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Peter Blegvad - Live 1984 & 1988

Live Collection
1984 & 1988

audience recordings & webstreams (sound quality range VG- to VG+)

I have no idea what this is. But it's got Peter's image, so I'm using it...

ROB SEZ: I will keep posting Peter Blegvad’s music until I run out of rarities and/or more people recognize his genius. So there! 

MANY THANKS to Hans de V and WFMU for sharing PB’s music.

Vinyl Feest, Amsterdam, 1984-04-21
01 Theme from the Orthodontist (instrum.)
02 Weird Monkeys
03 Powers In the Air
04 Naked Shakespeare
05 Karen
06 Lonely Too
07 The Drum
08 Blue Eyed William
09 Why Are You So Quiet?
10 How Beautiful You Are
11 Special Delivery

Live Session, WFMU-FM, East Orange, N.J.
1988 &/or 1989
12 Wife of Usher's Well (trad.)
13 How Beautiful You Are
14 Model of Kindness
15 Strong Simple Silences
16 improvised song
17 Crumb de la Crumb

18 The Driver's Seat (live 1996)
19 Shirt and Comb (alt. version)

TT: 1:09:04

1-11 = Live show, Vinyl Feest (or perhaps Vinyl Party), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1984-04-21 (aud). Recording by Hans de Vente.
12-17 = Live session(s), WFMU, East Orange, N.J., some time in 1988 and/or 1989; webstream.
18 = Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Scotland, 1996. Thanks to ninelox.
19 = Alternate, non-album, version. Appeared on rare compilation Passed Normal, Vol. 4 in 1991. Thanks to devotionalhooligan.

Repercussion: I get the feeling Peter has been friends with Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple for some time, but I don't know how they met, etc. Chris produced Peter B's wonderful King Strut & Other Stories album, on which Peter H did his multi-instrumentalist thing on several of its tracks (well worth seeking out, even though it’s out of print). Chris was a co-conspirator with Peter B in the Golden Palominos. Today, he and Peter H are active members of Radio Free Song Club (which you really should know about...) And one of the very coolest things I’ve ever posted is THIS live concert featuring Peter B’s music, with guest turns by Peter H and Syd Straw.   

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