Friday, April 26

Murray Attaway - Delirium (unreleased studio album) + bonus

unreleased solo album by former Guad Diary frontman

studio recording (sound quality Ex-; might be from a multi-gen. source, but even so, it boasts impressive sound)

Murray in the 1990s
photo by mixtapehero
Murray in the 2000s
photo by Shelia McIntosh via Flickr

WHAT'S THIS? This was to be Murray's second solo album, but for reasons unknown to me, it remained "in the can." To my ears, it sounds similar to his first solo album In Thrall (which I loved), so I'm thinkin' the decision not to release it was unrelated to its artistic merits, which are considerable. Rumor has it that Don Dixon produced this. 

REPERCUSSION: At the dB's now-defunct message board, Peter Holsapple referred to a recording session "that Murray did later on with Bill Bonk on bass and guitar, Will [Rigby] on drums, me on assorted instruments and Don Dixon producing and I believe playing bass. I couldn't tell you whether those recordings ever got released, but Murray, ever the sly dog, was sending around tapes of the songs calling the collection 'How I Spent My Thirties'." ROB SEZ: I have no reason to think this is not that very recording.


BIG THANKS to lilpanda for supplying this so generously to the fans

SAMPLE: "If the Walls Could Talk (Delirium)"

1. Prince Charming
2. Curve of the Earth
3. If the Walls Could Talk
4. The Sun at Dusk
5. You Are There
6. Heroes In the Water
7. Long Hard Ride
8. Delirium
9. I Had an Answer
10. In a Dream
11. Free at Last
In their heyday, on the waterfront


Guad Diary interview with live tracks
"SoundCheck" Local TV arts program
Athens, GA
May 16, 1998

audio rip from video source (sound quality Ex-)

1. Part A
2. Part B

This has 3-4 great live songs from a show in Athens, GA interspersed with segments of a rather random and disorganized interview. Apologies for the lack of tracking and setlist; I just felt a little lazy this week...


Go to AllMusic to learn more about the music of Murray  Attaway HERE and Guad Diary HERE


  1. Thank you for this! I'm really enjoying this recording.

    Sounds a lot like Guadalcanal, except for the drumming. Jon Poe is a unique drummer; his playing reminds me of Keith Moon without the excess. Poe makes orchestral noises on a kit a third the size of Keith's.

    But I digress. This is one great (non) album. It is a symptom of the disease that fell upon the US record industry that this was not released.

    Both Murray Attaway and Jon Poe (and all of GD, actually) deserve to be stars.

    1. First comment on this post! Thanks for chiming in, Logan.

      I agree with your comments, but also believe Attaway picked some great musicians to play on this album, per what I wrote in the post...

  2. Hi, thanks for Delirium! Do you have "In Thrall"? If yes, could you please upload it? I cant find it anywhere!

    1. Hello Anonymous. Glad you're enjoying this one. I'm afraid this blog does not post officially-released material. The good news is that you can find Attaway's In Thrall very cheaply at places like Amazon (at last check, they were selling used copies of the CD for pennies plus shipping).