Tuesday, January 17

Phonograph - Demos & Outtakes 1995-2002

Demos & Outtakes
various locales & recording info
soundboard recordings (sound quality VG to VG++)
Phonograph: some of the best alt. pop you've probably never heard
SAMPLE: "Keep It Together (band demo 2000)"

01 My Oh My (outtake 2001)
PAUL CAMPBELL:  eating the mic cover, filming a video
02 I Got You (demo 2002)
03 Losing My Nerve 
      (EMI audition 2001) 
04 Some Strange Fantastical Way 
      (prev. unreleased recording 2002)
05 She's Not Out of the Picture 
      (prev. unreleased recording 2002)
06 She Knows It (demo 2000)
07 Keep It Together
      (band demo 2000) 
08 Make It All Be Different In 
     the End (demo 2002)
09 She's Not Out of the Picture 
      (demo 2001)
10 Satellite (demo 1998)
11 My Friend (demo 1996)
12 Don't Make It the Last Goodbye
      (demo 1998)
13 Waiting for the Sun (demo 2000)
14 When She Shines (band demo 1995)*
15 Now I See It All Through Your Eyes (band demo 1996)*
16 The Back Seat of My Mind (band demo 1995)*
Phonograph co-leaders: Terence O'Mahony & Paul Campbell (right)
TT: 53 mins.

*Final three tracks are demos for Paul Campbell's earlier band The Highliners (no relation 
to the UK psychobilly outfit of the same name). As usual, detailed recording info for each 
track can be found in the Comments file tag.

ROB SEZ: How amazing is it to live in the Internet age and be able to discover music like 
this?!? London area band Phonograph recorded Volume 1, its one & only album in 2001 — 
featuring shades of Paul McCartney, Badfinger and Beatle-esque harmonies. Bewilderingly, 
the album went unreleased until 2014 (although not widely, since none of the usual outlets 
seemed to know about it). Musical friend & blog colleague Don recommended the album, 
which led me on a treasure hunt for ROIOs to share here. Not quite an ASH Tuesday post, 
but almost...

TREMENDOUS THANKS to Paul Campbell for sharing his archives with the fans!

Phonograph's one & only album: Volume 1
*recorded in 2001 & finally released in 2014* 
Listen to every track & buy the album HERE
Learn more about the music of Phonograph at the band's FB page; read a review of the album HERE 


Friday, January 13

Dave Dobbyn - Revolver Studio 1994 + Best Live Comp

Live TV special
Revolver Studio
Auckland, New Zealand 
November 1994

web stream, audio rip from master video source (sound quality Ex-)

Dave Dobbyn: find out why DD is a living legend in his native New Zealand

It's good to have friends like Neil & Tim Finn 
to promote your music.
01 Bell Tower
02 Don't Hold Your Breath
03 Language
04 Loyal
05 Naked Flame (with Emma Paki) 
06 Lap of the Gods
07 It Dawned On Me
08 Rain On Fire
09 Whaling
10 Protection
11 P.C.
12 I Can't Change My Name

Dave Dobbyn - guitar, 
                keyboard, vocals
Dave Gent - bass
Jay Foulkes - percussion
Joel Winton - drums

special guests:
Neil Finn - guitar, keyboard, vocals 
Tim Finn - vocals, guitar, shaker
Emma Paki - vocals

WANT A SAMPLE? Play this 3-song video...

ROB SEZ: I was amazed & pleased to find a master video source to snag this, my all-time favorite ROIO for New Zealander Dave Dobbyn. Don't know Dave? Suffice it to say he's a living legend in New Zealand & Australia, for good reason. The guy has a soulful voice, high-quality song writing chops, a great sense of humor ("P.C." indeed!), and knows when to get loud & when to keep it dialed back. This set comes from a live TV special featuring Tim & Neil Finn, who produced Dave's then-current album Twist. The big promotional push that accompanied the album didn't really work to get Dave known beyond Australasia. But some Crowded House & Finn Brothers fans like me were paying attention back in the 1990s, and we caught the bug. I still play Dave's 1998 album The Islander — a perennial Top 10 Album for me. Dave is making some great music this many years later, evidenced by the more recent tracks in the live radio & TV comp below...

Think of Dave Dobbyn as New Zealand's musical Yoda
Dave Dobbyn
Best Radio & TV Sessions
1999 to 2015
various locales

FM, soundboard & web stream sources (sound quality range VG+ to Ex-)

01 Blind Man's Bend (live on P.A. Radio)
02 Loyal (love songs documentary)
03 Tell the World (live on Radio NZ 2015)
04 Angelina (live on Radio NZ 2015)
05 Kingdom Come (live on 
      Radio NZ 2015)
06 Whaling (live on Radio NZ 2015)
07 Welcome Home (live on National Anthem)
08 Beside You (live on National Anthem)
Here is your clue re: the mystery bonus set
09 Mobile Home (live on NZ One)
10 Lap of the Gods (live at 
       Roundhead 2007) 
11 Waiting (live on NZ G4)
12 Pour the Wine (live 2005)
13 Whaling (live on Rockwiz)
14 Welcome Home (live on Waitangi 
       Day with Emma Paki) 
15 mystery bonus track

Learn more about the music of Dave Dobbyn at his official site, Wikipedia and AllMusic

Friday, January 6

Soft Boys - Hoboken, N.J. 1980 + Live 2001-'02

Hoboken, N.J.
Sept. 6, 1980

audience recording (VG; club show, with plusses outweighing the minuses by a solid margin) 

01 Kingdom of Love
02 Out of the Picture
03 Zip Zip
04 Human Music
05 I Wanna Destroy You
06 Only the Stones Remain 
07 Leppo & the Jooves
08 Queen of Eyes
09 There's Nobody Like You
10 Underwater Moonlight
11 Insanely Jealous
12 Astronomy Domine

ROB SEZ: I purchased this recently as a silver (pressed) boot. I transferred the files losslessly, then used Audacity to tidy them up, applying fades & enough eq to remove the uncomfortable tinny-ness that first greeted my ears. To compensate for the not-quite-ideal result, I’ve added the following two live radio sessions from 2001 and 2002. I recorded, transferred, tracked, & eq’d them for your listening pleasure. (Notice the lack of track duplication with the MBE sessions, though just 19 months apart.) If you've never had the pleasure, I highly recommend reading Kimberley Rew's eyewitness account of the Soft Boys. I have a few more Soft Boys sets I can share, but some encouraging comments will be helpful if you really want 'em...

Front Man Syndrome: does Robyn ever get tired of being the only guy in the photo?

‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ with Nic Harcourt
Robyn has company this time, thanks to the Soft Boys
Santa Monica, CA
April 9, 2001
(broadcast date)
What an amazing radio station. Thanks, KCRW...

web stream (sound quality VG+ to VG++) 

01 intro
02 Kingdom of Love
03 Old Pervert
04 My Mind Is Connected 
     to Your Dreams
05 I Wanna Destroy You
06 interview
07 Sudden Town
08 Underwater Moonlight
09 The Face of Death
10 Pulse of My Heart
11 outro

Nov. 4, 2002 (broadcast date)
[all other info same as above]

01 intro
02 Queen of Eyes
03 Unprotected Love
04 Chinese Bones
05 Seven-Winged Bat 
06 interview
07 Narcissus
08 La Cherité
09 song intro + tuning
10 If You Know Time
11 final chat

Sample the tasty musical madness of the Soft Boys here (1980 live clip)
Learn more about the Soft Boys' music at 

Tuesday, January 3

Julian Coryell - Live & Rare 1999-2011

KCRW Live Session 1999 +
'Mixed Bag' 2004


Live at the Mint

01 Song for Cynics
02 I Feel Insane
03 Landslide
04 Trying to Get to the Bottom
05 Someday
06 I Wish I Hadn't Done 
     What I Did 
07 Control
08 I Shouldn't Have Told You
09 Going to California (live)
10 Adam & Eve
Note: tracks 1-8 = Live at the Mint; last two are bonus tracks

ROB SEZ: Mick, my fellow blogger & musical colleague, has a knack for finding great music I've never heard of. Julian Coryell is the son of Larry Coryell, an acclaimed jazz guitarist. Julian says he likes rock and pop as well as jazz, and has made albums reflecting his diverse interests. If you enjoy adventurous alt-pop along the lines of Jason Falkner, I recommend you check out Julian Coryell. BIG THANKS to Mick for another musical discovery and to Don at the old ASH blog.

ASH Tuesday post #54

Learn more about the music of Julian Coryell at his web site, Wikipedia and AllMusic

Friday, December 16

Dentists - Mega Rarities Collection 1983-1994

Rehearsals, Demos & Alts + Live Versions

various sources, variable sound quality (range = GD to VG++)

The Dentists as young men, pondering their musical futures...
SAMPLE: "Outside Your Inside" (demo 1992)

Rehearsals, Demos, Alt. Versions
01 First Ever Rehearsal (1983 montage)
02 I'm Not the Devil (demo)
03 You Make Me Say It Somehow (demo)
DENTISTS:  UK contenders in 1980s & '90s
04 A Fine Day (rehearsal)
05 Excellent Dream (rehearsal)
06 Purple Haze (rehearsal)
07 Something That Will Never 
     Happen (early rehearsal)
08 Black Magic (rehearsal)
09 Reading the News (rehearsal)
10 What the Fat Controller Said 
11 She Dazzled Me With Basil 
12 Ugly (rehearsal)
13 She Dazzled Me With Basil (demo)
14 Peppermint Dreams (demo)
15 What the Fat Controller Said 
16 You Took Me By Surprise (demo)
17 Dawn Overdone (demo)
18 Ugly (demo)
19 Reading the News (demo)
20 Crimson Skies (demo)
21 She Dazzled Me With Basil
      (rough mix)
22 Daffodil Scare (rehearsal)
23 (We Thought We'd Got to) Heaven
24 Kebab House Crawl (rehearsal)
25 Ugly (1987 version)
26 Box of Sun (early version)
27 Outside Your Inside (demo)
28 Ace of Spades (rehearsal)
29 I Believe In Father Christmas (rehearsal)

The Dentists: lounging around at the War Memorial, 1986
Live Versions 1984-1994
01 Crime of the Century (live 1984)
Photo shoot for 1st album, 1985
02 The Sun In the Sands (live 1984)
03 Doreen (live 1984)
04 Everything In the Garden (live 1985)
05 Tony Bastable vs. John Noakes 
       (live 1985)
06 Watcha Gonna Do About It (live 1985)
07 The Little Engineers Set (live 1985)
08 You Took Me By Surprise (live 1985)
09 Crimson Skies (live 1985)
10 Wheel's On Fire (live 1985)
11 I Tripped Across the Skyline
        (live 1986)
12 Writhing On the Shagpile (live 1986)
13 Punk Rock (live 1986)
14 Both Sides Now (live Feb. 1987)
15 Both Sides Now (live March 1987)
16 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (live 1987)
17 The Dentists on WFMU
18 Writhing on the Shagpile (live 1994)
19 This is Not My Flag & chat (live)


Alt. link (Filefactory)

ROB SEZ: For UK music fans in the mid-1980s to mid-90s, the Dentists were a viable alternative if more popular New Wave / Alternative / Indie acts weren't floating your boat — if, say, Morrissey wasn't your cup of morose tea. The Dentists had enough jangle, tunefulness and all-around smarts to propel them to "next big thing" status in the early 1990s — just before they broke up, of course! ALL SORTS OF LAVISH PRAISE goes out to Dentists guitarist Bob Collins as well as Nicholson Burr for opening up their musical archives for the fans. If you're new to the band and want to check them out, don't start here. For beginners, I recommend either 1985's Some People Are On the Pitch or 1994's Behind the Door I Keep the Universe. A note of caution: my ears tell me there's been no attempt to clean up the sound in these archival tracks. So keep your expectations sufficiently low, and you'll likely find much to enjoy. I've sequenced them in chronological order. (Detailed source info for all tracks are in the Comments tags.)
Not gone, not forgotten: band & friends, rehearsing for a reunion show in 2015
fab photo by Phil Dillon
Learn more about the music of The Dentists at