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Luna - Carrboro, N.C. 1996 (sbd)

Cat's Cradle
Carrboro, N.C. 
Jan. 20, 1996

soundboard recording (quality: Ex-; from a copy of the digital soundboard master; no complaints!)

SAMPLE: "Chinatown" (live 1996)

01 Double Feature
All-dude Luna went coed when Britta Phillips joined in 2000
02 This Time Around
03 Moon Palace
04 Friendly Advice
05 Chinatown
06 Kalamazoo
07 23 Minutes In Brussels 
08 Time to Quit
09 Tiger Lily
10 We're Both Confused
11 Lost In Space
12 California (All the Way)
13 Freakin' and Peakin'
14 Bewitched
15 Hedgehog
16 -encore break-
17 Season of the Witch 
     (Donovan cover)
Dean Wareham - guitars, vocals
Sean Eden - guitars
Justin Harwood - bass
Stanley Demeski - drums

REPERCUSSION: dB's member Gene Holder produced Luna's 2002 album Romantica and engineered the Close Cover Before Striking covers mini album the same year.

ROB SEZ: Luna! The "successor band" to Dean Wareham's Galaxie 500. If you like Television, the Velvet Underground, and/or the Feelies, you will want to look into Luna. Why the heck haven't I featured this great band before now?!? Well, better late than... as they say. Huge thanks to the unknown taper, Stonecutter and Smores. NYCTaper has lots of high-quality Luna shows from 2015 to 2019. Expect more Luna here soon.
Learn more about Luna's music at the band's official site, FB, AllMusic or this most excellent fan site

Friday, March 27

S m i t h s - Troy Tate + Pablo Cuckoo best versions

Troy Tate Sessions
summer 1983
East London, UK
'Soundsville Paul' source
Analog Loyalist remaster

soundboard recordings (sound quality Ex-) 

01 What Difference Does It Make? #1
02 Accept Yourself #1
03 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
04 You've Got Everything Now
05 These Things Take Time

06 What Difference Does It Make? #2
07 Hand In Glove
08 Handsome Devil
09 Accept Yourself #2
10 Wonderful Woman
11 I Don't Owe You Anything
12 Jeane
13 Suffer Little Children
14 Miserable Lie

15 Reel Around the Fountain

ROB SEZ: I "blame" this post on the new-old single from this group that I bought on Record Store Day in 2017. Something about the music of the band always brings me back, in spite of my ambivalence. After reading Johnny Marr's bio, I realized the appeal for me is 90% JM's personality/talent/guitar playing, 5% the loony, over-the-top singer, and 5% inexplicable mystery. These two ROIO sets are nothing new to collectors. But in case someone out there hasn't heard them (especially in these superior versions), the post will not be in vain. Check out Drew's amazing mastering job on the Troy Tate recordings — the beautiful bass tones will blow you away.

MEGA THANKS to Steve, Drew, CrazyCol and everyone else 
who brought this music to the masses.

SAMPLE: "Accept Yourself #2" (Troy Tate Sessions 1983)

Pablo Cuckoo Tape
The duo that conquered indie music in the 1980s
May 1983
Manchester, UK

ambient mic recording
     (sound quality VG-)

01 You've Got 
     Everything Now 
02 Accept Yourself 
03 What Difference 
     Does It Make?  
04 Reel Around the Fountain 
05 These Things Take Time 
06 I Don't Owe You Anything 
07 Hand In Glove 
08 Handsome Devil 
09 Miserable Lie
One other S m i t h s - related post is HERE
Learn more about this band's music at Wikipedia and the fabulous fan site Passions Just Like Mine

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Good news for those who do and do not normally use Dropbox:

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This means a direct download when you click it, instead of hassling with an interim step of trying to figure out where the download button is on the Dropbox page. 

I'll be working backwards from the most recent links to the oldest to modify them to instant DL links, but it should be completed by May 1st.

After May 1, 2020, please leave a comment if you find a link that's either deleted, broken or doesn't give you an instant download.

As always, please enjoy.

Friday, March 20

Friday, March 13

Sarah Harmer - Live, Now & Then

McMichael Canadian Art Gallery 
Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
February 2020 (exact date unknown)
CBC Radio broadcast
FM recording (sound quality: Ex-)  

01 -radio host intro-
02 St. Peter's Bay
03 -radio host talk, talk-
04 New Low
05 -radio host talk, talk- 
06 Just Get Here
07 -talk, band intro, talk-
08 Take Me Out
09 Squeaking Voices
10 -talk, radio host talk, talk-
11 What I Was to You
12 The Lookout
13 -radio host talk, talk-
14 Cowbirds
15 -talk-
Sarah Harmer's new album: Are You Gone
16 Little Frogs
17 -talk-
18 See Her Wave 
19 -talk-
20 Lodestar
21 -radio host outro-

ROB SEZ: If you like smart, talented singer-songwriters, you can't do better than Canadian Sarah Harmer. She's been making great music for 25 years and deserves a wider hearing. After a multi-year break, Sarah returned to the public eye this year with a new studio album, Are You Gone. This Feb. 2020 broadcast will be gobbled up by fans, and would be a great intro for the curious & open-minded. (You can watch the full performance, minus radio announcer blah-blah, HERE.) To sweeten the deal, I've added a vintage FM recording from 1995: Sarah fronting the band Weeping Tile. Both recordings are courtesy of stevemtl, who's quite the SH fan. All thanks & praise go to him — I'm just passing them along for your listening pleasure.
Weeping Tile with Sarah Harmer
Opera House
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Sept. 22, 1995
CBC Radio broadcast
FM recording (sound quality: VG++)
01 -radio host intro, talk-
02 Joint Account
03 Poked
04 Cold Snap
05 -talk-
06 UFO Rosie
07 Good Fortune
08 -talk-
09 Westray
10 -talk-
11 (unknown) 
12 The Room with the Sir John A. View 
13 -talk-
14 Handkerchiefs and Napkins
15 Pushover
16 -talk-
17 The Grin
18 -talk-
19 Sinners
20 -radio host outro-

Friday, March 6

Alex Chilton, Chris Stamey, Tav Falco - Austin, TX 1979 (aud)

Rome Inn
Austin, TX
March 22 + 23, 1979   

audience recording (sound quality range: VG- to VG; probably from a multi-generation tape source; a decent-sounding recording that I EQ'd to make more listenable)

SAMPLE: "Brown Sugar" (live Austin, TX March 22, 1979)

NIGHT 1: Thursday, March 22 (with Chris Stamey)
01 Little Whores Boogie
Tav Falco & Alex Chilton, Memphis, 1980
(photo by BuZ blur via Flickr)
02 Hanky Panky (The Raindrops) 
03 Come On Now (The Kinks)
04 Dateless Night (Panther Burns)
05 Sheila (Tommy Roe)
06 Throw Your Mask Away
07 Oh, Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)
08 I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down 
     (Ann Peebles)
09 Wild Wild Women (Johnny Carroll)
10 Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) 
     [Dick Holler]
11 Ubangi Stomp (Warren Smith)
12 Rock Therapy (Milton Subotsky)
13 Baby Let's Play House (Arthur Gunter)
14 Girl After Girl (Troy Shondell)
15 Mona (Bo Diddley)
16 Train Kept A-Rollin' (Tiny Bradshaw)
17 I'm All Right (Bo Diddley)
18 Red River Rock (Johnny and the Hurricanes)
19 Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
Chris Stamey (left) & LX at CBGB in 1977
20 (unknown instrumental)
21 Oh, Pretty Woman (Orbison)
22 Stay (Maurice Williams & 
     The Zodiacs) 
23 California Sun (Joe Jones)
24 Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones)
25 Cocaine (J.J. Cale)
26 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 
     (Elvis Presley)
27 Oh, Pretty Woman
28 Let's Dance (Chris Montez)
29 Riding Through the Reich 
     (Hedy West)
30 Oh, Pretty Woman

NIGHT 2: Friday, March 23 (without Chris)
Tav and LX: probably plotting more musical mayhem
01 Dateless Nite (Panther Burns)
02 Groovy Kind of Love 
     (The Mindbenders)
03 Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) 
     [Dick Holler]
04 Johnny Too Bad (The Slickers)
05 Hook or Crook
06 California Sun (Joe Jones)
07 I'll Never Find Another You 
     (The Seeker) 
08 You Won't Do That to Me
09 Down South Boogie (Golden Rules)
10 Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)
11 Hanky Panky (The Raindrops)
12 Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones)
13 Come on Now (The Kinks)
14 On the Road Again
15 Baron of Love, Part II
16 'Til the End of the Day (The Kinks)
16b (tuning, horsing around)
17 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 
     (Rolling Stones)
18 Bertha Lou (Clint Miller)
19 Tramp (Lowell Fulson)
20 Chances Are
21 Rock Hard
22 Bangkok
23 The Rubber Room (Porter Wagoner)  
24 Girl After Girl (Troy Shondell)
25 My Rival
26 Blind Man
Alex Chilton - vocals, guitar
Chris Stamey - bass (1st night only)
Tav Falco - guitar, vocals
Ross Johnson - drums
ROB SEZ:  Apparently, I've been holding out on you Alex & Chris fans. "Apparently" because I only recently discovered I actually HAD this, which is one of the earliest known recordings of Tav Falco and Alex sharing a stage. As received, I thought the original files needed some help, so I added light compression, modest eq, and one pass of noise reduction. Worry not: it's still a raw, loony, and sprawling mess of a performance. Several years ago, I wrote about this fantastically odd musical moment that brought Alex & Chris together for one night in Texas (it's HERE; just scroll down to 1979 to read about it. If you want to find out why Chris played the first night but not the second, just follow the link.) This share is sourced from the "Live Down South" Vols. 1 & 2 bootleg. After initial uncertainty regarding the venue, an anonymous reader chimed in with a link to the gig poster that removes all doubt: The Rome Inn is where these performances went down.  PLEASE ENJOY!

Friday, February 28

Robyn Hitchcock & Soft Boys - Invisible History rarities

'Invisible History' rarities comp
various dates & venues 1977-1991
soundboard & FM recordings (quality range: VG to VG++)

ROB SEZ: Winding up Robyn Hitchcock month with this rarities comp, including the Soft Boys, Robyn's solo years, as well as RH & the Egyptians. Click on the track info above for details. Some of these appeared later on official releases, but many remain vinyl-only B-sides & ROIOs awaiting your listening enjoyment. As with most of the other shares in February, huge thanks & credit go to Dr. Forrester. (Come back next Friday for something special that Alex Chilton & Big Star fans will want to know about.)

Friday, February 21

Soft Boys - Rout of the Clones (live 1978)

‘Rout of the Clones’ bootleg
Cambridge & Leicester, UK
Live Compilation 1978
soundboard recordings (quality: VG+; surprisingly solid quality, given the age & era of the source tapes)
01 Blues In the Dark
02 The Bells of Rhymney
03 Sandra's Having Her Brain Out 
04 The Pigworker
05 School Dinner Blues
06 Cold Turkey
07 Leppo & the Jooves
08 Have a Heart Betty
09 I Like Bananas
10 Wading Through a Ventilator
11 The Rat's Prayer
12 Give It to the Soft Boys
13 Hear My Brane
14 Return of the Sacred Crab
15 Mystery Train
16 Muriel's Hoot 
     - Rout of the Clones
17 (I Want to Be An) 
     Anglepoise Lamp
18 Poor Will & the 
     Jolly Hangman*
*rehearsal recording, quality VG-
(click on artwork, right, for venues & dates) 

ROB SEZ: OK, Soft Boys & RH fans: here's another one for your enjoyment. We're going back to near the beginning of the saga, featuring live recordings from the band's second year. The Asking Tree gigography indicates these performances all took place during one week in late November 1978 — about 3 weeks after the Portland Arms gig featured here last week. The sound/performance is rough & raw in the best sense, but even at this early date, the recording shows off the band's musical adventurism and Robyn's skewed wit. Once again, I'm fairly certain we have Dr. Forrester to thank for sharing this way back ... I dunno when.

Friday, February 14

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Athens, GA 1988 (sbd)

40-Watt Club (?) 
Athens, GA
March 2, 1988
soundboard recording (quality: VG+; liberated bootleg, ripped from my CD; there's occasional slight distortion, but it's not intrusive)

SAMPLE: "Flesh No. 1" (live in Athens, GA 1988)

01 I Often Dream of Trains
02 I Wish I Was a Pretty Girl
03 The Cars She Used to Drive 
04 Acid Bird
05 Bass
06 Tropical Flesh Mandala
07 Element of Light
08 I'm Only You
09 Birdshead
10 Flesh No. 1
11 Balloon Man
12 The Man with the Lightbulb Head
13 Heaven
14 Uncorrected Personality Traits
15 Listening to the Higsons
16 The Queen of Eyes
17 Globe of Frogs
18 Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands*
19 The Crystal Ship+
*Track 18 = RH live session, KCRW Santa Monica, CA
                   1989-04-24 (FM) 
+Track 19 = RH live session, KROQ Los Angeles, CA
                   1989-04-24 (FM)

Robyn Hitchcock - vocals, guitar, bass
Andy Metcalfe - bass, vocals, drums
Morris Windsor - drums, vocals, guitar

Peter Buck - additional guitar
ROB SEZ: Continuing to celebrate the musical genius of Robyn Hitchcock this month — heard here in his "...and The Egyptians" incarnation. Offered for your listening pleasure is this liberated bootleg of a lovely soundboard recording. It's from an RHE show in Athens, GA — presumably at the 40-Watt Club, but this is a guess. The helpful Asking Tree gigography tells us this show was the first American performance on the tour supporting the just-released Globe of Frogs album. Athens local / Hitchcock fan Peter Buck played supplemental guitar on many of the songs. (FYI: this one's not available via

Friday, February 7

Soft Boys - Live at the Portland Arms 1978 (vinyl rip)

The Portland Arms
Cambridge, UK
Nov. 1, 1978
soundboard recording (sound quality: VG++; hi-resolution vinyl rip from Live at The Portland Arms LP [Glass Fish] release) 

01 Give It to the Soft Boys   
02 Sandra's Having Her Brain Out   
03 Give Me a Spanner, Ralph   
04 My Evaline   
05 Human Music   
06 I Like Bananas
     (Because They Have No Bones)    
07 Horns Large Horns   
08 The Book of Love   
09 Wish I Had My Baby   
10 White Shoe Blues   
11 In the Mood   
12 That's When Your Heartaches Begin   
13 Have a Heart, Betty (I'm Not Fireproof)   
14 The Duke of Squeeze   
15 All Shook Up 
16 Postman's Knock*
17 Deck of Cards*
*Trks 16 & 17 are from the same performance, but were not included on either of the official "Live at the Portland Arms" releases.

The Soft Boys:
cover of the original release on cassette, 1983
Andy Metcalfe - bass, vocals
Morris Windsor - drums, vocals 
Robyn Hitchcock - guitar, lead vocals, harmonica  
Kimberley Rew - guitar, vocals
Jim Melton - percussion, lead vocal (track 11)
Mungo Carstairs - saxophone, vocals 
Airborne Alice - additional vocals

ROB SEZ: Among Robyn Hitchcock & Soft Boys fans, this is a well-known release, taken from an early acoustic performance — offered here in all its lossless glory. It was first released in 1983 on Moonlight Records as a cassette-only edition, and reissued on vinyl in 1988 on Glass Fish Records with new artwork. It's never been released on CD. Tracks 1-15 are from a hi-resolution rip of the LP. (I cannot recall my source for the two bonus tracks, but I do know they're from a lossless source. A couple of tracks from this performance appeared on an officially-released compilation, but these are versions from the vinyl rip, so in that sense aren't exactly the same.) The set is now nearly complete, lacking only "Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole", which was played next to last in the setlist. HUGE THANKS to Dr. Forrester for sharing this one.