Friday, October 17

Peter Blegvad - Live 1984 & 1988

Live Collection
1984 & 1988

audience recordings & webstreams (sound quality range VG- to VG+)

I have no idea what this is. But it's got Peter's image, so I'm using it...

ROB SEZ: I will keep posting Peter Blegvad’s music until I run out of rarities and/or more people recognize his genius. So there! 

MANY THANKS to Hans de V and WFMU for sharing PB’s music.

SAMPLE: "Naked Shakespeare (live 1984)"

Vinyl Feest, Amsterdam, 1984-04-21
01 instrumental
02 Weird Monkeys
03 Powers In the Air
04 Naked Shakespeare
05 Karen
06 Lonely Too
07 The Drum
08 Blue Eyed William
09 (unknown)
10 How Beautiful You Are
11 Special Delivery

Live Session, WFMU-FM, East Orange, N.J.
1988 &/or 1989
12 Wife of Usher's Well (trad.)
13 How Beautiful You Are
14 Model of Kindness
15 Strong Simple Silences
16 improvised song
17 Crumb de la Crumb

18 The Driver's Seat (live 1996)
19 Shirt and Comb (alt. version)

TT: 1:09:04

1-11 = Live show, Vinyl Feest (or perhaps Vinyl Party), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1984-04-21 (aud). Recording by Hans de Vente.
12-17 = Live session(s), WFMU, East Orange, N.J., some time in 1988 and/or 1989; webstream.
18 = Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland, 1996. Thanks to ninelox.
19 = Alternate, non-album, version. Appeared on rare compilation Passed Normal, Vol. 4 in 1991. Thanks to devotionalhooligan.

Repercussion: I get the feeling Peter has been friends with Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple for some time, but I don't know how they met, etc. Chris produced Peter B's wonderful King Strut & Other Stories album, on which Peter H did his multi-instrumentalist thing on several of its tracks (well worth seeking out, even though it’s out of print). Chris was a co-conspirator with Peter B in the Golden Palominos. Today, he and Peter H are active members of Radio Free Song Club (which you really should know about...) And one of the very coolest things I’ve ever posted is THIS live concert featuring Peter B’s music, with guest turns by Peter H and Syd Straw.   

Learn more about the music o
Peter Blegvad at AllMusic
& John Relph's beautifully-detailed discography

Friday, October 10

Grant (G.W.) McLennan - Radio Sessions + bonus

Radio Sessions + Live Last Monday
Pre-FM recordings & FM captures

Grant (G.W.) McLennan, R.I.P.: 1958-2006

sound quality range: VG- to Ex- (you’ll hear a few audio anomalies like minor static, but nothing too distracting)

ROB SEZ: Grant was my favorite half of the duo that founded and led Aussie collective The Go-Betweens. As a solo artist, he recorded four albums (the early ones as G.W. McLennan) and co-led Jack Frost, a side project with Steve Kilbey of The Church. Some hipsters know his 1995 album Horsebreaker Star, which received mountains of positive reviews. In this collection, the first 10 tracks are from a high-energy band show from 1995. The rest are from solo acoustic shows and sessions, 1991 through 1996.
The man and his instrument: Grant McLennan, circa 2001
photo by kellonwheels90 via Flickr 
MASSIVE THANKS to these two blogs, where this material first appeared:

photo by John Eley via Flickr
SAMPLE: "Lighting Fires (live 1993)"

01 Sign of the Unicorn
02 Worlds Got Wild
03 Lighting Fires
04 I'll Call You Wild
05 Easy Come Easy Go
06 Bye Bye Pride
07 Dropping You
08 Charlatan
09 Was There Anything I Could Do?
10 Coming Up for Air
11 Move to the Perfect Beat
12 Stones for You
13 Dark Side of Town
14 Haven't I Been a Fool?
15 From My Lips
16 Bathe In the Waters
17 Lighting Fires
18 Dark Side of Town
19 Move to the Perfect Beat
20 One Plus One
photo by Didi via Flickr
21 Clouds
22 She's So Strange
23 Providence
24 Haven't I Been a Fool?
25 Just Get That Straight

TT: 1:19:01

Track info:
1-10 = Roskilde Fest, Denmark, 1995-07-01 (FM) First posted at That Striped Sunlight Sound blog
11-15 = Two Meter Sessie, Amsterdam, 1993-06-08 (FM)
16-18 = Hilversum VPRO Session, Netherlands, 1993-01-26 (FM)
19-20 = backstage solo, Roskilde Fest, Denmark, June 1996 (FM)
21-25 = Debut (cassette-only release on White Records in Australia) rec. The Club, Melbourne, Australia, 1991-05-27 (sbd) First posted at the fab Doom and Gloom from the Tomb blog

Learn more about Grant McLennan’s music at AllMusic and/or this Go-Betweens web site 


Friday, October 3

Hoboken, N.J. - October 1987

The dB’s
Oct. 3, 1987
audience recording (quality VG+; very solid audience recording from a first-generation tape source; a club show that makes you feel like you’re right there…)
Outtake from The Sound of Music cover shoot.
The dB's were touring behind the album at the time of this show.
DON'T MISS the interactive tour of TSOM's artwork HERE. Click, click... 
SAMPLE: "She Got Soul (Hoboken '87)"

01 Today Could Be the Day
Jeff, Will and Peter, NOLA public access show, 1987.
02 Never Say When
03 Change With the 
     Changing Times
04 Working for 
     Somebody Else
05 Lonely Is as Lonely Does
06 She Got Soul
07 A Spy In the House 
     of Love
08 Never Before and 
     Never Again
09 Feel Alright  
     (Cargoe cover)
10 Living a Lie
11 A Better Place
12 Why Did You Sleep With My Girlfriend?
13 Message from the Country (Move cover)
14 Amplifier
15 Neverland
16 band intros
Proof that Harold Kelt (right) really existed
and played briefly with The dB's... 
17 Suspicious Minds
18 Love Is for Lovers

TT: 1:12:49

Good karma compels me to say yet again: THANK YOU to dB's fan for sharing!


The dB’s:
Jeff Beninato – bass, vocals
Peter Holsapple – vocals, guitar
Harold Kelt – keyboard, additional guitar
Will Rigby - drums


Friday, September 26

Jeffrey Dean Foster - Rarities Collection

studio and live tracks
web streams (various sources)

Jeffrey Dean Foster: a name to know for quality rock, Americana, singer-songwriter

Jeffrey Dean Foster is a Winston-Salem, N.C. musician known for his work in The Right Profile, The Carneys and The Pinetops. Now, he's becoming known as a talented solo artist. His new album, The Arrow -- recorded with Mitch Easter and Don Dixon -- is coming in November (see below). This rarities collection is in two parts: Part 1 contains the unreleased EP by The Carneys, 1000 Nights and Counting (excellent roots rock, well-played) plus a similar-sounding solo track; Part 2 features a much more mellow live set by Jeffrey, in solo singer-songwriter mode, at a Chapel Hill club in 2012. The live set is an audience recording.

Sound quality: variable (VG- to VG+)

THANK YOU to The Carneys, JDF, Jesse Knight, and Will Safrit for sharing.

The Carneys: 9:30 Club show, 1980s
SAMPLE: "Heaven Bound (The Carneys)"

The Carneys
1,000 Nights and Counting
unreleased EP, rec. 1989
01 Gonna Be Tough
02 Arithmetic Baby
03 The Bells
04 Heaven Bound
05 Independence Clowns
06 Brand New Car
07 When You Break (unreleased JDF studio track)

Jeffrey Dean Foster Live
The Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC
Sept. 28, 2012
Recording forthcoming album at Mitch's studio
Mary k. elkins photo
08 Out of the Blue
09 Jigsaw Man*
10 Summer of the Son of Sam
11 Milk and Honey
12 Witchita Lineman (cover)
13 Morningside*
14 Break Her Heart
15 So Lonesome I Could Fly
16 This Land Is Your Land
    (live, undated)
17 Widow's Peak
    (The Pinetops, live 1998)
*9 & 13 will appear on the new album


This solo album appeared in 2011

New album The Arrow 
 arrives in November. 
Music compadré Fred Mills has heard it, and says: 
"This is the kind of record that can literally stop you in your tracks it’s so good.... I guarantee it will be on my best-of 2014 list come December."
Sample it HERE and HERE
Read about it HERE

Learn more about the music of Jeffrey Dean Foster at his web site or FB page

Friday, September 19

R. E. M. - Murmuring Demos & Alts.


Murmuring Demos & Alts.
(the debut album in demos & alternate mixes)

Artwork included in the download; make yer own boot!
 (thanks to REMchout for the original image)

various sources (all lossless: the best available)

sound quality: variable (VG to Ex-)

The rare 1981 'Cassette Set'
one of the sources for this collection
(thank you, Analog Loyalist)
SAMPLE: "Shaking Through (demo 1982)"

01 Radio Free Europe (cassette set)
02 Pilgrimage (live debut, 1982)
03 Laughing (demo 1982)
04 Talk About the Passion (alt. mix)
05 Moral Kiosk (alt. mix)
06 Perfect Circle (alt. mix)
07 Catapult (the hated Hague demo!)
08 Sitting Still (cassette set)
09 9-9 (alt. mix)
10 Shaking Through (demo 1981 or '82)
11 We Walk (alt. mix)
12 West of the Fields (alt. mix)

13 Ages of You (demo 1981 or '82)
14 There She Goes Again  
      (studio run-through)
15 studio chatter
16 That Beat (studio run-through)
17 Radio Free Europe Dub (cassette set)

First 12 tracks are sequenced to match the album

TT: 58:18
WAV lossless files

Bill's out front -- for once!
ROB SEZ: Long-time coming, this one. Took lots of hunting for best-quality sources, musical puzzle work, tweaking tracks in Audacity, etc. But I'm pleased with how it turned out. Some of the "alt. mixes" don't sound radically different from the released masters, but it's fun to listen for the subtle variations. Others sound quite different. Couldn't resist using the much-reviled Stephen Hague demo for "Catapult" (not nearly as awful as the band would have you believe). Also had to use the live debut of "Pilgrimage" because the song's first studio demo (Mitch & Don Dixon's audition for I.R.S.) turned out so well, it became the master for the album. Don't miss the bonus tracks, which feature some of my favorite rarities from this era.

used this one, too
1, 8, 17 = Cassette Set tracks, rec. April 1981 by Mitch Easter (no Hibbert overdubs, no remixes). Thanks to Chris H. & Analog Loyalist for sharing.
2 = Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA (WFRG-FM broadcast) 1982-05-14, from Red Robin boot CD Radio Free Georgia
3, 10, 13 = The Essential Demos, Vol. 1 boot CD
4-7, 9, 11, 12, 14-16 = from Murmur Rough Mixes & Demos collection, thought to be early monitor/guide mixes, created in early 1983 prior to final mixing & mastering of the album. Thanks to JEMS and Mike Ziegler; thanks also to Analog Loyalist for his re-worked versions, shared here.

In case you missed it:
R. E. M.'s Chronic Town EP -
'Revisited' in demo form - is HERE