Tuesday, February 21

Beth Orton - Live Sessions 1997 - 2002

'Brilliant Bits'
Live Radio and TV Sessions 
Various Venues & Dates
1997 - 2002

soundboard and FM recordings (quality VG+ to Ex-)

Part of the enclosed artwork; see comments for track listing.

ROB SEZ: No time this week to do more than post the cover art, but trust me on this: if you like Beth Orton and don't have this fan-made compilation, you'll be glad you went click, click, double click after you download this two-volume set & give it a listen. Total of 29 tracks; see comments for full track listing. All thanks & praise to the fans at the Beth Orton Trailer Park digest for compiling these and to my friend Don for sharing.

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Friday, February 17

Feelies - New York, NY 1980 + 1983

Irving Plaza
New York, N.Y.
December 20, 1980

soundboard recording (quality VG+; filler tracks from unknown show are VG-quality soundboard)

SAMPLE: Fa Ce-La (live NYC 1980)

01 Phantom Captain Phantom Chief 
      (fades in) 
02 Skating On Thinning Ice 
03 Angels with Trumpets
04 When Company Comes 
05 The Boy With the 
     Perpetual Nervousness  
06 Fa Ce-La
07 Loveless love 
08 Forces at Work 
09 The Obedient Atom 
10 Moscow Nights
11 Crazy Rhythms 
12 Raised Eyebrows
13 Everybody's Got Something to Hide...  

14 The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness*
15 Fa Ce-La*
16 The Obedient Atom*

*Final 3 tracks are from a different live show (date & venue unknown)

Peppermint Lounge
New York, N.Y.
this one includes custom artwork...
Oct. 29, 1983

soundboard recording (sound quality VG++; upgraded sound compared to other versions in circulation)

01 Original Love
02 Fa Ce-La
03 When Company Comes 
04 The Obedient Atom
05 Loveless Love
06 Forces at Work
07 Moscow Nights
08 Raised Eyebrows
09 Crazy Rhythms
10 Everybody's Got Something to Hide...

ROB SEZ: Only thing better than one vintage Feelies show from the early 1980s is two. Both were in NYC, both have excellent sound, and both are stomping performances. Massive thanks to the tapers and to Dartman and joebob2 for sharing. Here at Repercussion Towers, we are waiting rather anxiously for the arrival of the new Feelies platter In Between in another week or so. You could say we're in a state of perpetual nervousness until we finally hear it... 


Learn more about the Feelies' music at 
the band's official site or Trouser Press

Tuesday, February 14

Feelies - Munich, Germany 1986 (sbd)

Munich, Germany
Dec. 4, 1986

soundboard recording (quality VG+; audio rip from video)  

SAMPLE: "She Said" (Beatles cover, live)

01 On the Roof (fades in)
02 The High Road
03 She Said (Beatles cover)
04 Original Love
05 The Good Earth
06 Mannequin (Wire cover)
07 Slipping (Into Something)
08 Two Rooms
09 The Last Round Up
10 Too Far Gone
11 Moscow Nights
12 Crazy Rhythms
13 I'm a Believer (Monkees cover)
14 Sedan Delivery
15 Egyptian Reggae 
      (Jonathan Richman cover)
16 See No Evil
The Feelies in their near-breakthrough moment,
in Jonathan Demme's 1986 film Something Wild

FAIR WARNING: Tracks are not all listed correctly, and whoever originally separated them did a LOUSY job (am sure it was not my friend Don...)

The Feelies:
Bill Million - guitar, vocals
Glenn Mercer - guitar, vocals 
Brenda Sauter - bass
Dave Weckerman - drums
Stan Demeski - percussion

ROB SEZ: As we eagerly anticipate the release of the new Feelies studio album In Between, we will observe "Feelies Week" at the blog. Tune in Friday for a related (and rather fabulous) post. All praises to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing this one...

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Friday, February 10

Long Players - Perform R.E.M.'s 'Out of Time' live 2016

with Mike Mills
performing R.E.M.'s
     Out of Time
City Winery
Nashville, TN
Oct. 7, 2016

audience recording (sound quality VG+; solid recording with minimally intrusive crowd noise)

(lead vocalists listed song by song)

SAMPLE: "Belong" (live 2016)

Dez DIckerson (left) and 
Tommy Womack (right) were on hand
00 intro
01 Radio Song (Tommy Womack 
      with Dez Dickerson)
02 Losing My Religion (Joe Blanton)
03 Low (Jace Everett)
04 Near Wild Heaven (Mike Mills 
      with Mike Vargo & Carmella Ramsey)
05 Endgame (Bill Lloyd)
06 Shiny Happy People (Tommy Womack 
      with Mike Mills & Carmella Ramsey)
07 Belong (Dez Dickerson)
08 Half a World Away (Webb Wilder)
09 Texarkana (Robin T. Zander & Mike Mills) 
Good ol' Webb Wilder also sang a few...
10 Country Feedback (Warren Pash)
11 Me in Honey (Scott Laurent 
      with Carmella Ramsey)

12 Radio Free Europe (Joe Blanton)
13 Finest Worksong (Jace Everett)
14 Fall on Me (Scott Laurent with Mike Mills)
15 Everybody Hurts (Warren Pash)
16 Superman (Robin T. Zander 
      with Mike Mills)
17 So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry) 
      (Mike Vargo) 
18 Stand (Dez Dickerson)
19 The One I Love (Webb Wilder 
       with Mike Mills)
20 Driver 8 (Tommy Womack with Mike Mills)
21 (Don’t Go Back to) Rockville (Mike Mills with everyone)

ROB SEZ: Here's a lovely thing: veteran Nashville musicians, getting together to perform classic albums in their entirety, with a variety of vocalists, and donating proceeds to worthy causes. In this case, the classic album was R.E.M.'s Out of Time, and that band's bassist Mike Mills was on hand to sing on several of the selections. Apparently, the Long Players have been doing this since 2004 (!!). Big, sloppy thanks to mbodayle for sharing this one. A complete list of participating musicians is in the file folder.
Check out this one! 
(from a different Long Players show)
Learn more about the music of the Long Players 
at the band's web site and FB page

Wednesday, February 8

Peter Holsapple - Hear his NEW SINGLE now; buy it today


Peter's new single is
Don't Mention the War / Cinderella Style

Here's the new video for the A side
Here's audio for the B side

Read this story from Indyweek 
& another from Innocent Words about the single,
and this interview with Peter by Indyweek

The whole family's lending a hand...

Order the vinyl 45 single here now.
(includes download card for lossless files;
if you don't own Peter's excellent solo album Out of My Way
you can buy that also)

Bonus: hear an early version of the A side 
that Peter recorded for Radio Free Song Club

Apparently, this is a really big deal
This & above family photo from Peter's blog — which you really should read!
Way to go, Peter! Thank you for the new music.

Tuesday, February 7

Hoodoo Gurus - Live 1984 - 1994

  • Munich, Germany - July 1987 (TV) 
  • Bonn, Germany - Nov. 1994 (FM) 
  • Sydney, Australia - July 1984 (FM)

ROB SEZ: I'm keeping this post minimal because it's a busy week for me with my paid job. All thanks & praises to my buddies at the old ASH blog as well as Blog Kihn at the now-defunct PVAc to 44.1 kHz blog for the Sydney 1984 set. ENJOY!

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Friday, February 3

Orchids - Athens, Greece 2016 + London 1991

Tiki Bar
Athens, Greece 
Oct. 30, 2016

audience recording (sound quality VG; taper was at a distance from the rabble, minimizing crowd noise; audio rip from video)

SAMPLE: "Something for the Longing" (live 2016)

01 She's My Girl
02 Obsession #1
03 It's Only Obvious
04 Something's Going On
05 Apologies
06 Curious Heart
07 Tiny Words
08 Another Saturday Night
09 What Will We Do Next
10 Hey! Sometimes
11 A Kind of Eden
12 Peaches
13 Something for the Longing
14 Coloured Stone
15 Bemused, Confused & Bedraggled 
16 pre-encore applause, tuning
17 The Sadness of Sex (Part 1)

Camden Underground
London, UK
May 26, 1991

The Orchids: when we wuz fab
(OK, I guess they're still pretty fab...)
soundboard recording (quality VG+; sounds like a second-generation source tape)

01 Caveman
02 Something for the Longing
03 Peaches
04 Tiny Words
05 You Know I'm Fine
06 The Sadness of Sex (Part 1)
07 Frank DeSalvo
08 Sigh
09 Bemused, Confused 
     & Bedraggled 
10 pre-encore applause
11 Dirty Clothing
12 Me and the Black 
     and White Dream*

*Track 12 = Rough Trade Shop, London, UK 1991-05-18 (audience rec.; quality VG-)

ROB SEZ: You know a band is well loved when, 20+ years after their prime, someone buys their plane tickets to play at a modest size bar in Greece! Can't you just hear the guys pondering whether they should go or not? "Hmmm: should we spend a weekend in late October in Athens, or stay here in Glasgow? Give us a minute..." Cheers to Bill Pos for recording and sharing the 2016 show, and special thanks to my friend & fellow Orchids fan EdA for supplying the 1991 set. If you glance at the Orchids' FB & Twitter posts from 2016, the guys appear to be recording material for a new album — but they don't seem to be in a big hurry. There are more Orchids goodies around here; just use the Labels tags at the bottom of the post or Artists/Groups index at the right-hand side of the blog to find 'em.

Friday, January 27

Marti Jones - Washington, D.C. 2002 (with strings!)

with Elegy string quartet 
The Birchmere
Washington, D.C.
March 28, 2002

digital soundboard (quality Ex; my highest rating for a live recording)

SAMPLE: "Tourist Town" (live 2002)

01  instrumental --> 
Marti performing in Greensboro, N.C. in 2012
photo by fred babyflo
      (I Love the Sound of) 
      Breaking Glass
02  Keep Me In the Dark
03  Innocent Kiss
04  Once In a While
05  Any Kind of Lie
06  Always
07  Cliche
08  I'm So Lonesome 
      I Could Fly 
09  Shared Sadness
10  Lonely Is As Lonely Does
11  Lifeboat
12  Not What I Want
13  One Shade Darker
14  Whenever You're 
      On My Mind
15  Tourist Town
16  Follow You All Over the World

ROB SEZ: Two of my favorite dB's-related artists are Marti Jones and her husband, Don Dixon (the same Don Dixon who co-produced R.E.M.'s first two albums with Mitch Easter). Here's a swoon-worthy live show by Marti with a string quartet along for the ride. It's from a pristine digital soundboard source, courtesy of lilpanda — a massive fan of Marti and Don's music.
REPERCUSSION: When Marti and Don were working on Marti's first solo album Unsophisticated Time, they chose two Peter Holsapple compositions to cover: "Neverland" & "Lonely Is as Lonely Does" (a song she covers in this set also). Surf over to Marti & Don's FB page to enjoy a recent beachside photo with Marti, Dixon, Peter H. & Kim Richey.

Marti's latest album is You're Not the Bossa Me (it's excellent!)
Stream it HERE; buy it HERE

FLAC (lossless files; these are not tagged, unlike the above MP3 set...)

Learn more about the music (and artwork!) 
of Marti Jones at her & Don's FB page, AllMusic 
and Marti's art site

Tuesday, January 24

The Foreign Films - Live 2007-2013

Bill Majoros & his collaborators
Live 2007-2013
various locales & recording info  

audience + FM recordings (sound quality GD+ to VG; first batch of these are video rips with sometimes iffy sound quality, and the second set is from a podcast recorded in 2013 with much improved sound)

SAMPLE: "The DeLuxe" (live 2013)

01 We've Become Ghosts
02 Remember to Forget
03 The Things We Love
04 The Sleepwalker
05 Distant Star
06 Another World Behind the Sun 
07 Kiss Goodnight
08 The Fall of the Summer Heart
      ('first bit')
09 Shadow and the Light
10 The DeLuxe
11 The Record Collector
12 Broken Dreamers
13 Junior Astronomer's Club

Tracks 1-7 = audience recordings posted in 2007 & 2008 (no other info given);
8-13 = Barber Shop Podcast, Hamilton, Ontario, CN Oct. 2013 with Bill Majoros, Kori Pop + Anna Jarvis

ROB SEZ: Here again we have an artist I would never have heard about if not for my pals at the old ASH blog. Foreign Films founder and musical leader Bill Majoros is a blazing talent who writes involved, melodic, occasionally rocking alt. pop. It's for thinking music fans who don't mind leaning in to the music — but the payoff is more than worth the effort. Bill and his collaborators live in and around Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The Foreign Films’ most recent release is a magnum opus called The Record Collector, and 3 of the 4 parts are available HERE, along with many other goodies. (Bill says a complete, deluxe edition is due this spring.) 
The Foreign Films: absolutely worth a listen.

Listen to "Empire of the Night" from The Record Collector
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