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Grant (G.W.) McLennan - Radio Sessions + bonus

Radio Sessions + Live Last Monday
Pre-FM recordings & FM captures

Grant (G.W.) McLennan, R.I.P.: 1958-2006

sound quality range: VG- to Ex- (you’ll hear a few audio anomalies like minor static, but nothing too distracting)

ROB SEZ: Grant was my favorite half of the duo that founded and led Aussie collective The Go-Betweens. As a solo artist, he recorded four albums (the early ones as G.W. McLennan) and co-led Jack Frost, a side project with Steve Kilbey of The Church. Some hipsters know his 1995 album Horsebreaker Star, which received mountains of positive reviews. In this collection, the first 10 tracks are from a high-energy band show from 1995. The rest are from solo acoustic shows and sessions, 1991 through 1996.
The man and his instrument: Grant McLennan, circa 2001
photo by kellonwheels90 via Flickr 
MASSIVE THANKS to these two blogs, where this material first appeared:

photo by John Eley via Flickr
01 Sign of the Unicorn
02 Worlds Got Wild
03 Lighting Fires
04 I'll Call You Wild
05 Easy Come Easy Go
06 Bye Bye Pride
07 Dropping You
08 Charlatan
09 Was There Anything I Could Do?
10 Coming Up for Air
11 Move to the Perfect Beat
12 Stones for You
13 Dark Side of Town
14 Haven't I Been a Fool?
15 From My Lips
16 Bathe In the Waters
17 Lighting Fires
18 Dark Side of Town
19 Move to the Perfect Beat
20 One Plus One
21 Clouds
22 She's So Strange
photo by Didi via Flickr
23 Providence
24 Haven't I Been a Fool?
25 Just Get That Straight

TT: 1:19:01

Track info:
1-10 = Roskilde Fest, Denmark, 1995-07-01 (FM) First posted at That Striped Sunlight Sound blog
11-15 = Two Meter Sessie, Amsterdam, 1993-06-08 (FM)
16-18 = Hilversum VPRO Session, Netherlands, 1993-01-26 (FM)
19-20 = backstage solo, Roskilde Fest, Denmark, June 1996 (FM)
21-25 = Debut (cassette-only release on White Records in Australia) rec. The Club, Melbourne, Australia, 1991-05-27 (sbd) First posted at the fab Doom and Gloom from the Tomb blog

Learn more about Grant McLennan’s music at AllMusic and/or this Go-Betweens web site 



  1. Thanks for this! I loved Horsebreaker Star when released and still go to it occasionally. I also preferred it to any Go-Betweens full CDs. We definitely do have a ton of overlap - I always preferred Grant to Forster (see earlier melody > jaggedness comment).

    1. You're very welcome, oms. No doubt, you will appreciate one of my "when I find time to do it" musical projects, which is to create a compilation of all Go-Betweens songs written and sung by Grant. THAT will be good...

    2. That sounds great! While I have nearly all Go-Betweens CDs, I haven't spent the time they deserve to appreciate. Your WIFTTDI (the acronym appropriately contains W T and F) sounds great. I did that years ago with Husker Du. Can you guess whom I preferred at the time?

  2. Another great share, thanks so much.


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