Friday, September 22

Rilo Kiley - Washington, DC 2007 + bonus

930 Club
Washington, D.C. 
Sept. 26, 2007

NPR Music webcast
sound quality: VG++ (occasional, slight distortion)

SAMPLE: "Close Call" (live in 2007)

01 It's a Hit
02 Close Call
03 Portions for Foxes
04 Paint's Peeling
05 greeting - intro
06 Breaking Up
07 Dreamworld
08 Moneymaker
09 Wires and Waves
10 Ripchord
11 With Arms Outstretched 
12 A Man - Me - Then Jim
13 Silver Lining
14 I Never
15 Fifteen
16 Rise Up With Fists
17 chat about 'Snowball'
18 Spectacular Views
19 (jam)
20 return to stage, song intro
21 Give a Little
22 Does He Love You?

Live Session
'Morning Becomes Eclectic' 
KCRW-FM, Santa Monica, CA
Aug. 17, 2004

webstream capture (sound quality: VG++; 
                                              occasional, slight distortion)
01 More Adventurous
02 Portions for Foxes
03 Does He Love You?
04 It Just Is
05 The Absence of God
06 Ripchord
07 Go Ahead
08 A Man - Me - Then Jim

ROB SEZ: There must be some Rilo Kiley fans who visit this blog. I'm moderately enthusiastic, but the band's appeal is evident. Listening to these recordings, it's also clear RK's allure wasn't all about Jenny Lewis...

Learn more about Rilo Kiley's music at AllMusic, Wikipedia & the band's official site

Tuesday, September 19

Shins - Live Sessions (FM) 2007

Live Radio Sessions
various dates, etc.
2007 promo tour
soundboard & FM recordings (quality VG+ to Ex-)

ALWAYS save room for a goofy shot, if possible.
01 Phantom Limb
02 Know Your Onion
03 Gone for Good
04 Phantom Limb (acoustic) 
05 Turn On Me (acoustic)
06 Australia
07 Turn On Me
08 Breathe
09 Girl Inform Me
10 Phantom Limb
11 Australia
12 Girl On the Wing
13 So Says I
14 Turn On Me
15 Girl Sailor
16 A Comet Appears
17 Australia

18 Turn On Me

01-03 = WXPN, Philadelphia, PA 2007-01-12

04-08 = BBC 6 Music, London, UK
             (4 + 5 = acoustic) Feb. 2007
09-16 = KCRW, Santa Monica, CA 2007-03-27

17-18 = XFM, London, UK 2007

ROB SEZ: Shins fans, this one's for you! Most sincere thanks to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing.

ASH Tuesday post #73

Friday, September 15

U 2 - Raw & Unpolished

Alt. Versions & Demos
various dates & recording info 
soundboard recordings (variable quality, mostly Ex-)

SAMPLE: Native Son (the song that became Vertigo)

ROB SEZ: As a music blogger, I knew I had to come clean sooner or later about my long-standing love/hate relationship with this band. Now's a good time because, for my money, the guys have just released one of their best singles in a VERY LONG while: "You're the Best Thing About Me" (The other new song — "The Blackout [live]" — grew on me after a few extra spins). I kept listening to "Best Thing" last week and saying, "Yes! ABOUT TIME!! I knew they had it in 'em." Then I started wondering, "So why did it take the band so long?" My eventual answer: some time after The Joshua Tree, the group started second-guessing its best musical instincts. When the quartet became rock stars, they stopped having to worry about recording budgets & release deadlines — so they took way more time than necessary in the studio. Bono, The Edge & an army of engineers & producers started fussing over the recordings, polishing, tweaking, re-mixing, and re-recording them ad nauseum. Whatever musical spark had been there often got snuffed out — second-guessed out of existence. Counter-example: the band had planned to release a very different version of "Best Thing". But they thought better of it at the 11th hour, recording a rocking band version & getting Steve Lillywhite to mix it in an overnight emergency session, just days before it was released. ...Which brings us to this week's musical curio: a collection of what, to my ears, are some of the band's best musical moments — musical gold that, thankfully, got set aside BEFORE the juicy juice was squeezed out. ENJOY!

01 - Levitate (outtake)
02 - Love You Like Mad (outtake)
03 - Smile (outtake)
04 - Xanax and Wine (became Fast Cars)
05 - All Because of You (alternative version)   
06 - Native Son (became Vertigo)
07 - Yahweh (alternative version)
08 - Acrobat (early version, lyrics unfinished)
Note: these are from the Achtung Baby, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and All That You Can't Leave Behind recording sessions. Most of these appeared on the Complete U2 set from iTunes (long ago deleted from the catalog) and the fanclub-only release Medium, Rare & Remastered. Track 08 is from the Salome boot, which features the best outtakes from the Achtung Baby sessions in Dublin (not Berlin, as previously thought). All of these are raw, unvarnished, and — best of all — not second-guessed.

There aren't many unofficial comps I want to listen to more than once, but whoever put together the Four Wild Irish Roses, Vol. 1 boot was somebody who's on my wavelength. The rarest tracks here are the alternate studio takes from the War album — all of them well worth a listen. So: here's another helping of what I dearly hope we'll be hearing more of when the new studio album appears in December...

Tuesday, September 12

Dodgy - 'Got It Covered' + Dodgy On Vinyl

'Got It Covered'
covers collection
various recording dates & venues

soundboard recordings (quality: VG++)

SAMPLE: "I Can't Make It" (Small Faces cover by Dodgy)

01 Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
02 I Can't Make It (The Small Faces) 
03 Come Together (The Beatles)
04 Rainy Day Women (Bob Dylan)
05 Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan)
06 Lotta Love (Neil Young)
07 A Team (Ed Sheeran)
08 Back to Life (Soul II Soul)
09 The Kids Are Alright (live) [The Who]

Dodgy On Vinyl
tracks unavailable on CD or digital download
various recording dates & venues
soundboard recordings (quality: VG++ to Ex-; lovingly transferred from vinyl-only releases)

SAMPLE: "I'm On My Way" [B-side, (We Need a Little) Lifting single] 

Satisfied (Live at the London Astoria)
Don't Go Back (To the Beaten Track)
                     [Homegrown EP]
Black Heart (Live)
FPS-2 (promo highlights)
Free Peace Sweet (limited vinyl) 
Homegrown [Homegrown EP]
I'm On My Way
In a Room (Live Acoustic Version) 
Out Clubbing
St. Lucia

ROB SEZ: No surprise that I'm featuring yet another lesser-known British band. For some, the real surprise might be how catchy & compelling these songs are. If you don't know Dodgy's inventive rock-pop concoctions, this wouldn't be a bad place to start. Mega thanks to the band for the 'Got It Covered' comp and to the anonymous soul behind the Dodgy on Vinyl collection. Thanks also (as usual) to Don & co. at the old ASH blog for putting me in-the-know.

WAV + MP3@320
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