Friday, October 20

S.F. Seals (Barbara Manning) - Live 1995 + 1996 (sbd)

S.F. Seals
St. Louis, MO 
October 1995 (either 10/16 or 10/19)

soundboard recording (quality: VG++)
SAMPLE: "Pulp" (live 1995) 

Barbara & S.F. Seals: indie before indie was a thing

01 Haze is Free
     (Mounting a Broken Ladder) 
02 Never Park 
03 How Did You Know?
04 Every Pretty Girl
05 Soul of Patrick Lee (John Cale)
06 Straw Man
07 Don't Underestimate Me
08 Breathe Lies
09 Back Again
10 Flashback Caruso (Faust)
11 Ladies of the Sea
12 S.F. Sorrow Is Born (The Pretty Things)
13 Pulp 
14 Bold Letters

Barbara Manning
Geislingen, Germany 
Nov. 2, 1996

soundboard recording (quality: VG++)

SAMPLE: "That Kid" (live 1996)

01 intro
Barbara Manning - bombing the bass in 1994
02 Rickity Tickity Tin (Tom Lehrer)
03 Marcus Leid (Amon Duul II)
04 End of the Rainbow (Richard Thompson)  
05 Ipecac
06 chat
07 How Did You Know?
08 chat
09 Arsonist Story
10 chat
11 That Kid
12 On On and One
13 Isn't Lonely Lovely?
14 chat
15 Someone Wants You Dead
16 chat
17 Don't Let It Bring You Down (Paul McCartney)
18 short instrumental interlude
19 Scissors --> band intros
20 chat
21 more chat
22 Pulp
23 Ladies of the Sea
24 Dock Ellis
25 good-bye

Played on the last night of the "Barbara Manning Explosion" tour of Europe. Barbara is backed by Joey Burns and John Convertino of Calexico. Both shows were taped by Miseryman & transferred by lonetaper. S.F. Seals show shared by Cyrus; solo show by blueschief. ALL PRAISES to them.

ROB SEZ: Artists like Barbara Manning and S.F. Seals (one of the many groups she fronted) are the true independents in indie music. Before Liz Phair, there was Barbara Manning, writing, playing & singing strikingly honest / idiosyncratic music that combined folk, rock, singer-songwriter, noise and pop so effectively that Matador Records said, "We need someone like that on our roster!" (S.F. Seals and Liz Phair both released albums on Matador in 1994, but Barbara had been releasing albums 5 years prior on various labels). If you're just discovering Barbara's music, you have a treat in store. Hot tip: NYCTaper has a 2016 solo show, in great lossless sound quality, HERE.
This classic S.F. Seals album was recorded about
7 months prior to the live set shared here...

Learn more about Barbara Manning's music at Wikipedia, AllMusic & her FB page. Learn more about S.F. Seals' music at AllMusic. Sample & purchase Barbara's music at Bandcamp. Read a great interview with Barbara here.

Tuesday, October 17

Devin Hill - 19 Preludes (demos 2000)

19 Preludes
demos collection
recorded in 2000

soundboard recording (quality VG+)

ROB SEZ: I was warned against posting this, for fear of possible repercussions. But you know what? Life's just too short, and a fan or two or three might really enjoy hearing these. Not to mention the fact I can always yank it, if need be. MEGA THANKS to the usual suspects (with apologies to them for any heartburn this might cause)...

ASH Tuesday post #75

Friday, October 13

Pugwash - Dublin, Ireland 2015

Dublin, Ireland 
Oct. 16, 2015

audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

SAMPLE: "There You Are" (live 2015)

01 intro
02 Kicking & Screaming
03 Kings & Queens
04 Keep Moving On
05 Hung Myself Out to Dry 
06 Finer Things In Life
07 Apples
08 Be My Friend
09 Kids In America
10 There You Are
11 You Could Always Cry
12 chat
13 Here
14 Answers On a Postcard
15 Anyone Who Asks
16 It's Nice to Be Nice
17 encore break
18 Take Me Away

Taped & transferred by Kagee, who says: "The first proper Pugwash gig in 3 years and it was a good night. The set was surprisingly light on tunes from their new album, Play This Intimately..., only 3 songs from it were played. The sound in Whelan's can be pretty dire, so I taped this in front of the left stack and it turned out pretty good." Actually, Kagee is being too modest: the recording sounds excellent, with very little crowd noise to distract from a strong performance by Thos. Walsh & Co.

Jason & Thomas: D'ya think they had fun, or what?
ROB SEZ:  I just couldn't wait another 5 or 6 weeks for the forthcoming Pugwash album to appear, so here's your preview post. I'm really looking forward to hearing all of Silverlake, a collaboration between frontman Thomas Walsh and the fabulously talented Jason Falkner. Check out the first single & ordering info below.



Pre-order the new album, due next month,
directly from the label or from Amazon UK

HERE'S THE NEW SINGLE: "The Perfect Summer"

Tuesday, October 10

Grapes of Wrath - Field Trip Demos + Live 2001

'Field Trip' era demos
late 1990s

soundboard recording (quality: Ex-)

13 studio band demos: some song titles known, but many others unknown
Railway Club
Vancouver, Canada
2001 (exact date unknown) 
CBC 'Just Concerts'

FM recording (sound quality VG++)

01 Intro
02 You May Be Right
03 Do You Want To Tell Me
04 Hitchhiker
05 Black Eye
06 Peace of Mind
07 All The Things I Wasn't
08 I Am Here
09 Unsatisfied

ROB SEZ: I know there are GofW fans who frequent the blog, so here are two shares I have, thanks to Don at the old ASH Blog. Thanks also to Binky at the fab Teenage Dogs In Trouble blog, who originally shared the 2001 Canadian Broadcasting Corp. broadcast. Psssst: be sure you aren't missing any other recordings hiding nearby...

ASH Tuesday post #74

This new GofW archival release is just out - excellent!
Purchase the CD, vinyl LP or digital download via Bandcamp 

Friday, October 6

Tenement + Amos Pitsch - Live 2016 + Odds & Sods

Oulu, Finland
July 8, 2016

soundboard recording (quality: VG+)

SAMPLE: "Dull Joy" (Finland 2016)

01 Crop Circle Nation
02 Dull Joy
03 Near You
04 Rock Eating People
05 The Pleasure We Get
     (In Scratching an Itch)
06 Blammo
07 Cage That Keeps You In
08 Lost Love Star Lust
09 Dreaming Out Loud
10 Garden of Secrecy
11 Earwig
12 Feral Cat Tribe
13 (Messy Endings) In 

     Middle America
14 Spit In the Wind
15 Encore

Recorded & mixed by Lauri Manner; kindly shared by Crutch of Memory

Tenement & Amos Pitsch
Odds & Sods
covers, demos, live tracks
soundboard recordings (quality range: VG+ to Ex-)

SAMPLE: "Black Coffee In Bed" (Squeeze cover by Amos Pitsch)

01 Help Me Somebody (NRBQ)
02 Black Coffee In Bed (Squeeze)
03 Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones) 
04 Melting Waxx (demo)
05 Hour Glass Bones (demo)
06 Dying Leaves (demo)
07 Feral Cat Tribe (live)
08 Pleasure We Get In 
     Scratching an Itch (live)
09 Rain In Mind (non-album track)
10 Weakest Ones (demo)
11 Shift Toward Tenderness (demo)

(most info & comments by Amos Pitsch):
Eyes Wide Open: Amos Pitsch & Co. are the amazing Tenement
01 = Amos Pitsch with the Wilde Stranger on drums, tam, and backup vocals. Written by Al Anderson.
02 = Written by Squeeze, performed by Amos Pitsch for birthday boy Perry Shall.
03 (no info provided)
04 = Amos Pitsch demo, circa 2012. Tim Schweiger on drums. 
05 = Unreleased Tenement demo, written by Amos Pitsch.
06 = Unreleased song intended for use on the unfinished 2nd Technicolor Teeth LP. Written by Amos Pitsch.
07 = Live in the Tap Milwaukee Studio Nov. 2, 2015 for the Milwaukee Journal.
08 = Live on CJSW radio, "Disturb the Universe" show, June 2015.
09 = Featured on Not Normal's Welcome to 2013 LP compilation. Non-album track.
10 = Tenement demo, 2013 - originally released on Skeletal Lightning's Charity Cassette Compilation, Vol. One. 
Written by Amos Pitsch.
11 = Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Amos Pitsch on eight-track machine at Crutch of Memory in Appleton, WI.

ROB SEZ: Find out why indie music fans in Wisconsin & environs have been raving about Tenement, the band fronted by Amos Pitsch, for a decade. Think Hüsker Dü or Minutemen: pop-hearted music with punk (at times even hardcore) guitar fervor, fronted by a guy with ragged-but-right vocals. The Odds & Sods comp shows off Pitsch's pop & country leanings. BIG THANKS to Amos & a few other generous souls for sharing these tracks. Snag a FREE 5-song live set by Tenement HERE at Bandcamp. Speaking of Bandcamp, don't you want to hear & buy the complete Predatory Headlights Demos in lossless-quality? If so, you'll need to go HERE.


Learn more about Tenement's music at AllMusic, Wikipedia & the band's FB page. Bandcamp site is here.

Tuesday, October 3

Game Theory - Live Rarities 1983-1988

Live Rarities
songs rarely played live

FM + soundboard recordings (sound quality range: VG to VG++; might be 1 or 2 audience recordings in here...

ROB SEZ: It's been too long since I featured anything by the talented and much-lamented Scott Miller. He fronted a couple of other groups in his lifetime, but my fave was Game Theory. Super Mega Thanks to Mick for compiling these and creating the artwork, and to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing. If you're not aware of Omnivore's amazing reissue series (packed with bonus tracks), head over here lickety-split.

Supercalifragile - the final album, out now
Scott Miller had started work on a new Game Theory album at the time of his death.
Posies co-leader Ken Stringfellow took the recordings and created a superb final Game Theory album.
Buy it HERE at Bandcamp. THANK YOU Ken and Kristine Miller. 
BELOW: couldn't resist a photo of Mitch E. with the band, around the time Lolita Nation was recorded.

Friday, September 29

Steel-y Dan - Ultimate S.D. Live Comp (5 discs)

This collection is drawn from live shows recorded between 1993 and 2006.
All are soundboard or FM recordings. None has been officially released.
The comp lives up to its name; excellent!

sound quality range: VG++ to Ex- (unable to post a sample, but quality is superb!)

Instrumental overture
Do it again
Sign in stranger
Don't take me alive
Rikki don't lose that number 
Hey nineteen
Haitian divorce
Chain lightning
Time out of mind
Everyone's going to the movies
Dirty work

Cubano chant
Bad sneakers
Glamour profession
Caves of Altamira
Black cow
Daddy don't live in that 
     New York City no more
Steely Dan show
Deacon blues
Kid Charlemagne

East St. Louis Toodle-oo 
Book of liars
Green earrings
Cousin Dupree
Third world man
Home at last
Tomorrow's girls
Babylon sisters
R.I.P., Walter B.
The royal scam
Reelin' in the years
Teahouse on the tracks

Do it again*
Don't take me alive* 
My old school*
Hank's place
Cash only island
Janie runaway
Midnight cruiser
Parker's band
Black Friday
Green flower street
Monkey in your soul
Night by night
The Boston rag
True companion
*with Michael McDonald 

CD5 (bonus disc)
What a shame about you
Tesla shadow
My old school
Slang of ages
New frontier
The nightfly
Pretzel logic
Fall of '92
Sad thought: Walter's recent death means the end of the band
Jack of speed
Hard-up case
My Waterloo

Sources for CDs 1-4:
St. Louis, MO 1993-09-01 

+ Irvine, CA 1994-09-17

...and selected songs from:

Saratoga, NY 1993-08-22,

George, WA 1996-08-17,
Manassas, VA 2000-07-22, Detroit, MI 2003-08-11, Charlotte, NC 2006-08-12

[re: CD 5, there was no info to be found anywhere]

ROB SEZ: S.D. was one of those bands I took for granted and just assumed would, somehow, always be around. With the recent death of founding member Walter  Becker, my assumption has bitten the dust. At least we've still got the music... ALL PRAISES to Enric67 for compiling and sharing this one.


FLAC - Part 1 | Part 2