Friday, September 20

Michael Head & The Strands - The Olde World (rare promo CD)

The Olde World
promo-only CD
recorded c. 1993-1995
* VERY RARE ALBUM; exclusive to this blog *
studio recordings (sound quality: Ex)
OLDE WORLD is a companion to this CD
ROB SEZ:  This is not the authorized, officially-released Magical World of the Strands, but it is the nearly mythical companion collection from the same 1993-1995 recording sessions. It contains outtakes as well as alternate mixes of the commercially-released tracks. Originally, the plan was to release Olde World along with with a remastered & expanded version of Magical World. The latter appeared in 2015. Promo copies of Olde World were pressed and sent out to reviewers as planned (find reviews of both collections HERE). But then came an unnamed sticking point between Michael Head and Megaphone, his Paris-based record label. Today, Olde World remains a very rare, promo-only item. Recently, I paid dearly for a copy I bought online, which gives me the chance to share it with you here. Fans of Nick Drake and similar artists will want to check out the official album, but fans of the Head brothers' 21st century musical projects will also love this collection. The download folder includes extras such as reviews and a track-by-track rundown from Piccadilly Records in Manchester. Please enjoy.
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  1. Thank you so much for this. I had been looking for it for a long time...

  2. This is so good, many thanks for posting

  3. very cool, thanks very much for sharing, mate. went to Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band gig last night in Edinburgh, just awesome. Mick Head in very good form, very chatty and all. A joy to watch and listen!


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