Friday, November 8

Let's Active - Chicago 1986

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL
July 2, 1986
audience recording (sound quality VG++; transfer from first-generation tape source; virtually no bothersome crowd noise; this one sounds so good, I almost rated it Ex-)
This band photo was an hommage to a John Mayall album cover
ROB SEZ: At first, I didn’t consider this show for the blog because it’s one of the more common ones. Silly me. After actually listening to it, I can hear it’s one of the best shows around, combining a great performance and very good sound. Massive thanks to to the taper and to john52il for sharing.

Summer 1986 - a good time
to catch Let's  Active in concert
01 Intro
02 Waters Part
03 Leader of Men
04 Talking to Myself
05 Writing the Book of Last Pages
06 Prey
07 Flags for Everything
08 Fell
09 Won't Go Wrong
10 Reflecting Pool
11 In Little Ways
12 Every Word Means No
13 Whispered News
14 Route 67
15 Back of a Car (Big Star cover)
16 Dancing Days (Led Zep cover)
TT: 54:51 mins.

Let’s  Active:
Angie Carlson – keyboards, backing vocals
Eric Marshall – drums
Dennis Ambrose - bass
Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals

Friday, November 1

The dB's - 'Like This' REVISITED

The dB’s
Demos & Live
artwork included in download

FM + soundboard recordings (sound quality: VG+ to VG++; various dates & sources; track 01 is the sole audience recording)  
01 Love Is for Lovers (live)*
02 She Got Soul #1 (demo)^
03 Spitting In the Wind (live)+
04 Lonely Is as Lonely Does (demo)^
05 Not Cool (demo)^
06 Amplifier (live)+
07 A Spy In the House of Love (live)+ [brief FM signal interruption at 4:31]
08 Rendezvous (live)+
09 New Gun In Town (live)#
10 On the Battlefront (demo)^
11 White Train #2 (demo)^
12 Darby Hall (demo)^
13 Elvis, What Happened? (demo)^
14 Love Is for Lovers (demo)^

*The Blue Note, Columbia, MO 1984-07-16 aud
^Demo 1982-83 (tracks 02 and 11 have extra numbers in the titles because there was more than one version of the same song in the full demos set)
+Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC 1985-03-26 FM
#Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL 1984-12-05 FM

IF YOU ENJOY THIS ONE, be sure to check out the earlier post of The dB's debut album, Stands for deciBels REVISITED
ROB SEZ: Instead of posting the widely-circulated demos set from 1982-83, I decided to cherry pick a few of them and add some live tracks to create a “Like This REVISITED” comp. The dB’s third album is a triumph, especially given several big challenges — not the least of which was Chris leaving the band just as The dB’s were finally getting their first U.S. record deal.   

In case you’re not familiar with them, the demos date from that transitional time after the release of Repercussion, just before Chris left the group, and before the Peter-led dB’s signed with Bearsville Records in 1984. The source is a multi-generation cassette dub, so the sound quality is a tad muddy at times and there’s a bit of hiss on some tracks. I did my best to clean them up.   

The live tracks are standouts from 3 shows during the “Like This” tour: Columbia, MO, July 16, 1984 (The Blue Note); Chapel Hill, NC, March 16, 1985 (Cat’s Cradle); and Chicago, IL, Dec. 5, 1984 (Cabaret Metro). The first is a VG+ quality audience recording and the latter two are FM broadcasts. As usual, I used lossless sources for all the above. BIG THANKS to all the tapers and sharers, especially TheBynumite for his FM capture of the Cat’s Cradle show.
NOTE: don't be put off by the less-than-perfect sound quality of Track 1 -- the remaining tracks sound considerably better.
The “bonus tracks” for this collection are: the demo of “Darby Hall” (which was a bonus track on the original CD release), the demo of “Elvis, What Happened?” (Peter must've had a serious Elvis fetish before the scales fell from his eyes…), and a couldn’t-resist-it repeat of the album’s first song, in demo form. For extra enjoyment, read Peter's essay about writing "Love Is for Lovers" and hear an excerpt from the original demo of "Do You Believe This?" at The New York Times.
Like This, the original album,
appears to be out of print
Are you listening, benevolent record label people??  

Friday, October 25

Peter Holsapple - New York, N.Y. 1985

PH solo show
Gerde’s Folk City 
New York, NY
June 26, 1985

audience recording (sound quality VG+from first-generation tape source; there’s audience chatter, but it's not excessive)

PH in motion, Austin, TX 1984
photo by Stephanie Chernikowski
ROB SEZ: BIG HEAP O’ THANKS to HJ for taping and dB’s Fan for sharing. Highlights here are too numerous to mention. But Peter sounds pumped to be playing this historic venue and offers up several new tunes (some of which were later re-written, while others were never released), as well as plenty of choice covers. Sadly, Folk City closed in 1987.
01 Sexual Healing 
     (Marvin Gaye cover)
Peter was here — June 26, 1985
02 Something New
03 Caught In the Blues
04 She Was the One
05 Tail of a Star (Will Rigby cover)
06 Storm Warning
07 Diamond
08 Molly Says
09 Keep Up With You*
10 Darby Hall*
11 Never Before and Never Again
12 On the Battlefront
13 You Don’t Miss Your Water
     (Wm. Bell cover)
14 Close to the Hand
15 Elvis, What Happened?
16 Games People Play 
     (Joe South cover)
17 Long Black Veil (trad.)
18 Moving In Your Sleep

TT: 60 mins., 56 secs.
WAV lossless files (can be converted to FLAC)

Peter Holsapple – guitar, vocals (plus folky, folksy commentary)
*Syd Straw – guest vocalist for 9 + 10

New PH Combo Release!
Grab this vinyl-only EP HERE. Only 250 copies were made: going, going...

Friday, October 18

Let's Active - Winston-Salem, N.C. 1985 (sbd)

Mitch at the mic, Einstein a Go-Go, Florida
groovy photo by Allison Durham
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Oct. 12, 1985

soundboard recording (quality VG; multi-generation source tape)

00 intro
01 Ornamental
02 Talking to Myself
03 Still Dark Out
04 Writing the Book of Last Pages
05 Crows On a Phone Line
06 Reflecting Pool
07 Won't Go Wrong
08 Invisible Hills
09 Last Chance Town
10 Leader of Men
11 Room With a View
12 Sunshine of Your Love

TT: 43 mins.

ROB SEZ: Been a good while since I've posted anything from our heroes. But, hey — anytime's a good time for Let's Active, right? Judging by the length of the set, they must've been opening for some other act at the top of the bill. BIG THANKS to dB’s Fan, who must’ve supplied me with this tape, like so many others.
The late, great Ziggy's

WAV lossless files

Let’s Active:
Angie Carlson – keyboard, 
                        additional guitar 
Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals
Faye Hunter – bass, vocals
Rob Ladd - drums
Last night, Mitch Easter was inducted into the N.C. Music Hall of Famealong with Big Daddy Kane, Merle Watson and others. It couldn't have happened to a cooler human being or more influential musician in this part of the world. 

Friday, October 11

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey - Philadelphia 1991 (sbd)

Chestnut Cabaret 
Philadelphia, PA
June 18, 1991

soundboard recording (quality: Ex; clone of DAT master; stunning sound quality)
SAMPLE: "I Know You Will" (Philadelphia 1991)

00 intro, stage entrance
photos from the Mavericks CD booklet
01 Lord of the Manor
02 Geometry / Here Without You
03 Haven't Got the Right 
     (to Treat Me Wrong) 
04 Storm Warning
05 I Know You Will
06 Lovers' Rock
07 She Was the One
08 The Company of Light
09 Taken
10 A Part of Me
11 Angels
12 I Want to Break Your Heart
13 The Child In You (jump cut @ 0:04)
14 encore break 1
15 Do You Believe In Magic?
16 From the Word Go
17 encore break 2
18 Today Could Be the Day
ROB SEZ: No, dear fans: I haven't been holding out on you. This one just turned up, so I'm sharing with you now: a stunning digital soundboard recording of a great performance. It's Peter and Chris touring behind Mavericks, with an ace band including musicians who played on the studio recordings. What's not to like? Nothing. Huge thanks to the taper and to julsay for sharing.
Peter Holsapple: vocals & acoustic guitar
Chris Stamey: vocals & acoustic guitar
Dave Schramm: electric guitar & lap steel
Alan Bezozi: drums
Ilene Markell: bass

Friday, October 4

Pernice Brothers - Leicester, UK 2003

Summer Sundae
De Montfort Hall
Leicester, UK
Aug. 10, 2003
soundboard recording (via web stream: quality VG+)
PERNICE BROTHERS (and sister?) — Live in 2001
photo by Rico Ramirez
01 Water Ban
02 Working Girls
03 The Ballad of Bjorn Borg
04 Crestfallen
05 Waiting for the Universe
06 Monkey Suit
07 Sometimes I Remember
08 Talk of the Town
      (Pretenders cover) 
09 7:30
10 BBC outro

presumptive lineup
• Joe Pernice (safe bet!)
• Tom Monahan
• Peyton Pinkerton

JOE PERNICE - wailing away
ROB SEZ: With uncanny synchronicity, this recording showed up a few months ago, just in time to remind me that Joe P. was releasing a new Pernice Brothers album soon — and now it's here. Pernice gets help on Spread the Feeling from Neko Case, Ric Menck, and Pete Yorn, among othersHUGE THANKS to auto_pilot for sharing and to the BBC for rebroadcasting this in July. (The FLAC version is a lossless capture of a high-quality lossy source.) It's the complete broadcast, but probably not the full show as heard by the lucky SOBs who were there.
Pernice Brothers' fab new album Spread the Feeling — out now

Learn more about Pernice Brothers' music at WikipediaAllMusic and the band's web site.

Sunday, September 29

New Chris Stamey & Peter H projects

A new album of newly-composed, old-school songs
Don't expect a typical Chris Stamey solo album.
Vinyl-only live EP by the Peter Holsapple Combo.
Limited-edition release; grab it before it's gone.

ROB SEZ: For some weeks now, I've been embarrassed not to be quicker off the mark to spotlight Chris Stamey (and company)'s album, New Songs for the 20th Century, which came out in the summer via Omnivore Recordings. Recently, however, Peter H came to the rescue, with his combo's new live EP — Amplifier: Live at Q Division — giving me cause to spotlight both releases. At this point, the latter is a vinyl-only run, limited to 250 copies. Grab one before they're gone. 
Will, Peter & Glenn = Peter Holsapple Combo
Hear, hear!
In my caption for Chris' album above, I added: "Don't expect a typical Chris Stamey solo album." The album title gives you a tongue-in-cheek clue: these are songs for the last century, not this one. Don't expect a dB's redux, or the type of solo material we usually hear from Chris. Think "popular music" a few generations ago — especially the intersection of jazz & pop — and you'll be close. Chris enlisted a slew of talented musicians, including numerous lead vocalists, to record the double-disc set. The goal was to create Chris' own contributions to the Great American Songbook — and I think he's pulled it off. AllMusic's Mark Deming agrees, giving the collection a 4-star review.
Here's a video gallery to give you a taste for both releases. 
THANK YOU Marcus Slade & Larry Tucker!
Please leave a comment to let the rest of us know what you think of the music

Manhattan Melody (That's My New York), feat. Django Haskins
composed & produced by Chris Stamey

There's Not a Cloud In the Sky, feat. Ariel Pocock
composed & produced by Chris Stamey

LIVE PERFORMANCES by the Peter Holsapple Combo in 2019
(Peter Holsapple, Will Rigby & Glenn R. Jones)