Tim Lee - keyboards, guitar

*Don Dixon was subbing for Faye Hunter, who was sick at the time of this performance.