Tuesday, October 6

Strawbs - Seventies Demos + Live '71

Dave Cousins
Strawbs Demos

soundboard recordings (sound quality VG+)

ROB SEZ: A bit of a curve ball for my regular blog readers. I confess to being not much more than lukewarm about the Strawbs as a rule. But this is early, mostly acoustic, rather charming Strawbs music. And in his early days, Dave Cousins did have a way with a folky melody. My thanks to the usual suspects: Don at the old ASH blog for the first set, and some anonymous soul for the live show. You know who you are, so consider yourself thanked!

The Strawbs
Paris Theatre
London, UK
August 5, 1971

FM recording (sound quality VG to VG+)

This is ASH Tuesday post #15.

Friday, October 2

Dumptruck - Chicago 1987

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, IL
Nov. 20, 1987

audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

REPERCUSSION: Don Dixon produced Dumptruck's second album at Mitch Easter's Drive-In Studio in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Many of the songs included in this show come from the band's Positively Dumptruck and For the Country albums.

SAMPLE: "Things Go Wrong" (Chicago 1987)

00 announcements
01 Back Where I Belong 
02 Carefree
03 Leaving Here
04 Friends
05 Things Go Wrong
06 From Where I Stand
07 Barking Up the Wrong Tree
08 Island
09 Walk Into Mirrors
10 Going Nowhere
11 Fifty Miles
12 Watch Her Fall
13 encore break
14 Can You Please Crawl
     Out Your Window? (Dylan cover) 
15 Streets of Paradise
     (Richard Thompson cover)
16 Sex Drive (Embarrassment cover)

TT: 72:36

HEAP O' THANKS to popkulcher for taping and to TheCommish for re-sharing
Read more about the music of Dumptruck 

Tuesday, September 29

Jason Falkner - Demo Bonanza

Two separate sets; two separate links
(aka, Demos from the Lost Years)

SAMPLE: "Feeling Much Better" (demo)

ROB SEZIf you like your pop with an alt. edge, hummable melodies, and lyrics worth more than a passing thought, Jason Falkner is the bees' knees. He was in The Three O'Clock, Jellyfish and The Grays before embarking on a solo career. In recent years, he's been making a living as a musician for hire, working with the likes of Air, Paul McCartney and Beck. My best guess is these two demo sets are from the late 1990s. Click the sample to see what all the fuss is about.

KUDOS to Mick & Don at the old ASH blog. Mick assembled these and made the artwork, and Don posted them. We are forever in their debt...

Clumsy Grace
(more demos & outtakes via Mick)

There will be more Jason Falkner posts here in the future, because he's a really talented but underrated kinda guy. And we specialize in people & groups like that here at Repercussion...

This is ASH Tuesday post #14.

Friday, September 25

Shilohs - International Appeal

Rarities comp
various dates & venues (2012-2014)

soundboard, FM & audience recordings (sound quality: variable, VG to VG++)

Sunny Sunday afternoon: The Shilohs
ROB SEZ: The Shilohs are based in Vancouver, Canada. I’m guessing they took their name from an early Gram Parsons combo. This band’s sound certainly has some GP echoes, but their studio recordings also reflect an appreciation for The Beatles and The Kinks. Meanwhile, band member Daniel Colussi says the group is “trying to exorcise the ghosts of Glen Campbell, Lou Reed and Paul McCartney ... with some backbeat.” Spin described their first album as a “delicious bit of Big Star-informed, Feelies-indebted pop.”

SAMPLE: "International Appeal" (live in Vancouver)

A band's gotta eat. Big night out for The Shilohs...

01 International Appeal (demo)
02 Get Ready Now (live)
03 Queen Light Queen Dark 
     (Daytrotter session)
04 Palm Readers (live acoustic)
05 Sisters of Blue (live acoustic)
06 Down at the Bottom 
     of Bottomland (live acoustic)
07 On the Beach (live in-store)
08 English Roads (live in Vancouver)
09 International Appeal 
      (live in Vancouver)

     NOTE: details re: venues & dates can be found in the comment file tags
Nobody (except The Shilohs) knows the diners they've seen...

The Shilohs’ EP & two full-length albums are available
at Light Organ Records as well as Bandcamp.
Here's a link to their video 'English Roads' and a recent interview. 
Their FB page says they did some recording this summer for a 
yet-untitled album. I say: bring it! 

Tuesday, September 22

Finn Bros - KCRW Sessions 2004 + 2007

Tim & Neil Finn
'Morning Becomes Eclectic' 
Santa Monica, CA

July 15, 2004 (Neil & Tim)
and May 3, 2007 (Tim)

FM recordings (sound quality VG+)

ROB SEZ: Given how much I love their music, it's almost shameful to realize this is the first post featuring at least one of the Finns brothers. Here, you get two for the price of none.

MY USUAL EXPANSIVE THANKS to Don and Mick (who assembled the collection & created the artwork) for making these available originally, and for giving me permission to do so here.

This is ASH Tuesday post #13.

Friday, September 18

DM3 - Melbourne 2011 + bonus

Dom Mariani Three (DM3)
Melbourne, Australia
Oct. 15, 2011

audience recording (sound quality: VG) 

EXTRA THANKS to SaveStef for sharing

SAMPLE: "Speed Freak" (Melbourne 2011)

01 Everything That You Told Me
02 She's Fine
03 Speed Freak
04 Show You
05 For Always
06 Know You Now
07 band intros + Please Don't Lie
08 Before You Go
09 Don't Talk About Us
10 Blue Thing (sustained blasts of static)
11 Foolish
12 At First Sight
13 Move Me

14 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated 
Dom Mariani: more rock than jangle
15 Show You (acoustic)
16 Take It All (live)
17 Soultop (live)
18 Blue Thing (live)
19 Foolish (live)

TT: 82 mins.


[sound quality is VG+ or better]
14-15 = HMV in-store live session (undated)
16 = TV appearance (no other info provided); initial, brief distortion from old video tape
17 = "Telethon" TV show, Perth, AUS 1993
18-19 = Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1994
(these 2 are NOT on the live CD from this gig)
Read more about the music of DM3 at AllMusic, Dom Mariani's web site and/or Wikipedia 


Tuesday, September 15

Chris Stamey - Sawyer Sessions 2015

Sawyer Sessions
Hillsborough, N.C.
Thanks to eagle-eye Fantom for the tip and to WHUP & the Sawyer Sessions crew

The fab recent studio album by Chris Stamey
(but you already own it, right?!?)
If not, get it HERE

Dom Mariani - Radio Broadcast 2006

radio broadcast
2006 (?)
date & venue unknown

FM recording (sound quality Ex-) 

01 Girl Soul
02 Homespun Blues
03 Don't Talk About Us
04 Everything That You Told Me
05 Second Floor
06 Foolish
07 1 Time, 2 Times Devastated

ROB SEZ: This is Dom Mariani week at the blog; a related post is coming Friday. Dom is a living legend in Australia; give a listen & find out why...

REPERCUSSION: Dom Mariani collaborated many times with Mitch Easter, who produced recordings by The Someloves, The Orange Humble Band and DM3.

DON SAID: The storming Dom Mariani and a cracking 27 minute live set. It sounds remarkably like the Los Concertios De Radio 3 TV Broadcast from 3 June 2006, but that was TV and the sound here is a bit better. Also "1 Times, 2 Times, Devastated" wasn't broadcast on that show, but the rest of the setlist is the same. I'm certain it's a Rippled Souls set, too much of a coincidence for it not to be. It's more likely a Radio Broadcast from the same time. Outstanding Jingle Jangle!


This is ASH Tuesday post #12.
Continued thanks to Don and the crew from the old ASH blog (R.I.P.)