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The Windbreakers - 'Boxing Day' Live 1986

‘Boxing Day’ live release
W.C. Don’s, Jackson, MS
Dec. 26 (Boxing Day), 1986

01 Changeless
full artwork included in download
02 New Red Shoes
03 I'll Be Back
04 I Never Thought
05 Glory
06 Stupid Idea
07 What Goes On
08 Bad Sermonette
09 Hey! Little Child
10 You Never Give Up
11 Blue and Gray*
12 Rock 'n' Roll Star
13 Again (bonus track)*

*Iowa City, IA 1988

soundboard recording (quality VG+; vocals are kinda low in the mix at times, but it's really not a big deal)

SAMPLE: "You Never Give Up" (Boxing Day)

FOR REAL THANKS to Tim Lee and Robert Sutliff for graciously granting permission for this to be posted here. Please show these guys some love: leave a comment here, visit their current bands’ web sites (see below), and buy some good music!

REPERCUSSION: Mitch Easter produced several Windbreakers’ albums and played on many Windbreakers’ tracks.

Mitch, hangin' with Tim
Mitch, playin' with Bobby at the Drive-In
ROB SEZ: Normally, no official release ever gets posted here. However, the original Boxing Day live set saw a very limited CD-R only release on the now-defunct Paisley Pop Label. This many years later, I thought Tim and Robert, the founders of The Windbreakers, might consider giving this one away to the fans. I was delighted when they agreed; now everyone can enjoy this live, covers-heavy souvenir of a great combo.
Thanks a whole bunch, guys.

The Windbreakers, a "few" years ago...
WAV (lossless files)

Bobby Sutliff: guitars & vocal
Tim Lee: guitars & vocal
Barry Brown: bass

Bob Aitchison: drums

*rhythm section for 1988 tracks:
Matt Kimbrell: bass
Leif Bondarenko: drums

Robert Sutliff (right) returns to the stage with the TimLee3, Jan. 2013
A benefit show to defray medical costs after Robert's serious car accident
Read more about the accident, a benefit/tribute album, etc., HERE 
photo by John Boydston
 Tim leads the TimLee3                       Robert is a member of Donovan's Brain
TL3's latest is Devil's Rope
TimLee3 web site is HERE
DB's latest is Turned Up Later
DB's web site is HERE

Learn more about the music of The Windbreakers at AllMusic or Trouser Press


  1. Thank you for posting this! I actually lost the master CD-R after moving several times, and had ended up selling even my own personal copy! Recently while rummaging through a box from storage, I found a CD-R that had some of these tracks, but not the whole thing. Maybe I might even be able to rerelease it with a nicer cover someday for some kind of Paisley Pop anniversary.

    By the way, as a huge fan of the dB's, the Paisley Underground, and really almost everyone you post, I have really enjoyed this blog. Keep rockin'!


    1. Thanks for the comment, Jim. Sorry for my ignorance, but it sounds like you were involved in Paisley Pop -- what a great label that was!

  2. Thanks to Tim and Bobby for greenlighting this, and to you for posting it


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