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Continental Drifters - WFUV-FM 2001

Idiot’s Delight live session
WFUV-FM (Bronx, N.Y.)
July 5, 2001

FM recording (sound quality: VG++)

heart & soul
The Drifters
are dead;
Long live
the Drifters!

SIGNIFICANT THANKS to the taper and to TheBynumite for sharing

ROB SEZ: This isn't one of those live sessions in which the talking bits and the music bits are easily separated. To enjoy this one, it helps to settle in for the chat, because Vin Scelsa (who just retired from the airwaves) was one of the pioneers of free form FM radio. The man has the gift of gab, well illustrated here by him telling the Drifters about his cousin Judy from Jersey City... 

SAMPLE: "Tear My/Our Stillhouse Down" (WFUV-FM 2001)
01 Vin Scelsa intro
02 chat 1 + song intro
03 Highway of the Saints*
Offbeat, yes. But usually not downbeat...
     (initial false start)
04 chat 2 + song intro
05 Cousin
06 chat 3
07 chat 4
08 Live On Love
09 chat 5 + song intro
10 Tear My Stillhouse Down+
11 chat 6 + song intro
12 Too Little, Too Late
13 chat 7 + song intro
14 That Much a Fool
15 chat 8 + song intro
16 Crescent City^
17 chat 9

*Pat McLaughlin cover
+Gillian Welch cover
^Lucinda Williams cover


Russ Broussard
Susan Cowsill 
Peter Holsapple
Robert Maché
Vicki Peterson
Mark Walton

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  1. Continental Drifters
    Louisiana Jukebox TV show
    New Orleans, LA
    Aug. 9, 2001

    VHS audio rip

    sound quality: VG to VG+

    MUCHOS GRACIAS to eattheweb for sharing

    01 Live On Love
    02 Snow
    03 Tomorrow's Gonna Be
    04 You're Going to Need Somebody
    05 Na Na

    Continental Drifters
    Hoboken, N.J.
    1998 (month, day unknown)

    audience recording

    sound quality: VG-

    MULTIPLE THANKS to kinskilee for sharing

    01 Get Over It
    02 Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway
    03 Spring Day in Ohio
    04 Watermark
    05 The Rain Song
    06 Daddy Just Wants It to Rain
    07 Way of the World
    08 Who We Are, Where We Live
    09 You're Going to Need Somebody
    10 Drifters
    11 Bang Bang - Mixed Messages

    partial show, with tracks faded in & out; a club show with audience chatter, but it doesn’t ruin the recording