Friday, April 11

Miracle Legion – Live 1986 and 1992

Clark Hall, Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT
WESU broadcast
December 31, 1986

FM capture (sound quality VG; show itself is clear enough, but the advanced age of the source tape is apparent)

ROB SEZ:  edA said I should check out a recent Dime post featuring these guys. I’d never heard of ‘em, but ed’s pretty savvy about such things, so I hit the download button and gave a listen. Needless to say, ed turned me on to a great little band. Miracle Legion is no more, but leader Mark Mulcahy is alive & well and still making great music. Definitely worth your consideration…

SAMPLE: "Country Boy (WESU 1986)"

01 Hey Lucky
Mark Mulcahy: the musician at the gate...
02 Butterflies
03 Paradise
04 The Heart Is Attached
05 Even Better
06 Will You Wait
07 Six Months
08 All For the Best
09 Happy Birthday
10 Little Man
11 Just Say Hello
12 Storyteller
13 You're the One Lee
14 Country Boy
15 Wish You Were Here
16 The Backyard
17 Wonderment
18 Until She Calls
Steppin’ Out Fest
Blacksburg, VA
August 1992

soundboard recording (quality Ex-; quite excellent sound)

MEGA THANKS to RicGratz for the original post

Here’s Ric’s description of the show: “The mighty Miracle Legion performing at Steppin' Out — an outdoor festival in Blacksburg, VA — in August of 1992. The boys rented a nice red Cadillac for the drive from New England. Hunter S. Thompson watched over them as they made the journey. Later that night ML joined Not Shakespeare at Buddy's nightclub around the corner.”

SAMPLE: "The Heart Is Attached (1992)"

01 Country Boy
02 Butterflies
03 Even Better
04 The Heart Is Attached
05 The Backyard
06 Old and New
07 Say Hello
08 Out to Play
09 All for the Best
10 Mr. Mingo + sign-off

MP3 for both shows (1st = 192 kbps; 2nd = 320 kbps)
Miracle Legion:
Mark Mulcahy – vocals, guitar
Ray Neal – guitar, backing vocals

*rhythm section, 1986:
Jeff Wiederschall - drums
Steven West – bass
*rhythm section, 1992:
Dave McCaffrey - bass
Spot - drums
* = presumed rhythm section members

Learn more about the music of Miracle Legion at leader Mark Mulcahy’s official site, Trouser Press, or at AllMusic
A most excellent set of Miracle Legion album reviews is HERE 


  1. wow live miracle legion...what an absolute treat (thought i'd mention the photo above with the umbrellas is infact the canadian band The Grapes Of Wrath)

    1. Thanks, Jay.

      That's an OOPS on the photo ID (but I have to blame the person who originally posted it on the 'Net with that tag!). I've replaced the wrong photo with a great one of Mark M.

  2. thank you so much for the miracle legion the catholics from frank black were probaly on the 92 recording spot on drums cant recall the bass players name

    1. Thanks for stopping by and the help re: who's playing bass & drums on that show from '92. The Drenched album from the same year had Spot on drums and Dave McCaffrey on bass. Think that's the guy?

  3. Rob, amazing site, thank you. You don't happen to have a recording of the Miracle Legion show from Dime? Would love to trade for it, it sounds fantastic. Can reach me at ddaley at salon dot com. all best. david

    1. Thanks for the kind words, david. Check your email messages...