Friday, March 22

Let's Active - Chicago & Detroit 1984

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL
Nov. 23, 1984
WXRT-FM broadcast
FM capture (sound quality: VG; source sounds like a multi-generation tape; this is a very listenable show, but does not boast pristine quality)
Love, LOVE this one of Faye and Mitch — at MTV Studios in NYC
ROB SEZ: I thought of calling this post "Two Shows In 72 Hours." By whatever name, it's a rare opportunity to hear our heroes in back-to-back concerts. The setlists are different enough to keep it interesting for the listener, and both shows feature strong performances by the band.

SAMPLE: "Room With a View" (Detroit 1984)

01 In Between
One of the late greats: Faye Hunter
02 Back of a Car
03 Ring True
04 Co-star
05 Crows On a Phone Line
06 Prey
07 Easy Does
08 Flags for Everything
09 Room With a View
10 Lowdown
11 Every Word Means No
12 Greyscale
13 Blue Line
14 Waters Part
DJ intro (I always delete these, but it’s included here for the completists…)

Clutch Cargo
Detroit, MI
Nov. 21, 1984
audience recording (sound quality VG; some audience chatter between songs, but not overly intrusive during the music — it’s from JEMS, which means it’s the best possible source with the best available sound)

SINCERE THANKS to JEMS for taping and Mike Z for the transfer

01 Prey (cuts in)
Only slightly spooky: original lineup, 1983 tour
02 Easy Does
03 Flags For Everything
04 Room With A View
05 Lowdown
06 Every Word 
     Means No
07 Grey Scale
08 Blue Line
09 Whispered News
10 Waters Part
11 I Won't Let It ‘appen
     Agen (Slade cover)
12 Edge of the World
     (cuts out)

WAV lossless files


Mitch Easter - guitar, vocals
Faye Hunter - bass, vocals
Jay Peck - drums
Tim Lee - keyboards

Friday, March 15

Lloyd Cole - Madrid, Spain 1990 (FM) + bonus

Madrid, Spain
March 21, 1990
plus bonus radio session
FM capture (sound quality VG+; a radio broadcast from Spain, there were issues with chatty DJs talking too much. This explains the multiple fade-ins and fade-outs and, unfortunately, the less-than-complete songs. After a lot of editing work, only a few brief DJ voiceovers remain.)

Portrait of the artist as a 1990s hipster: Lloyd Cole.
In the 21st century, he continues to make music worth hearing.
01 Big Snake
Too cool for school: Lloyd Cole
photo by Francine Winham
02 No Blue Skies
03 What Do You Know About Love?
04 Downtown
05 Mr. Malcontent
06 Don't Look Back
07 Mainstream
08 Why I Love Country Music
09 Brand New Friend
10 I Hate to See You Baby 
     Doing That Stuff*
11 Sweetheart
12 Little Sister (Elvis cover)
13 A Gift (Lou Reed cover)
14 band intros
15 Jennifer She Said
16 She Belongs to Me (Dylan cover)
17 Four Flights Up
18 Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?
19 Honest I Do (Jimmy Reed)
20 She Belongs to Me
21 A Gift

    *In track 10, there's a jump cut at 0:14

Tracks 19-21 = Radio Clyde live session with Billy Sloan, Glasgow, Scotland in 1990 (LC with Robert Quine).
BIG-TIME THANKS to the tapers and to LC himself for sharing these.

Lloyd Cole – acoustic guitar, vocals
Robert Quine – lead guitar
Matthew Sweet – rhythm guitar, vocals
Blair Cowan - keyboards
Dan McCarroll – drums
David Ball - bass
Lloyd's official web site says Guesswork is coming July 26.
The album features frequent collaborator Fred Maher
and former Commotions cohorts Neil Clark & Blair Cowan.

A UK tour begins in October. 
Learn more about the music of Lloyd Cole at 
his official site and/or AllMusic

Friday, March 8

Let's Active - Reunion Show 2014

Sara Romweber memorial & tribute
'Be Loud Sophie' benefit
Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, N.C.
August 9, 2014 
30 YEARS LATER: original members Mitch & Sara onstage together.
all these amazing photos were shot by Jonathan Drake for the Be Loud Sophie Foundation

REUNION SHOW (benefit for the Be Loud Sophie Foundation)

Read an obituary for Sara Romweber at Slicing Up Eyeballs 
and this remembrance
soundboard-audience matrix recording (quality Ex-; Batchain did a great job on this one, as usual...)
VERY SINCERE THANKS to Batchain for recording & sharing, and to Mr. Ersatz himself for the thumbs up
Suzi Ziegler (ex-Game Theory) played bass for the show
01 In Between
02 Easy Does
03 Waters Part
04 Fell
05 band intros
06 Every Word Means No
07 Badger
08 Edge of the World
09 Ornamental
10 In Little Ways
11 Leader of Men
12 Blue Line (encore)
ROB SEZWho would've imagined we'd see a Let's Active reunion show in 2014? For a long time, Mitch Easter himself didn't believe it would ever take place. But recently, someone asked — and original L.A. drummer Sara Romweber said yes — and it actually happened, 30 years after the original line-up last played together. Sadly, the late and much-lamented Faye Hunter could only be present in spirit. There were a few musical glitches here and there, and Mitch had a little trouble hitting some of the high notes. But for all that, this show is the best kind of "blast from the past."
GREAT BIG THANKS to Mitch and Sara for saying "Let's do this."
Sara Romweber, the band's first drummer, died this month

Let’s Active:
Sara Romweber (R.I.P.) – drums 
Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals
Suzi Ziegler – bass, b. vocals

Chris Stamey – additional guitar
Missy Thangs – keyboard, backing vocals
Lynn Blakey – backing vocals + lead vocal on “Blue Line”
Dr. David Vandermast – acoustic guitar on “Badger”
artwork from Bigozine included in download

Watch every single song played at the showcourtesy of Larry Tucker and his HD cam-corder    

Learn more about the  Be Loud Sophie Foundation  at their web site

Friday, March 1

Rain Parade - New York & Los Angeles 1983

Anti Club, Los Angeles, CA
Jan. 20, 1983

Maxwell's, Hoboken, N.J.
Dec. 2, 1983

Gerde's Folk City, New York, N.Y. 
Dec. 7, 1983

audience recordings (sound quality range: VG to VG+)

ROB SEZ: Last week's Rain Parade post generated more interest than I've seen here in quite a while, so here's another helping. This time, it's a collection of shows from 1983 — 1 or 2 that some fans may not have heard before. As you'd expect, the sound quality varies depending on the venue & recording equipment. For my ears, the Maxwell's show has the best sound (but you do have to ignore the crowd noise, which is fairly constant, even if not terribly intrusive).

Rain Parade plays Onkel Pös in Hamburg, Germany — mid-1980's 

(not enough time this week to create high-quality MP3s; sorry about that)

Friday, February 22

Rain Parade - Torino, Italy 1985 (sbd)

Big Club
Torino, Italy 
Nov. 13, 1985 

soundboard recording (sound quality: Ex-; transfer from master tape — other than a few tape dropouts and a relative lack of crowd noise, this is a totally enjoyable listening experience)

SAMPLE: "It Can't Be Today" (live in Italy)

01 intro - No Easy Way Down
02 It Can't Be Today
03 Ain't That Nothing
04 Invisible People
05 Don't Feel Bad
06 You Are My Friend 
07 Broken Horse
08 Mystic Green
09 Depending On You
10 My Secret Country
11 Blue
12 Night Shade
13 Both Eyes Closed
14 Cheap Wine
15 band intro
16 Only Business
17 One and a Half Hours Ago
TT: 62:54 mins.

ROB SEZ: By request, here's my all-time favorite boot by the mighty Rain Parade. UPDATE: Colin has upgraded and remastered this for his Dream Remaster blog. Surf over there and check it out... Want more Rain Parade? Look for some older posts here and also at Big Plans for Everybody blog, where Rushbo has posted many great recordings.
artwork by Bigozine, included here

Taper Maurizio (‘Ratpie’) comments:

A picture disc was bootlegged from this very recording (actually a copy of my tape), but the mastering work was awful and the sound quality is a lot worse than the original - also, it has 11 tracks; here we have 17. This is the whole thing, from the venue manager's introduction straight to the encores. Hope you enjoy. All the best from Italy.

LINEAGE: mixing desk > reel recorder > K7 > CD > FLAC

Rob-in-Brevard “tweak” in Audacity: it was a coupla years ago, so I cannot recall exactly what I did, but I’m guessing I applied some modest hiss reduction and a slight bit of compression



Friday, February 15

Simon & Garfunkle - Manchester, UK 1967 (sbd)

Granada TV Studios 
Manchester, England 
March 17, 1967
(broadcast May 2, 1967)
soundboard recording (audio rip from DVD)
sound quality: VG++ (outstanding quality for a 1967 recording)

SAMPLE: "Benedictus" (live in 1967)

01 intro
02 He Was My Brother
03 Leaves That Are Green
04 A Most Peculiar Man
05 Homeward Bound
06 For Emily, Whenever 
     I May Find Her 
07 The Dangling Conversation
08 song intro by Paul
09 The 59th Street 
     Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
10 Richard Cory
11 7 O’Clock News / 
     Silent Night
12 A Hazy Shade of Winter
13 At the Zoo
14 Cloudy
15 Benedictus
16 Blessed
17 A Poem On the Underground Wall 
18 I Am a Rock
19 Anji
20 The Sound of Silence
TT: 56:30 mins.
ROB SEZ: Finds like this one remind me how great it is to be a music fan living in the Internet era. I have a ton of S & G boots, but this DVD just turned up online. Although some tracks from this show have circulated for many years, the fidelity was very poor. Stunned by the high quality of this new, full-length recording, I created a lossless audio rip for my own enjoyment. It turned out so well that I decided to share it here. (Yes, I do know how to spell the last name of Simon's musical partner, but I'm trying to keep the Internet cops at bay — even though this has never been officially released.) Please enjoy.

video lineage: PAL dvdr > Mpeg VW > DVDLab Pro 2.5 > DVD

audio lineage: AC3 48000Hz 224 kb/s (from DVD) > VLC (lossless audio capture) > Audacity (tracking, tagging & light hiss removal)

DVD provided by Red Dog
authored by BONG
shared by hothcanada
audio ripped & tracked by Rob-in-Brevard



Friday, February 8

The dB's - Maxwell's, Hoboken, N.J. Nov. 1984

Hoboken, N.J.
Nov. 8, 1984

audience recording (master tape source)

sound quality: VG (the taper was close to the front, which means we benefit from a nice ‘live’ sound from the stage; but there are some recurring volume fluctuations — presumably due to mic movement)

SAMPLE: "Lawyers, Guns and Money" (coupla verses sung by Will Rigby)

01 Neverland
A motley, but very worthy crew: The dB's in 1984
02 Love Is for Lovers
03 She Got Soul
04 Lonely Is (As Lonely Does)
05 Bad Reputation
06 Amplifier
07 Not Cool
08 Lawyers, Guns & Money (Warren Zevon cover) 
09 Spitting In the Wind
10 Suspicious Minds (Mark James/Elvis cover)
11 A Spy In the House of Love
12 New Gun In Town
13 Black and White
14 She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain (brief)
15 See No Evil (Television cover)
16 Heart of Gold (Neil Young cover)
17 Sex Drive (The Embarrassment cover)
18 I Love You Suzanne (Lou Reed cover)

ROB SEZ: This one turned up recently, so of course I'm sharing it here. A ragged, raw & fun show, with some rare covers like Lou Reed's "I Love You, Suzanne" and Will trading verses with Peter on "Lawyers, Guns & Money." Enjoy — and Peter Holsapple fans should poke around to find mystery bonus material.



The dB’s:
Peter Holsapple – guitar & vocals
Gene Holder – lead guitar
Will Rigby – drums & vocals
Rick Wagner - bass

Friday, February 1

Long Ryders - Leuven, Belgium 1985 (sbd)

't Stuc
Leuven, Belgium
Nov. 5, 1985

soundboard recording (quality Ex-; a really fine recording, with typically iffy sound on the first track until the levels get properly adjusted)

SOURCE: transfer from silver boot (factory-pressed CD) on the Japanese "Octopus" label
The Long Ryders: back when the world seemed a bit more conquerable...

01 Tell It to the Judge On Sunday (fades in)
02 Lights of Downtown
03 Run Dusty Run
04 Wreck of the 809
05 Time Keeps Traveling
06 You Just Can't Ride the Boxcars Anymore
07 Two Kinds of Love
08 Ivory Tower
09 Capturing the Flag
10 I Had a Dream
11 Final Wild Son
12 Sweet Mental Revenge
13 State of My Union
14 Still Get By (fades out)
15 Looking for Lewis & Clark (fades in)
16 Silver Wings
17 10-5-60
18 Southside of the Story
19 Baby, We All Gotta Go Down*
20 (Sid reads album reviews, with accompaniment)*
21 10-5-60*

*last 3 tracks from different show, London, UK Dec. 1, 1985

TT: 74 mins., 36 secs.


The Long Ryders:
Sid Griffin - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Stephen McCarthy - guitar, banjo, & vocals
Greg Sowders - drums, percussion
Tom Stevens - bass, vocals

The first album of newly-recorded material in 30+ years.
DUE FEB. 15.  PRE-ORDER from Omnivore or Cherry Red
Cherry Red's got 'em
Learn more about The Long Ryders’ music at 
AllMusic and/or Sid Griffin’s site